Supreme sovereignty: source existence, desire and concentration, interest and curiosity^_^

Supreme sovereignty: source existence, desire and concentration, interest and curiosity^_^ Y6-0zndQT4j_ x_ Qg

What is the higher self? Your higher self-expression, but there is a place where the ego, the higher self and the non time source coexist in one room, and the heart, mind and the third eye coexist in one room. We call it intuition, the non time place. Your vibration level is defined by the time you are in the non time, the non judgment, the right and wrong, and the unconditional love. We call it spirituality

Spirituality is also inseparable. It is also a room with body, desire, concentration, interest and curiosity

This is why most women’s bodies are spiritual and psychic, because women have a longer intuitive life. Why is it so bright and dark? They are oppressed, used to it, taught by words and deeds, imitated by others, or influenced by others. They unconsciously close their hearts and no longer live an intuitive life, that is, a higher self life, that is, a life without time, that is, a life beyond heaven and Buddha What makes a country more unique is not only to live in time, light and love, but also to watch itself and the time matrix in the absence of time, to express the will according to desire, will and intuition, without judgment or distinction

So simple, so self aware, half of the women on earth and the men with Goddess energy have been living the same life, and they will return and be reborn

This is the unity of ego, higher ego and source shared by Sananda yesterday

“Who are you?

“You are not only your ego, but also your higher self. At the same time, you are also the source.

“You are both the lowest and the highest, and any part between them.

“You are a mixture, the sum of all this.

“The ego is not at the bottom, the ego is not at the top, and the source is not in a distant place. These parts of you are not in different spatial positions, but are superimposed together and exist here and now at the same time.

“When your consciousness vibrates at a lower frequency, you are in the ego state. Your light was dark then.

“When your consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency, you present a state of higher self. Your light was brighter then.

“When your consciousness goes up and down, you are in a state of wavering. You’re like a light bulb that goes on and off

The ego is your yesterday, the ego is your future, and no time source is your present

It’s just that you’ve been planning your life right

Recall your supreme sovereignty, let desire and interest energize you, let relaxation, concentration and intuition show you the direction and path, and let timeless, unlimited and unconditional become your life energy

Everything now, no matter how you interpret and expect it, is just an agreement process of ascension with mother earth and all living beings. Being in the prison of the earth, you will naturally have to face all the darkness and impossibility, and thus collectively leap to a higher dimension

What is that? Your ego agenda is also receiving energy without time source, because the third dimensional time matrix framework of the body

As long as you keep high vibration, intuition and concentration, you can see, see that it’s just ego agenda, and jump out

Always return to relax, let go and concentrate, always pull away from instability, return to higher self connection and no time source

The intelligent transition and guidance of DNA also serve your agenda, so the state of relaxation, play, letting go, happiness and excitement from the unstable state to the stable state also serves from the deviation from the agenda to the return to the agenda, because that is your most comfortable and happy state

If it is not, it will not be on the agenda. Just accept it and offer help, advice and encouragement. You will not force, force or force others. You are only here to carry out the agenda repeatedly, relying on your desire, body, focus, heart, interest and curiosity

Without these, you will soon forget the essence of the source, grow old, and die. Because your brain is no longer excited, your body is no longer energetic, and your life is no longer happy and challenging, you will naturally withdraw from the agenda, or return to the higher self to guide the team, or the ego to guide the team, or return to the source to open energy

This is also the source of your happiness, happiness and excitement, because you are unconditionally happy, happy without judgment, and always in a state of no time, interest and excitement

In this way, we will no longer care about how the little blacks affect you, oppress you, and disturb you mentally

Because you have your own life of peace, quiet and concentration. No matter what other people do, you can always return to balance and high vibration, happiness and joy

Be brave to face the darkness and struggle of life and values defined by you, and let yourself observe and examine without time and intuition

What do you see? The struggle of ego, give him / her freedom, release

The struggle of the higher self, your life of religion, psychic science, priest, wizard and spiritual mentor

All in no time to examine, give freedom, release your desire, emotion, once wanted to do not do, to try

The earth time matrix will not change into a science fiction movie overnight, nor will it return to the higher self world you used to be. Step by step, all kinds of industries are different

It’s all up to all the people on earth to return to their own independent focus, interest and desire

