Creator: the final stage of earth’s ascension

Creator: the final stage of earth’s ascension

The rise of mind and consciousness

By: perestafan

Hello, I am the creator, you call me different names, your father, creator, source and your God. I am here today to convey this message to humanity that we in the Galactic Federation, under the command of Ashtar, I am the creator, and we are beginning the final phase of earth’s ascension.

Our crew, all fleets and ships are ready to complete this mission, which started a long time ago. We are ready to finish this project and start a new one, so we are looking forward to that. Our earth mother’s ground crew has to fulfill their mission, and that’s why they’re here.

We also expect the alliance to announce that a new republic and a new financial system, which we call quantum financial system, will be ready to launch, and that money will be supported by gold. You’ve been listening to many different sources for a long time. Now, it’s time to complete all of these tasks and enter the final phase of the earth project we call ascension.

I would also like to mention that all Twin Flames living in Gaia’s mother now need to be prepared to follow their destiny and raise human consciousness by setting an example and fulfilling their mission. Before they begin to do so, they need to reunite on a spiritual, material and intimate level.
They play an important role in the process of ascension. There are not many Twin Flames on Gaia. Even in many universes, galaxies and planets, they are rare. Few people find themselves in this 3D matrix. Please, don’t confuse twin flame with soul mate. Let’s do what we’ve come here to do, our work, to help mankind move towards a new life, where there will be no more disease or poverty, only happiness, happiness and love.

I am your father, you are my children, I hope you understand me correctly, what I said today, it is very important, so please take this message seriously, as we know now, all of you hope that in 5D, we galactic people want to complete this task and start to plan a new task. It’s been such a long time for our crew and all of you to be here, in this 3D, experiencing all these upheavals, obstacles and terrors.

Now, it’s time to move on to a better reality, to leave this duality and move on to a new existence that will have no pain but only love and prosperity. We are doing our best, we have daily briefing on the situation of the earth: what progress has been made on the earth, how many people wake up, how they do it and so on.

We keep checking everything in your world to make sure it’s not destroyed by fallen souls who have repeatedly tried to blow up the planet and continue to try to end their lives here. The dark ones just don’t want to give up, they will fight to the last moment and breathe, because they feel the earth is theirs. They want to see it as a slavery planet forever, and if they can’t have it, then they want to destroy it.
I and other galactic people, we don’t want to continue this pain here, because we all agree that this is enough. Everyone gets their share of being abused, putting it down, pinching your coins every day to pay your bills, which has happened many times in many different lives, and we want to see you all blossom and be happy.

Yes, I hope human beings will prosper and money will come from different sources. We are just waiting for the Union on earth to redistribute wealth. It is they who keep delaying the provision of wealth to the people. We gave the green light a long time ago to give up prosperity and stop human suffering, but alliances always find excuses to explain why wealth is not given to the people.

They keep coming up with all the excuses in the world, why it hasn’t happened yet, because some obstacles are constantly emerging, so the alliance has been delaying everything. I made it clear to all those responsible for the redistribution of money on earth that they can’t delay any longer and that wealth needs to be distributed to humanity. It’s the beginning of a glorious time with richness, and it’s enough to keep the population under constant repression, control and abuse.

People on earth forget that they are multidimensional beings. Human beings have been enslaved on this planet for too long, and have been forced to reincarnate here, unable to leave this place.

I, the creator, would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ground crew needs to start performing your mission. Let us finally bring liberation, freedom, light, love, peace and wealth to the world.

I know that changes in this 3D matrix happen very slowly. It’s much more complex to accomplish tasks here than in higher dimensions. We don’t want the money to be stolen by those negative souls, so the quantum financial system will prevent this from happening.

Human beings can no longer wait for the redistribution of wealth. They need all the help they can get now, and as soon as possible. I’m drawing your attention to the alliance who controlled the prosperity, let’s start sharing money with humanity, there’s too much suffering in mother earth.

