Introduction to Jesus Sananda…Who is God?

Introduction to Jesus Sananda

Who is God?


I AM Sananda. I am son to Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, and I have

represented the Kumara Family in various places throughout the Universe, most notably on Planet Earth.


The Kumaras are from Planet Venus, and our mission has been to bring the messages and teachings of Love to all who call us forth. In the beginning of Planet Earth, my honored father, who is also known as Ancient of Days, volunteered to come here to hold the Light.


It was foreseen that Earth would otherwise become a planet of complete darkness

as its inhabitants experienced the lowering of the veil. I came from Venus to join him, along with the 144,000 members of my Family, and thus my mission became that of assisting Earth back into the higher dimensions of Light, where only Love exists.


When the star people came to found the Lemurian civilization, they made a sacred promise to experience all that they could create, so that they and Mother/Father could know humanity. Forgetting their divinity, they would eventually rise back into fully knowing Who They Really Are, through the process of Ascension.


“Approximately 2,000 years ago on your calendar, it was seen that the time might be ripe for this great Homecoming. Accordingly, a call was given for a son of Kumara to incarnate upon Planet Earth.


I answered the call and my spirit came into the fields of the one you know as Jeshua Ben Joseph – Jesus. We thus partnered in one of the most well-known stories of all time, although the story has been altered and embellished greatly by those who came after me.


Despite the many false interpretations which have been used throughout the years to promote everything from greed to fear to war, my basic teachings as Jesus have survived in the hearts and minds of those who are able to discern what is true and important.

尽管这些年来许多错误的理解已经促成了一切贪婪、恐惧和战争, 作为耶稣我的基本教导仍然在有些人的心和意识里,他们能够分辨出什么是真理和关键所在。

I was indeed successful in planting many seeds of Love, even though at that time the world proved once again that it was not yet ready to give up the veil and make its Ascension.


Another call went out for Love and Peace, beginning in the 1960’s, and the answer I gave in the mid-1970’s was another spiritual book, written in a more contemporary manner than the bible.


I dictated The Course in Miracles to a woman who could not bring herself to believe it herself. Nevertheless, she allowed me to inspire in her the need to type it all, and she had a supportive friend who believed in it enough to get it published.


Thus The Course was presented without any alterations in its content, or false interpretations! I designed it to be life-changing, and so it has been for many people worldwide. It is quite long, taking a year for the fastest students, and longer for most, but that was entirely appropriate at that time.


“Now I am back, working through this channel (Susan) and others, with much more succinct teachings, as befit the now, faster-moving times of Planet Earth. My teachings and those of the other master teachers are often expressed as feelings, rather than actual words.


My mission in this moment is to literally help to lift up all who call upon me, and to support all who are in service of the Light. “I AM in charge of the spiritual aspects of the Ascension process of this Planet.


As part of that process, I’m working with those who have passion for joining with me in removing the fears and dogmas from all religions so that All may be reunited in spiritual Oneness. Namaste!”


痞客邦 russ999



(2017-06-08 15:34:29)


Vishnu and Lakshmi floating on Electromagnetic energy through the Sea of Space. Brahma born from Vishnu’s belly button, floats on the Cubochtahedron, the Flower of Creation, with his four faces, the Tetragrammaton, forming all Creation.

【传导】Elizabeth Trutwin

Who is God A Message From Sananda Through


The Four Sons of Egyptian Horus: Jackal, Human/Angel, Falcon, Baboon.


Four Mind-born Sons of Brahma; Sanaka, Sananda, Sanat and Sanatana Kumara from the Mahabharata.


Who is God A Message From Sananda Through Elizabeth Trutwin

问候大家,我是撒南达,通过伊丽莎白在说话,现在是2017年6月4日,有人说神的名字可以叫做Tetragrammaton,上帝可以被称为Tetragrammaton。Tetra在数字4中,gramm 在grammatical语法中(DNA,神圣的蓝图),Aton是“一”或“偿还”。

Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 4, 2017. It has been said the name for God can be called Tetragrammaton. Tetra as in the number 4, gramm as in grammatical (DNA, Divine Blueprint) and Aton as in at – oneness or atone.


Remember the history of All That Is goes back 450 billion years here and trillions of years in other places. We are examining small bits of the whole story. The Tetragrammaton of God represents the Tetrahedron, 64 Tetrahedron as the basis of all life in the Divine Blueprint and the Code language which all life depends on in the Holographic Universe at one with itself.


Octahedron + Tetrahedron = The Trinity Foundation of the Divine Blueprint


Tetrahedron represents the four faces of God. Tetragrammaton


What we may define as All That Is, meaning the material and the antimatter Universes in the Cosmos, was all created in the same moment. This has been referred to as the Bing Bang, although, science has incorrectly defined it. All at one moment everything was created and from there it took aeons of time to form the Planets and all life on them. These creations took different periods of time depending on conditions in different areas, different Universes, Super Clusters, Galaxies, Solar Systems and Planets in the trillions upon trillions in the infinite Universes.

在空间记忆和历史的某个时间点上,在造物主、父母神之长子诞生,从反物质光宇宙到我们生活的叫内巴顿的物质宇宙中爆发出来。此时,叫作יהוה YhVh的神(发音瓦赫呵或称作耶和华)开始称作耶和华,成为堕落天使,这仅仅源于他感觉比他的造物主少了点儿什么。这被称作原罪,因为我们都是造物诸神,也是和父母神一样的共同创造者。耶和华操纵着地球上的男人和女人,让他们认为衪是他们的造物主,但衪不是。这造成了系统程序中巨大的误会,也是宗教让我们永远不及格的原因。

At a certain moment in history on space memory the first born son of Creator, Mother-Father God, burst from the antimatter light Universe to the matter Universe we live in now called Nebadon. When this took place, God as the יהוה YhVh (pronounced YahVah or also known as Yehweh) became named Jehovah and became a fallen angel simply from the sense that he felt less than his Creator. This is called original sin because we are all Creator-Gods and Co-Creators with Mother-Father God. Jehovah manipulated men and women living on Earth to believe he was Creator and he was not. This has lead to great misunderstandings in the programming and is why religion has failed us.