First of all, it comes from the Lightworkers, because the future world is led by you, not from your resistance and non submission, but from your inner interest and desire impulse that do not rely on external things, because you will not deviate from your intuition and often return to the higher self

Therefore, UFO and alien civilization technology will not be accepted by people on earth all at once, just as it will not be accepted by your family, relatives and friends all at once

How to popularize horse riding, horse drawn carriage, bicycle and automobile in those years, we will create things with such consciousness now, but the exponential growth will no longer follow the linear time, which will lead to sudden changes and chain reactions, such as the sudden change from automobile to flying automobile, the sudden change from national aviation to family aircraft, which comes from the collective consciousness’s yearning from the ground to the air, from the earth to the solar system and the Milky way The body case mutates, just as Lightworkers focus more on the air than on the ground

Just like you can’t shake the will of mother earth, only following is the same with collective consciousness. Let go, follow, assist, help and provide light source. The road is coming out of collective consciousness itself. Lightworkers are just high vibration energy receivers and broadcast resonators

Therefore, light workers should return to the present and carefully examine what is down-to-earth. Meditation is only a case, resonance and co field, which can not replace human collective consciousness, let alone shake it. Only when all human beings accept and put it down, can all kinds of beautiful technologies be released and synchronized with collective consciousness

You can also take the road of your own desire, higher self and source unity

Focus on your interests and curiosity


You have to face the truth, weaken the dark, and then you build a new world based on love and light. Why are they called the Illuminati? The bright school refers to the enlightened people! Because they all know what you don’t know.

You are indeed saboteurs. You destroy systems ruled by the dark and ignorance. The role of the light is to destroy various systems, and whether the destruction is violent depends on how much people’s consciousness yearns for the system being destroyed.

The ability to keep light is proportional to the courage to see the dark. It is human beings who look beyond their eyes, do not study, do not care, do not want to deal with the painful dark truth on their planet, ridicule “conspiracy theorists” and their collective cognitive dissonance, which endows the evil power responsible for committing terrible crimes against human children.

We don’t blame you. It’s the dark conspiracy agenda, designed to keep you in comfortable areas. But now time has completely changed. We salute you for your outstanding courage, Gaia’s great warrior.

You may have met people who only talked about love and light, angels or ETS, but never mentioned the evil pedophiles and underworld elites on this planet who enslaved you for thousands of years.

Some have even ventured to say that you have to stay away from those who do, which is a 3D concept that will prevent you from ascending.

We urge you to question this concept. When did ignorance begin? Light is information, because darkness is the lack of information. In order to ascend to the fifth dimensional reality that resonates with the frequency of unconditional love, you as a race must raise your vibrations to match unconditional love. You need light to get this love. This is the bottom line, light first. When one becomes adept at the evils of the planet, light enters the cells of existence and changes their frequency.

Balance is the key to everything. Balance is the key to the liberation of your planet. Follow the news and study the truth of pain, but don’t forget to meditate and love yourself. The whole human race is blocked. Now it’s time for you to study. It’s time to face up to the disgusting and terrible facts. What happens if you do that? You’ll be scared. You’re going to hate it. You’re going to be in pain. You cry a lot. You can’t sleep long.

If someone says you only need love, light and forgiveness, everything will be OK. What we want to emphasize is that we agree that meditation, contemplation and prayer are powerful, beautiful and necessary. Those who only do the wonderful existence of light, you all come from the same essence, but you are all different. Each of you has a whole, one of which is as important as the other. But others say it’s the only thing needed, never focusing on anything dark. Honey, it can’t be bright. If everyone on your planet did that, who would save the child from being dumb? Eight million children are missing around the world every year, and meditation, prayer, and raising your vibrations alone cannot save you. At least if you only do that.

No matter who says this man is a dark agent. These people are infiltrated by the negative energy attached to them, and they know nothing about it. Nothing is more dangerous than saying or believing. There’s nothing more outrageous than that. There is nothing more ignorant and selfish. There’s nothing more telling than how much fear these people have. How these people fear the painful truth. They are here to distract you with their love, light, forgiveness, and vibration ascension channels that ascend you

Enlighten yourself first, don’t listen to those who don’t hold the torch of truth, tell you not to pay attention to it. Then you pass the torch to the next, the next and the next. Your ignorance is their strength. Let’s be enlightened and know what they have done. This is the carpet under their feet.

