“Express your will”, action, expansion training, “once you find yourself in the unstable state of others, you need to pull out as soon as possible and restore your own stability.”

“Express your will”, action, expansion training, “once you find yourself in the unstable state of others, you need to pull out as soon as possible and restore your own stability.”


Meditative experience on March 12, 2021: Sananda message: becoming a stable light source

From sky to earth


Brother Sananda said:

“Who are you?

“You are not only your ego, but also your higher self. At the same time, you are also the source.

“You are both the lowest and the highest, and any part between them.

“You are a mixture, the sum of all this.

“The ego is not at the bottom, the ego is not at the top, and the source is not in a distant place. These parts of you are not in different spatial positions, but are superimposed together and exist here and now at the same time.

“When your consciousness vibrates at a lower frequency, you are in the ego state. Your light was dark then.

“When your consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency, you present a state of higher self. Your light was brighter then.

“When your consciousness goes up and down, you are in a state of wavering. At that time, you were like a flickering light bulb.

“If there are several lights in a room, one of them is on steadily, and the others are on and off, then the room is still bright. But if several lights are on and off, the room will fall into a state of uncertainty.

“You Lightworkers and awakeners have greatly enhanced your consciousness and brightness. You’re like the bright, steady lights. Those who have not yet awakened or have just awakened are like lights that keep flickering. Their state of consciousness will fluctuate due to emotion, situation, desire and other factors.

“You should have illuminated their consciousness with your own light and helped them stabilize at a higher brightness. But your high sensitivity and empathy sometimes make you as unstable as they are.

“When you care about, sympathize with, and pay attention to someone who is not in a good state, you often take over that person’s state and turn it into your own. In other words, you let yourself become that person, in the state of consciousness, in the state of energy.

“As a result, there is one more light that goes on and off, and one less light that is bright and stable. This is not to improve the world situation, but to increase the factors of turbulence and instability.

“You need to stabilize your light and become a stable light source.

“How to do it? It’s not that you can only focus on yourself, not others. You should pay attention to your own state when you pay attention to others.

“Once you find yourself in the unstable state of others, you need to pull out as soon as possible and restore your own stability.

“Awareness is important! This is an ability that you need to work hard to practice and cultivate.

“When you detect an abnormal situation, you can correct it. As long as you have the will to correct it, as long as you tell yourself to “restore stability as soon as possible”, you can do it, because your mind and will are powerful.

“In this regard, you can also ask for the help of the spirit world. We will certainly help.

“Some people are always worried:” there are so many people in the world who have not awakened. How can we achieve great changes? ” What I want to say is: don’t worry! As long as there is a stable and bright light in a room, even if other lights are on and off, the room will be bright enough.

“When you awakeners and photoworkers can maintain your own brightness steadily, and there are more and more stable light sources, the world’s awakening and brightness will hopefully reach a critical value.

“Bless you

Thank you, brother Sananda!


Activate your Arcturus DNA and bring yourself to higher spiritual awareness, unity consciousness and unconditional love

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

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https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AIysYwz7ZKgNcxZO__ lh9A

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have learned from many humans who we consider to be enlightened spiritual masters in your world. We see that many people have fully activated arcturan DNA and therefore seek to bring themselves to higher spiritual awareness, unity consciousness and unconditional love. These people are not waiting for things to happen. They do not seek to manifest anything in life. They’re just obsessed with their presence and their ability to feel.

Like other people, they also have desires, but their desires are generated through the expansion of consciousness. Like others, they want to feel good, but they choose a more direct path. They don’t let the environment decide how they feel. Insults or disappointments don’t affect their feelings.

Now, we’re telling you this because we want you to know,

“Even if you don’t have anything in your life or in the world that inspires happiness, freedom, harmony, peace and love, it’s possible for you to live in these states.”

Yes, these people only choose one path for themselves in their life, that is to activate more Arcturus DNA. Therefore, they pursue a life of higher spiritual experience rather than seeking fame and wealth and being worshipped by others.

When we say that these people have done such things before, please believe us that they choose to be themselves in this life because they live a life of pursuing spiritual control, which is another experience of the soul. You may think that we tell you this because we think everyone should aspire to be like that, but please believe what we say: you are right where you are supposed to be and that your desires are perfect as they are.

Again, we just want you to know what is possible; we want to tell you that if you want to be an enlightened spiritual master on earth and activate more arcturan DNA, it is possible. Of course we can help you if you like.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

◼ Translated from: Danielscranton.com

Original address:

Activate Your Arcturian DNA ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


Ashtar Sheran: energy disturbances and consanguinity across the galaxy

The rise of mind and consciousness


Dear Earth people, Hello! Today it is necessary to tell you another event that will directly affect you and the whole planet.

We’re going to talk about the energy disturbances that take place all over the galaxy, which are related to the earth’s transition to the fifth dimension.

As you already know, according to the law of universal unity, what happens on your planet affects the rest of the galaxy in one way or another.

In addition, another reason for this is that many civilizations living in these places are interconnected not only in terms of energy, but also in terms of genes.

As I mentioned in my previous information, the earth is some kind of “incubator” that attempts to create an ideal divine existence through various combinations of genomes and representatives of different civilizations.

As a result, many civilizations in our galaxy see Earth as their second home, because human DNA also contains their elements.

The connection between you and them never stops.

On the physical level, it is expressed in many ways.

For example, some people have a vivid expression of the characteristics and characteristics of a particular civilization.

The same applies to their architecture.

We’re not going to focus on the characteristics of this or that civilization right now, because it’s not that important.

More important is your energy connection, which shows itself in fact that everything that happens on earth has an impact on those civilized representatives whose genes are part of your DNA in one way or another.

Therefore, your spiritual development and vibration will automatically increase the vibration of your “relatives” in other worlds.

On the contrary, a person’s mental disorder will hinder their development.

All this is hardly obvious for the former and the latter, because these processes are very subtle, diverse and changeable.

Sometimes you will make a breakthrough in spiritual development, while in other cases, you will fall into an abyss and turn all your spiritual achievements into nothingness.

And that’s what happens to your “relatives” from other planets.

They will feel inexplicable tension and anxiety, often out of harmony.

But it’s also true for people with a universally well expressed genome of one civilization or another.

So representatives of Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, and the Pleiades can scan at a subtle level for events that occur to their “relatives” on earth, thanks to their common genetic code, and the vibration of people that affects them in one way or another.

So now, on your planet, the moment has come when one either loses its sacred element and then its sacred code, or ascends with earth to a higher fifth dimension, which will automatically increase the vibration of all alien civilizations connected to you.

All of us will definitely be interested in the latter option of our common development, which is why we try our best to interfere with the Orion and reptile plans, which want to eliminate human beings through the roboticization of the population.

Now all highly developed civilizations are involved in the earth’s transition to the fifth dimension.

We believe that our joint efforts will produce good results. Due to the transition of human beings on earth to a new level of existence, there will also be a transition to a new level of development of many other alien civilizations involved in the creation of a unique sacred existence called “human beings”.

Honey, I want you to know about it.

I love you so much, ashtarsheran speaks to you.


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