Energy report this week:The earth’s magnetic poles are reversed (3.1-3.7)

Energy report this week:

The earth’s magnetic poles are reversed (3.1-3.7)

The energy of the earth is changing rapidly. When many people are anxious about wealth, the north and south poles of the earth have quietly completed the preliminary work of transformation, and many migratory birds have sensed it. This change has also been adjusted in the internal pineal gland.

The human body is also quietly adapting to the transformation of the magnetic field, because the human pituitary endocrine is also related to the earth’s magnetic field. Some sensitive human beings will encounter the situation of sleeplessness or sleeplessness. That’s because the change of magnetic pole affects their pituitary gland, affects the secretion of pineal gland, and thus affects their biological clock.

This change of magnetic pole not only affects the gland secretion of human organism, but also affects the docking of buildings. Many buildings on the earth are connected with the earth’s magnetic field, especially those originally set up for energy reasons, such as the pyramids, the Sphinx of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, etc. Although these buildings were built for a certain purpose, there are deep-seated reasons behind them, so that some large buildings can take shape. When the earth’s magnetic field is converted, the docking of these buildings with the earth’s magnetic field should also be adjusted, otherwise the energy flow on the earth will also be affected.

The movement of the earth’s magnetic pole will also affect the collective consciousness of plants and their inner perception. Every deep-seated reason will affect the whole field energy on the earth in a subtle level.

Why transform the magnetic field? There are many reasons. One of the reasons is that the magnetic pole transformation can activate the original power inside the earth. There are many energy points buried inside the earth. Some of these energy points are sealed, some are suppressed by negative energy, and some are abandoned. Therefore, in the process of magnetic pole transformation, some of the underground energy points are reviving and active, and they will be rejuvenated.

That is equivalent to the activity of underground energy points, which will cause the activity of ground volcanoes and the sensitivity of some seismic fault zones. On the surface, it seems that this is not a good thing for human beings, but these energy points under the earth are also related to the energy of life when the earth was first built, that is, the energy of some ancient life bodies in the universe. Some old energy bodies in the universe are now resting or dormant, and the reactivation of the earth’s energy will also promote them to wake up from a sleeping state It is also an additional impetus to participate in the universe’s reform and evolution process.

When the underground energy is active, it also promotes the underground life. They need to reset their living planes underground, such as docking energy devices, moving from one place to another. Although they have an energy shield of their own in the area they live in, the impact is still there.

The transformation of the earth’s field energy and the readjustment of the magnetic pole also need the planets near the earth to change their own energy state, such as the sun and Venus, which need to re change some energy data of their docking with the earth. The transformation of the magnetic pole of the planet is not a single task of a single individual, it involves the operation and orbit change of the whole galaxy, which is a bone breaking problem for the galaxy This kind of decision-making should not be neglected, especially for planets with advanced life.

Although the magnetic transformation may have some impact on human life in the short term, and it seems cruel from the perspective of human beings, in the long term, the solution to the fundamental problem must be changed. This also involves the transformation of the earth’s space, because many spaces on the earth are folded, and some spaces are unnecessary and will not exist in the future. We can change the setting of the space through the magnetic pole conversion.

The last change of the earth’s magnetic field was tens of thousands of years ago. From the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, it means that energy begins to enter a new turning point, and the change of energy is becoming more and more obvious. This kind of change of energy also takes many emergencies on the earth as examples, and kinds of events as examples symbolize cracks in the energy path, which will eventually change the pattern of the whole earth There will be a new perspective, and some pain is inevitable.


[big change] can march 2021 trigger a big change?

Original Luying from heaven to earth QuRavA

Information delivery: brothers of light group

* Monique Mathieu in February 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

Q: will march 2021 trigger a big change?

Brother of light:

Usually this month corresponds to Mars, which is considered a fighting star. Indeed, March 2021 is very important!

In principle, this month there will be a lot of things in place on the tangible and intangible levels, which will lead people to the quantum leap that is bound to happen. But the specific situation depends on people’s transformation degree, transcendence ability, comprehension ability and whether they can defend their freedom.

Therefore, this March does not necessarily mean the occurrence of quantum leap, but means that people should be physically prepared, ready to enter the new world, ready for new consciousness and new awakening.