You have to keep breaking your heart before it breaks, Rumi said. The wound is where the light comes in. After the initial shock, you get very angry. This is where you begin to contribute to the interests of the planet. Why? Because this is where you want everyone to know. This is our only chance to weaken the evil of the world.

Don’t give in to fear. Don’t close your eyes when ugliness appears. No one will fight this war for you. Except for the interference between you in the human body, any et is not allowed. This is the universe of free will. We are not allowed to interfere in your free will. You are responsible for your future.

Yes, the Galactic Federation is guiding and helping you, but this is your planet, your fight! Wake up the family of light. You are the bearer of light. We want to tell you that this battle has been won by the light and that everything that is happening is a game out of the timeline. How fast things will change for you is now entirely in your hands. No one says that if you want to sit and meditate, you will change a frequency system from control to freedom. In addition, there are some people whose task is only that one. But these are not the practices of most people on your planet, and ascension will work step by step.

The first is the light. Light (truth) contributes to the process of opening the mind, which leads to unconditional love. Sometimes it takes years, and you’re not there yet. The first is the light. Your task is to bring the light back to this field. We love you, great warrior of light. Continue to spread the truth. It’s time to wake up everyone around you.

Don’t trust those who tell you not to do it, and don’t trust those who say nothing happened, because there is no evidence. They’re agents of the dark side we’re fighting. Be careful. Use discrimination.

If you want to change the world, you must first know what’s wrong with it. We love you. We are your home of light.

The world is at war. This war is a spiritual war. Good versus evil, bad or bad. This is God to Satan. Angels versus demons. The impact of IQ on AI. Love conquers fear.

If you want to create a new world, the old must die first. The old world is a dark world. So, first bring light into the world, love is the result of the first job. Lies, deception, terror and control have to be broken layer by layer.

Light always comes first. Light is the message of truth.

Holy Light’s blessing to all, Aurora ray, Ambassador of the Galactic Federation, goddess messenger of Leyland High Council.


[spiritual love] be optimistic about life experience and bravely immerse in the sea of holy love

Original Luying from heaven to earth 3fgRHGP4llghF4w

Information delivery: brothers of light group

Monique Mathieu

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

I hope you can be optimistic about your life experience and don’t take it too seriously, so that you can rise higher and faster in vibration.

Know that this life experience is just an experience to enrich your soul. Try to treat them with detachment and calmness.

Sometimes you’re hit hard by something. If you can’t see it philosophically, you will produce some disturbing energy, which will hinder your rapid transformation and reconnection with divinity.

You have to learn to experience your life in a relaxed, happy, detached, free and easy way, knowing that you are just playing a role, just a temporary actor. Also know that all the unhappiness you experience is caused by your own thoughts, fears and narrow mindedness.

The more you transform, the more you will understand how important it is to overcome fear. In your prayers, you can ask the guides and the light brothers to help you visualize, understand, and clear your inner fears.

(Monica: I see a beautiful purple color, which contains all kinds of purples from very light to very deep.

It’s a spiral, and then it’s a huge circle in the middle, and then it’s like dancing again.

Every time it changes shape, it also changes brightness.

I feel that there is great joy and peace in this purple. It’s like unloading our heavy burden and inner pain.

I feel that purple is speaking to my heart as well as to your heart.

She said: —

“Open your heart, open yourself, and you will understand how wonderful life is and how wonderful life experience is!

“Open your heart to life, to joy, to holy love! In this way, you will know more clearly how vast and infinite the holy love is

Monique: now they show me a vast purple ocean

This is the sea of love, but you stay on the shore.

Sometimes you get a little bit immersed in it and you feel very happy. But you are afraid to go too far, and soon you are back on shore.

This sea of love is calling you. You’ve always wanted to be immersed in this ocean, but you didn’t dare to explore deep. You’re worried about being completely engulfed, about losing control of yourself.

You have to learn to let go completely and let yourself be immersed in the ocean of cosmic love.

The ocean that we show you is purple, that’s because that’s the color of our love for you. It can be said that the light of our thoughts forms this sea of love.

This is our holy love for you.

May you hear the call of the sea of love to you, plunge into it bravely, melt all fears, and merge with the universal love.