Galactic people, I, the creator, are trying to do our work, and we are looking forward to the same return. My request has never been questioned by my crew, Galactic Federation or consultants. Everyone is doing their part, because they all know how important it is to take this planet and human beings to 5D ascension, so that they can finally become galactic human beings and leave the 3D binary world without any rights. They are constantly forced to abide by the rules, and they are always controlled or told what to do and how to live their own lives.

Now look at the humans walking around in masks. They can’t even breathe through these masks, but it’s an order, you have to wear a mask because it should make sure you’re not infected with the virus. I’m sorry to tell you this news, but this mask can’t save you from any virus. On the contrary, it will bring you more problems in the near future, especially your lungs.

I have been around for a long time, and I have experienced and seen many different events in many parts of the universe. I have created many different planets, galaxies and universes, so I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that we are doing our best to ensure that ascension takes place. Sometimes, you may doubt our existence, because you don’t see our physical form. If you connect to your soul or your heart, you will be able to see us and feel us because we are all interrelated spiritual beings.

Compared with your true identity, this 3D life is meaningless. You are a multi-dimensional creature with great power. You don’t even remember it because they have been erased from your memory and your DNA has been changed many times. Your body becomes weaker. From the day you are born, they become old and degenerate. This is not a natural process.

You are created as an immortal person who can live for millions of years, not just 60, 70 or 80 years, leaving the body behind. Then you are forced to reincarnate again, to come back to life without recollection and recollection, to continue this matrix again, with all its pain, obstacles, hardships and diseases, and this cycle will never end.
Long, long ago, civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis, and others became very dense societies, and then they destroyed themselves because they let their selves take over. We don’t want this to happen on earth because the dark ones have been in control of the planet for a long time.

They often control everything here: the weather, the food, your name, the drugs and so on. The medicine here is more like poison, it can’t cure, it may cure part of your body, and then it will create new problems in other parts of your body.

The dark has dominated Gaia for a long time, and the negative ones have broken all the rules of the universe and escaped it, because we have established those rules that no longer work, and we are creating new rules to make it easier for the next civilization to ascend. They don’t have to go through the same difficulties, experiences and obstacles as they do on earth.

We are not allowed to do something here, such as extracting anyone from the world, taking them home, or interfering in the 3D reality. Unfortunately, these rules are good for the dark ones, not for humanity, so we are changing them. We have even replaced the counselors who have always supported these old rules. The new advisor chosen as the grand advisor is queen Allah, who is changing these outdated rules, because we have billions of planets in the galaxy and universe, and it will take a while to enforce these rules, and they will be enforced. Now, these rules are not conducive to human civilization at all, they are just expanding the suffering on earth.

We are beginning the final phase of ascension and we have some important things to deal with. We never disclose any dates or sensitive information, because negative forces will use these dates or sensitive information for their benefit. I just want to remind the ground crew here: Alliance, lightfighters and Lightworkers, please help us bring this earth to ascension.

Daily meditation is very important and important in the process of ascension. I know that every ascendant master has mentioned this to you in every message. Please do your meditation three or four times a day, or even more.
Any time you have free time, instead of spending time on things that don’t have deep meaning, please meditate. Your meditation will help everyone on terra Christa’s mother to bring the whole planet to light as it should be.
We look forward to the establishment of a new financial system, the redistribution of wealth for humanity, the announcement of the Republic of NESARA gesara, and the mass arrest and expulsion of all those who do not work for the benefit of humanity. I am busy with this process, I understand how important this process is, so whenever I have the opportunity, I will share a message with you, and I will work with you personally. It’s very important for me and anyone else to get help in the 5D process.

We want to see everyone in 5D, please do your part. You all know and understand that your participation is very important in this process. I’m glad we’re about to start the final phase and I’m glad to be here today to let you know where we are now. I thank each and every one of you who are doing their best to help humanity move into a higher dimension.

I want to extend all my love to all of you. Thank you. I’m the creator.


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