We remind you once again that your world is now under the control of a very powerful energy.

This dark energy has oppressed mankind for thousands of years. It made a very large “spider web”. Although we are helping you, this spider web cannot be destroyed in an instant, because we also need the help of people on earth.

Of course, we can quickly eliminate some rulers who seriously harm all living beings, but what will the result be? If we remove only part of them, they will be reborn again and again, creating the same dilemma for mankind.

We hope that those who are currently reincarnated here will awaken and help us. It doesn’t matter how people wake up – some may wake up when they take part in demonstrations, others may wake up when they refuse what others impose on them

As long as the earth people take back their freedom, everything is likely to happen soon. If the earth people continue to sleep, the process of liberation may be delayed for a long time, maybe two or three years later.

If we want to realize the great transformation as soon as possible, more people will have to wake up, and people will have to defend their rights as sacred beings.

It is an insult to the divine creation to continue to be slaves to those negative beings. Those beings do not know what is true love, only know to satisfy their own low-level desires.

So you optical workers have a very important role to play. If you can liberate yourself and work with us, then the liberation of mankind as a whole can be realized as soon as possible!


Energy in March 2021

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

⬆ Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are exploring the various timelines you are facing in 2021, and we are impressed by the timelines you have created now and since the beginning of this year. You are looking for opportunities to deepen your ties with each other, which are vital to the unity of mankind.

You now feel that you are closely connected with each other and want to come together in a more effective way, so you see that there will be a strong co creation Committee on earth.

We mean committees and groups made up of human beings, which do not belong to only one government or political party, nor are they formed on the basis of race, religion or economic status.

The team you formed in 2021 has something to do with your desire to raise the level of consciousness on earth, with your desire to make immediate contact with aliens and let them appear in front of you.

You have experienced this or that split in your world, resulting in more and more yearning and longing for unity. They will come together and burst out, because we have told you that the energy has entered since March, and now it is getting closer to the equinox.

The distortions that you have been experiencing for a long time are beginning to diminish. Your field has begun to recover its function as a wonderful filter.

So many people have clearly known what their inner world is like. They have not known it for quite a long time, even in previous and present lives. Now that you have the ability to clearly feel what’s happening inside and outside of you, more and more people will see that division is futile, and it’s meaningless to argue who wears the white hat and who wears the black hat. You have the ability to take back your strength, you have the ability to have more confidence in unity, and now is the time.

It’s time to put down your torches and pitchforks and come together as a human race, United, knowing that you all have deep connections that go back to many previous lives, and in most cases, even longer than your first incarnation on earth. But it’s just that most people don’t know that you are a unified group, and we see that everything will change from the huge energy download that comes in March.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

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Original address:

The March 2021 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


Your strength comes from your intention, your ability to vibrate, not your ability to March and protest. You have the ability to bring about the great changes you want to see, and those who continue to point to the root of the problem but do not offer solutions have also made commitments to these changes. Those great changes will come, because the awakening collective will choose love again and again. This is your task, we know you are competent, because we look at you, only look at the real side of you.

At this moment, many of you in the world believe that knowledge is power. Many people believe in a story, a story made up by one person or many people. We want to tell you that even if all the stories presented on the Internet are true, your power is limited to your unconditional love for all the bad guys, people with black hats and public enemies of the people.

These people are part of your mission. You’re there to love them and bring them back together. No, they won’t all choose to go back to the light. It doesn’t matter. That’s their free will, but we suggest that you use free will to show yourself and others how powerful you are, and to tell the world that your strength comes from your heart, not your mind.

We will also encourage those who know their true identity to anchor in your power, activate their divinity and live a free, happy and unconditional love life, so as to show your fellow human beings what is possible.

We invite those who are truly awakened, fully aware that they are the source of energy life, to lead mankind into this new golden age, which will be an era when everyone knows their true identity and their compatriots’ true identity. By then, we will be able to see your true ability to create, live and do something on earth, which makes us very excited.

We can feel the human pressure of your time. We know that it’s not easy to live on earth, and we don’t want to say that it will be easy if you give up what we call limiting beliefs. But the fact is, we do feel that many people at the moment insist on the idea that they are more oppressed than empowered. A lot of people on your planet feel like victims, not empowered source energy life.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.


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