Love, wisdom, power and supremacy

This process will follow a three pronged approach: each one will correspond to a chakra and hopefully you can rebalance it. When enough money and food are available to you, your fear of not having enough food disappears. When you see that the children have been rescued and their abuse has stopped, the sacral chakras will be able to balance again. As gender issues are resolved with the rise of the divine female and the appropriate enhancement of the divine male within you, it will be possible to rebalance the sacral chakras. As you have enough food, money, and the major divisive problems in your society are healed, you will begin to move more into your power, and the solar plexus chakras will seek rebalancing. All of this leads to the opening of the heart.

I’m Saint Germain, and I want to remind you, people of the earth.

You are now part of this wonderful process that awakens the souls and minds of people on earth. But you don’t understand the meaning of the process. Some have, some don’t. Some of them lost their way.

Please allow me to give you some advice.

At this time in Earth’s history, the timeline is being created, which will once again allow soul to ascend through earth school. Over the years, these timelines have been unavailable to many people, because your mind has been manipulated, and only those who are beyond control can escape the trap set for you.

Now, that is changing. You, once again, can start a process of organic ascension. Rather than continue to be set in the negative quagmire in front of you by yourself and your Alien controllers, yes, yes, alien, because none of them comes from earth, whether they are spiritual or material, it doesn’t matter. These beings have taken control of your world, your thoughts, to bring the flame inherent in your heart to the lowest level. That flame is God’s flame, in the hearts of all of you.

The flame is threefold and vital to your successful ascension. The flame consists of power, God’s power, and how you use or abuse it; love is God’s love for you, your love for God and his creation, and wisdom’s use of love and inner power for the greater good of all.

Don’t you know how this is tested on you? Don’t you see that! In fact, your world leaders are allowing you to wake up, they are releasing their domination and control over you, and many of you are lost. All you need to do is look up to yourself and see the flame within you. If you don’t feel the flame, feel your level of strength, your level of love and your level of wisdom. Humbly admit your shortcomings; there is no shame in not being the best you can feel. How can you be the best person in a system built to destroy you? Please forgive your own shame and guilt and continue to work fearlessly with the divine power to empower yourself again.

Wisdom: are you evaluating the information provided to you and using it to make wise choices or deductions? Or do you allow yourself to be led by new gods who try to strengthen yourself at the expense of you? Both cases exist in this alternative. Oh, really!

Do you believe what the news tells you about what’s going on in your country? Or can you find another source to tell you another story? Can you listen to these two statements and decide for yourself what you want to believe? Are you using what you see in front of your eyes to raise your awareness, or are you taking on a new set of restrictive beliefs?

Love: are you using everything in front of you and all the people walking in front of you to learn how to love them, or continue to be afraid of them? Why do you hate and love others? Just because they agree or disagree with you? Don’t you realize that it’s time for your beliefs to change? Because that’s why everything goes as it is. You have to change. How do you use the people you meet to learn how to love others more? Do you forgive yourself for making mistakes, or do you live a “bad life” and try again, or do you condemn yourself indefinitely because you didn’t love? Are you forgiving, or are you just condemning everything around you? Will you forgive yourself, too?

Don’t you realize that the way you interact with a masked stranger in a grocery store has the same relationship with your spiritual growth as the way you interact with other people? You are all part of God. Do you respect other people’s choices or put them down? Do you correct others or let them say it fairly? Do you want to destroy another person, or do you really love your brother?

Only those who have the same ideals are your friends, or who can you love?

Do you want others to make the world a better place? Or did you do a job of your own?

Power: don’t you see a process of empowering people? Because there are. The St. Germain fund will be distributed to the people to stop their lack of mentality and realize that there is enough money to support them indefinitely. Companies that restrict food transportation will be replaced by companies that transport and feed as much as possible. These companies will set new standards to promote the lack of will become illegal. High prices will be the past. The world will become affordable for all. There will be no preferential treatment based on greed.

This process will follow a three pronged approach: each one will correspond to a chakra and hopefully you can rebalance it. When enough money and food are available to you, your fear of not having enough food disappears. When you see that the children have been rescued and their abuse has stopped, the sacral chakras will be able to balance again. As gender issues are resolved with the rise of the divine female and the appropriate enhancement of the divine male within you, it will be possible to rebalance the sacral chakras. As you have enough food, money, and the major divisive problems in your society are healed, you will begin to move more into your power, and the solar plexus chakras will seek rebalancing. All of this leads to the opening of the heart.