Creator, Mother and Father God are a Holy Trinity, or Great Trinity or Trimurti. Each also have consorts or Twin Rays. In Christianity we have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (Mother). In Egypt we have Ra, Alcyone and Sekhmet (Mother). In Hinduism we have Brahma (Ra), Vishnu and Lakshmi (Mother). These are those deities who live within the heavenly realms. They appear in vehicles which we know as Extraterrestrial Phenomena. In Hinduism the English translation says, Flying Cities (Mother Ships) and Flying Cars (Shuttlecraft).


The greatest crime ever committed on Earth was when the Annunaki of Niburu made slaves of the naive and good Angels living at Inner Earth in the very beginning when Middle Earth was still a water world and Etheric. This started the Grand Experiment and made the Angels fall from Grace. It meant they lost their Etheric Bodies and now wore skin over their inner light as crystallized Physical Bodies. Jehovah who has also been called Anu, did the genetic engineering necessary to produce these bodies with help from the Sirians. The Anunnaki and Sirians placed the Etheric, Angelic original Atlanteans inside these human uniforms. These were very advanced Beings, but apparently naïve. They felt they would not be held down by this etheric-physical vehicle and were, over time, proven wrong. The sons of Anu, Enki and Enlil were involved with this as was Marduk. They were the original cabal.


This was the beginning of the wheel of life, or reincarnation. Jehovah was the inventor of this limited feedback loop within the bubble around Earth so that no one would remember their origin and would keep coming back into human suits even until today. It is time to end the Grand Experiment, remember who you are, Co-Creators with, not the God of the Bible which was a fabrication to keep Humanity asleep, Co-Creators with Mother-Father God. The Tetragrammaton holds the Divine Blueprint and explains how Creation happens. And with the scientific knowledge returning to Earth, it makes all religion obsolete. Just as Buddha, Krishna and Jesus are Christed Beings, so as in Ascended form, so are each one of you. You were never less than, as you entered the Grand Experiment on Earth, none of you thought you would ever fall this far into densification.


This was a failed experiment and that was the time when the Great Flood came and wiped away all of Earth’s inhabitants except those who left on the Ark or a few who went back to Inner Earth for a year as Earth dried out. Jehovah, told these Beings he was Creator God (YhVh – originally the first born son of Creator) and he said Humanity was to worship him. Creator has never said that. He is the personified God and the Wrathful God of the Bible, Anu, who had made the Angels into his slaves to mine gold in the beginning and the slavery has never ended.


Earth began to traverse from an Planet of sound frequencies in the Etheric realm to a Planet of physical matter. Its gravity-producing core or nucleus was able to literally create the conditions that allowed it to materialize itself over eons of time. It has been proven in science, by what is called the Schwarzschild Black H* that the center of each Planet contains a Black H, just as the center of our Sun is a Black H. It is a place, within our Planet where Extraterrestrial phenomena can travel from one dimensional scale to another very quickly. They would first go through the center of Earth, to the center of our Sun, then through the Black H* at the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy and to another Sun in a neighboring Solar System. This is how Extraterrestrial Spaceships go around our Universe quickly and efficiently. After all, our Universe is a system of interconnected wormholes or Black Holes.

The Sun’s Black H***. The Corona has a Civilization just as Argatha in Earth.


Just like all Planets, Earth has a Hollow center with a Plasma Sun called Terra. This is at the point of singularity within the Planet which caused gravity and made the calcium and other ions of Earth crystallize into a Physical Planet over aeons of time.


After the Great Flood then Humanity began again except this time in a biological body, like what we have now. The original bodies functioned like clones before the flood and the biological bodies were capable of self-replication. It was during this time when the Suns of God began incarnating into life on Earth with Humanity to hold the light and influence Earth life by acting as leaders of religion and teaching Universal Law. These great Beings played roles in politics, science and religion. Moses, Akhenaton, Jesus, Buddha, Plato, Mohammad, Einstein, St. Germain, Enoch and many other Saints and Sages throughout the aeons of time. A very short list, continued to incarnate repeatedly to Earth through the cycles of tine. An example of this was Archangel Metatron who was also Tehuti, Mercury, Hermes Trigeminus and Enoch.


There are many Atheists. In answer to Who is God, well, it’s complicated. Humans have personified and prayed to Mother-Father God. This is not wrong because that Superior Ultimate at the Godhead is indeed a Consciousness of Formless and Form. It is Supernatural and a mystery. God as described as a Man embodied who is judging and punishing you is a complete fabrication. That was Anu for Cycles of Time controlling Humanity. That is the one who the very enlightened have decided they do not believe in when they become Atheists.


Then there is the Tetragrammaton. That is the Highest description of God as Consciousness which pervades all living things and is the ineffable and unchanging part of you and for which science has proven, its memory is sited onto your DNA and goes with you everywhere you go, in all parallels and all lifetimes. As we apply science to religion then religion becomes obsolete. As you pursue the inner work, make these connections and contemplate your True Self, your Divinity. Wholeness Consciousness. You are Sovereign. The Divine Blueprint is within your cells and within all life on all scales from the quantum to the cosmic. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. Please share with your friends and Groups.




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