How to activate the awakening instinct

How to activate the awakening instinct

Survival is an inner need; you don’t have to believe that eating, drinking, dressing, and building your own house is a good idea.

You need to open your inner awakening instinct and awaken your desire for spiritual growth.

When this desire covers the desire to live, you will see the great changes that have taken place within those you have given up before.

We have always been surprised by the endurance of human existence. We know that if you can deal with your emotions and spirits in the same way, you will grow up twice as fast as you, individually or collectively.

How to activate the awakening instinct is what we and our colleagues in the nonphysical field are studying.

We are working with your higher self, with physical aliens, to determine the best way to activate this instinct, which will help people realize that they are a spirit, they are expanding spirit.

When there are enough people in the world who really want to experience spiritual evolution, you will feel the wave of energy, because those who are sleeping will open up to the energy you are familiar with, just like you.

When others decide to put spirit first, you will also benefit from it. You have a lot to teach your fellow human beings because they still need your help.

They still need to know how to deal with their awakening experience.

They need to know how to deal with emotions, how to raise their vibrations, how to experience oneness.

At this time, you have to stand up, because you have been training these abilities all your life, and even waiting for this moment. From this moment on, you are no longer the weirdo in other people’s eyes.

You will no longer be the outcast or the black sheep of your family. Everyone will turn to you for help because they know you’ve been through what they’re going through and you know how to help them. The earth is about to usher in a brilliant moment, we just want to let you know that we are doing our part. We’re looking at the switch on the awakening instinct.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

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The Awakening Instinct Switch ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


[mother earth message] “follow me up”

Original Lu Ying from heaven to earth yesterday

Information provision: earth consciousness, brothers of light

* Monique Mathieu in February 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

Brother of light:

Your planet has accepted many kinds of human beings, many kinds of civilizations, many kinds of beings completely different from you.

The planet, as an entity, lives in its consciousness. She has an evolving consciousness. You sons of earth have evolved through reincarnation after reincarnation, and this planet’s consciousness has evolved in a different way than you.

Instead of reincarnation, she is engaged in an evolutionary movement. This kind of movement is sometimes hard for her. She has to transform and transmute her physical body, and soak it with her consciousness to make it something wonderful.

Some beings have come into this world to implant life, but the consciousness of this planet has to agree to implant life into its physical body.

You can’t imagine the magic of creation, the magic of the planet’s consciousness! This planetary consciousness is your mother because she agrees to let you live with her.

Mother earth:

Yes, I am your mother in a sense.

Since the age of ignorance, I have accepted all kinds of civilizations and some beings who understand me and love me. They don’t have physical form like you. I have a very good relationship with them!

In order to accept you, in order to accept the life you are, I have to fix the shape of my surface and make my physical body dense. It’s a bit hard for me, but I have to.

You are also souls, consciousness bodies, and consciousness bodies are one with each other. If you are really in the consciousness of what you are, you will be associated with my planetary consciousness.

I love all beings who come to live on my surface and inside. I love them and try to understand them.

Once upon a time, some people loved me and respected me. I can satisfy them a lot. I give them everything they need.

When people are in harmony with my consciousness and where I am, I will also greatly help them understand who they are.

Then there was something wrong with people’s evolution, and they started to treat me rudely. And once they start to be bad to me, I can’t help them any more, because my vibration can’t help them any more.

After several civilizations, you have come to your present time. It was a wonderful and difficult time for me. I’m just as hard to experience as you are.

I find it difficult to change because most people no longer have the slightest respect for me. Of course, some people respect me, send me holy love, and realize what I am, but there are still many people who do not respect me at all, but damage me, excavate me, and pollute me. It hurts me!

I suffer for them as well as for myself.

I suffer for them because I can’t do anything for them.

I want to tell you a very important thing: from where I am, from my deepest part, from my consciousness, there is a strong love, a strong vibration. As long as you are connected with my consciousness and where I am, you will make a great leap in your own evolution.

But now people are closing in on me. People put concrete on me, damaged me and changed my state. People don’t love me anymore, and they keep digging and tearing me apart.

People don’t love me, which makes my mind sad, because I can no longer give you what I should give you.

Those great beings of light have implanted human beings into this world in order to integrate human beings with what I am and my consciousness.

My task is to promote human evolution, help people, love people, and make people grow up. But what can I do when people begin to reject me, stop loving me, stop understanding me, stop respecting me, and make me feel painful?

All I can do is wait.

I waited a long time, a long time. I am waiting for human beings on the surface to realize what I am and begin to listen to me and perceive my existence with their heart. But I didn’t wait for that

Of course, some people and some nationalities still respect me. They pray to me, communicate with me, love me, care for me, praise me, praise the beautiful scenery on the surface, but their number is too small! A lot of other people are scorning me, not even aware of my existence. In their eyes, I am just a stone, a piece of soil, not life.

Although they can see the life of plants and minerals, they destroy them. They cut down my precious trees and destroyed the forest. They also destroy my equally precious minerals. Those minerals have a lot of communication with my consciousness.

Minerals are infiltrated by what I am, my love, and people don’t know that. In people’s eyes, minerals are metal and stone, and I am a big stone.

For the real life in this world, people understand and experience it badly.

Now, I am at a turning point in my life and consciousness.

I hear the call of the sun, my husband and your father. He said to me, “now you have to go up. Those who are willing to follow you will follow you. Others will stay and go somewhere else. “

In this great transformation, I will protect all those who love me and respect me. I’ll help them evolve on a conscious level.

In a sense, you are in the middle of the holy love that I send out and the holy love that the universe and the sun send out. You are at the heart of the transformation.

I hope you will seize this precious opportunity, conform to the trend of transformation, and follow me to a higher and better dimension!


Intuition: the eye of the soul

Original Luying from heaven to earth

By Baird Thomas Spalding

Lu Ying’s translation is from the fourth volume of master of spiritual cultivation

The Chaldean astronomers used intuition to obtain astronomical information. Intuition is the power of spirit, which can see through the core of various phenomena.

The astronomers relied entirely on their intuition in the first place, and then came up with theories. They believe that the use of intuition is an indispensable part of their history.

Intuition is always available, and its influence is still apparent. If we want to use intuition, we just need to integrate with it.

Intuition is what mystics call the “eye of the soul.”. It allows people to access the records of Akashic (starlight, ether) – where the memories of all human events, actions, thoughts and emotions from the beginning of time are preserved. In this way, we can see events in the distance, or foresee the future at the speed of light (300000 km / s).

This kind of foresight is sometimes shown in earthquakes or other natural disasters. “What will happen casts its shadow in front of it.” Everything happens first in the higher dimensions and then appears on the earth.

This is like the two faces of the stone statue at the entrance of the temple. One face faces the inside of the temple to see the limitations and illusions of human beings; the other face faces the kingdom of the Holy Spirit to see the power of freedom and inspiration.

Hawaiians have a strong natural insight to make predictions.

A small group of them got together and began to listen to the rushing waves. If they are aware of a negative impact, they will lead it to another group of people. And that group of people will fight against it, so that it will never appear in reality.

Hindus say that one can foretell disaster, while another god man has the power to prevent its manifestation.

When we get along with Hawaiians, we find that they always succeed in preventing the predicted negative events. They should have prevented a lot of invasions. The people in charge of the task set a line that the enemy could not cross. Hawaiian legend often mentioned such a great achievement, sometimes the enemy will not even step on the shore.

Carnegie college did an experiment with a group of Arizona Indians a few years ago. The Indians drew a line on the ground. No one can cross it, except in a state of love. Two men tried to force through and lost their lives.


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