Some people have gone through this process and their hearts are open. Not everyone on earth is like this. There is still a lot to do. However, once this plan is completed in front of you, you will understand that you will live in a society that supports your ascension rather than hinders it. You will feel more like a person than you are now. Your DNA will change and rejoin, giving you greater power.

We are willing to do so, and so it is.

I’ve been at your service, Saint Germain. We love you! dG4MCdwQ


New female balance

By: Steve rother

Hello, honey. I’m Melia. Today I join you as Merlin’s female side. It’s fascinating to watch the game on earth from this side of the veil, because you tear things apart and put them back together. Absolutely incredible.

I want to tell you a little story about your own world. You’re starting to understand more and more about the rise of women. This is an important part, but it doesn’t provide all the answers for humanity. It just gives you a new foundation, a new tool, and a new energy to work with, where you can challenge and even perfect your world. But, as we mentioned, my dear ones, the challenge is to find a balance.

Yes, that’s the most difficult part. We can point out many times on earth that male energy plays a leading role there. We can point out that other times, though not so much, women’s energy is dominant. Both can lose balance, which is one of the key factors for many people to get to work. That’s why you have so many new ideas about sex on your planet, not even necessarily new, but definitely public. Isn’t that great? New ideas, new concepts, and new ways to work with all your energy. It’s an incredible moment for you to live in one of your bodies. We want to share a story about this day, about your own world.

Chimpanzees and bonobos

Chimpanzees, or chimpanzees, are familiar to most humans. They are born with bright faces and turn black over time. They imitate humans in many ways, including the use of tools. Chimpanzees spend time hunting and gathering food. They are obviously a male dominated society; men rule by force, often showing extreme cruelty, especially to women. Aggression is common, and when a man takes over another man’s family, he kills the baby.

Bonobos are another branch of apes from Congo; chimpanzees evolved in the north of the river, while bonobos live in the land south of the river. In contrast, bonobos were born with unchanging faces and evolved into a female dominated society.

About 90 years ago, it was discovered that they were actually two different species, although their DNA was very close. Of course, it’s worth noting that each of them has DNA closer to humans than to each other. Bonobos, whose faces remain unchanged at birth, have evolved into a female dominated society.

Here, they spend less than four hours a day hunting and gathering, while the rest of the day playing, grooming and raising each other. Chimpanzees and bonobos develop in completely different ways. Like humans, chimpanzees spend most of their lives collecting food, planting trees, working, and doing anything to maintain their health. Bonobos, however, spend less than 30% of their time doing it. For them, it is more important to have time to relax, play with each other, cultivate each other, and pay special attention to the children. It’s common for bonobo women to raise each other’s children. Bonobo males provide security, but in a unique, harmonious way, show the amount of power. At this moment, there are other similarities that apply to the human condition. Women’s energy is on the rise, and it’s encountering tremendous resistance to changing the perceived norms and those who invest in men’s energy.

New balance

With the rise of women, there will be many changes in the way they do things. There is an imbalance between men and women. In the hundreds of billions of games in the universe, few people can achieve more than instantaneous energy balance. We believe that humanity has a good chance of achieving this balance. From a human point of view, you have been dominated by this kind of sexual balance for quite a while. It’s hard to imagine a softer, gentler, more inclusive world. You live in an era of mastery. Yes, during this time, you can have all the experience to determine what is important to you.

As we mentioned, honey, there’s a new game under foot. You create a new game in a completely different field, one by one. It’s not about to happen. Everything has evolved or moved to the next level, and now it’s happening.


Now everyone can see that in their own lives, so that’s what we want you to do, no matter where you see problems. Imagine if your society or environment is out of balance in the opposite way. Then you can start to see the imbalance more clearly. Find things that are out of balance, because the pendulum swings back and forth. Sometimes, you can learn a lot about yourself and what you want to create in the next part of the game.

Women’s energy is up, right here. Let it take root and grow within you and find a stronger balance of power. You’ll see more energy in terms of power and decision-making.

Now, you will still encounter some difficult things, such as those chimpanzees fighting to keep things from changing. You see some of them now, because any imbalance needs to be noticed by everyone so that you can connect collectively at a higher level of vibration. It’s the age of mastery because you’ve won the game. Don’t get stuck in the mud, you have to go through the mud. It’s just a trip, so enjoy it.

This is the biggest honor. We ask you to respect each other, cultivate each other, and play the game with love, because you have created a new level of the game. Have a good time together.

I’m Melia, the feminine side of Merlin. The magic is back.


Reasons for weight gain

Another wave of cosmic radiation (plasma) is integrated with the new code to a higher frequency. The fact is, I don’t know when it started, because there are too many of them, which is why we really feel that we are losing control of our environment and body. In addition to February nervousness, this weekend’s “we turned up the volume.”.

By getting a higher vibration (like a higher note on a musical scale), our body is doing what it thinks is necessary to keep “anchored” in the density of 3D reality, which is why many of you gain weight around the sun plexus. The body, in order to balance itself (just like our thermoregulation), places heavier (denser) molecules on itself to slightly weaken the influence of photons (cosmic radiation) passing through it.

The photons we receive attach to the electrons of our atoms at the fastest speed and move them, increasing friction between them, generating heat, and expanding the rotation of our chakras. I explain this weight because it’s an increasingly common collective phenomenon in the process. The body protects itself from losing all its density by accumulating weight.

This is also because supernatural experiences, such as astral travel, cause us a lot of fear at the subconscious level, and unconsciously protect ourselves from this situation in the physical body. In addition, from gland readjustment to more electromagnetic energy, our metabolism is a little out of control, but don’t worry, they will lose weight as a protective system in the case of high intensity in recent months.

In addition to gaining weight (some may also be losing weight, but they are those who already have more density), they may also feel that they lack “gravity,” float, or have their bodies partially disconnected and reconnected, assuming they feel numb or unresponsive in their arms, or feel one leg or the left and right sides of the whole body. The reason why this happens is that you feel that part of the body “rag” is still on the previous frequency, and this feeling is transferred to calculate the highest frequency of the space (integration) between the atoms that make up it.

They may also have transient circulatory failure, bruises that appear inexplicably, redder when they squeeze something, their blood vessels look clearer, and so on. Although there is nothing to worry about, they are likely to be afraid of something serious that will happen to them, because they have never felt something like this before, or experienced something similar.

This wave of cosmic radiation (and all the effects we’ve received in the past few days) is warming our bodies so deeply that they can even feel the “growth pain” in their bodies, and even feel the feeling in their bones as if everything is “stretching.”. Headaches are also likely to escalate, or they may feel “crazy,” because no matter what physical symptoms they may feel, it’s very obvious at the collective level that we are going through such a profound transformation that it feels like we are leaving our bodies and then we are consciously adapting to a new one.

We don’t know what’s going on, but we know that we have different bodies. It seems that this new body is sent alone (because our heart is slightly displaced). We may think that we are “dying”, but in reality, only we become light (on a higher frequency wave, as if we have changed from musical scale to acute scale).

In the past five days, the strongest impact has been on the stomach, so they are likely to have gastritis, stomachache, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gastric disturbance, acidity and reflux. On the other hand, the left side of the body hates it more than the right side, because the code we receive this time (the code is a message in the form of frequency) is on the frequency of unconditional love, just as we receive the download of sympathy and love for others. Those with symptoms or feelings on the left receive an update on women’s energy, which is likely to lead to emotional hypersensitivity, crying episodes, and need to be protected or cared for.

If I insist on keeping water, it’s because the body needs a lot of water to do all its functions. During this process, dehydration can cause other symptoms, such as headache, dry eyes and dizziness, which they can avoid or at least not feel so intense if they are well hydrated. Keep in mind that our body is using its resources to adapt to this new vibration frequency, which may subtract resources from our immune system and weaken it a little bit (with this in mind to understand our global life now, if we don’t adapt to these frequencies, we will be totally different. )With good food, water, rest, exercise (who can) and sunlight (vitamin C and zinc also help, but if you plan to take any supplements, consult your doctor first), your immune system.

Respect your own process and the needs of your body, by connecting it, it’s not just a spiritual process, the spiritual part is actually the result of the physical process we’re going through, although we consciously increase the frequency to make it very easy. It’s a lot simpler than it looks, it’s about reaching a vibrational frequency, and it’s compatible with the medium we live in now. As long as we remember our true nature and choose unconditional love instead of fear and division, we can all cross this bridge (no choice, no special action). mg


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