7 Precepts(the 5th Precept encompassed the following three attributes: Acceptance(5), Gratitude(6) and Joy(7))

7 Precepts(the 5th Precept encompassed the following three attributes: Acceptance(5), Gratitude(6) and Joy(7))


Sananda speaks:


“Greetings beloved friends,


The time has come for us to continue our higher dimensional teaching series, designed to help you master your Mastery. All the 7 Precepts we had discussed in Part 1 (the 5th Precept encompassed the following three attributes: Acceptance(5), Gratitude(6) and Joy(7)) are essential in your ascension journey to fully become Master and Architect of the Matrix.


(^_^ Rule No. 1: Master Harmony/Peace


Rule No. 2: Oneness/Unity with ALL That Was, Is, and Will Be.

Master the magical art of conscious creation, i.e. to master the use of Life Force Energy that is Source, always feel (with every fiber of your being and every cell of your body) that you are one with God. And ONE with all of Creation.

^_^2. 与时间本身处于合一,精通合一,精通魔法般有意识创造的艺术,精通使用生命力能量,也就是源头,总是能够感受到(伴随着你存在的每一个纤维,你身体的每一个细胞)你与神/所有造物是一体的

Rule No. 3: Live within the ‘Zero Point Field’, or Zero Point Consciousness, NOW. Be and act as the powerful, multidimensional, luminous Light-being you truly are. Master the elements: water, air, earth and fire.


Rule No. 4: One IS Love. one is Loved. LOVE is all there is. Be the Love within.

^_^4. 我是爱,我被爱着,爱是一切,成为内在的爱

Rule No. 5: The Holy Trinity of: Acceptance(5), Gratitude(6) and Joy(7).


The following are the 5 fundamental rules; the 5 precepts to creating miracles in your life. Each one is equally as important as the other, and all of them are pre-requisites to your mastering the Art of Precipitation, and later on, mastering the Art of Etherealization –i.e. Mastering Your Magic!


Rule No. 1: Harmony/Peace.


One cannot create miracles when one’s entire being is in a state of disharmony.


Your mind, body and spirit must remain at peace, no matter what life throws at you, in order to continuously create and experience miracles. Mastering the fine art of sustained peace is something that most of you here are getting plenty of practice right now. The kingdom of Heaven is also known as the Kingdom of Harmony.


One’s energies must always be used in a harmonious manner with the energies of All in creation, in order to create & manifest that which one greatly desires to have/experience in life.


To put it simply, the powerful process of creation begins only with the complete acceptance of who,what and where you are right now. You must be at peace with who you are, what you are and where you are right now, so that you can then, peacefully, harmoniously, set your inner GPS for the next ‘goal/desire/destination’of who, what, and where you will be next. This is the true meaning of ‘All is always well, and life is constantly changing; creating itself anew‘. God is Creator of All That Is. What does a creator do? A creator is always creating something new. This means that creation/manifestation is so natural and inherent within us; and what we create, defines who we are.


Your God Self- who is always in the state of expansion and creation; who completely understands that nothing is ever lacking and that there is only the desire to expand & create something new –simply creates. Your Higher Self will always begin/start the act of Creation, from a state of Love, Oneness, Harmony and Joy, with Expansion and Growth as its only purpose.


One cannot create miracles from a state of Lack. Your Higher Self always has direct access to the unlimited abundance of Raw Energy (also known as Electron-ic Light Substance) that is Source. And She/He can easily transform this raw energy into matter; into anything you need, anytime (with your readiness & collaboration).


Recognize, feel and acknowledge that all is well with you/with your life right now. Nothing is ever truly lacking.


Once you have: mastered Harmony with your entire way of be-ing, and fully embedded the belief within you, that you have everything you want/ever need and nothing is ever lacking, that is when miracles big & small can be easily manifested. That is when you have successfully become the ultimate conductor, leading the Universe, to orchestrate/wield the Raw Energies of Source into a beautiful symphony of never-ending miracles.


If the experience of lack is God’s will for Mankind, then it will forever be held in place by Divine Law, unable to be changed.As you can see for yourself, there are a lot of people out there who have no problem attracting positive abundance into their lives (e.g. wealth, health, love, friendships, etc.). So the questions become, ‘are you allowing abundance into your life, or are you (subconsciously) blocking it?‘ ‘Do you perhaps feel more comfortable living in a state of lack, maybe because that is all you have ever known?‘


Whenever you feel lack (in one or more aspects of your life), what you are actually doing is that, you are living your life in a state of disharmony. For example, if you are experiencing lack in the area of financial abundance, you are not living in harmony with the energies of wealth & prosperity. Most importantly, this goes to show that you are not in harmony (in alignment) with your Higher Self.


You are where you are today because of all your past choices; and even if you were to refuse to admit this to yourself, this is nothing but the truth. If there is something about you/your life right now that you do not enjoy, the way to Harmony/Peace is through admitting to yourself, that on a higher level, you had deliberately created that contrast so you can experience it. In other words, you are where you are right now, because at one point in your life, you had consciously or subconsciously created that experience. And now, you are hopefully feeling more ready to move on, to choose differently, and to create a new experience.


Adele had come to a powerful realization recently, through actual life experience, that any negative feeling such as: desperation, impatience, frustration, anger etc. will only serve to slow down, and eventually stop the process of creation on its tracks.Prolonged negativity will even reverse your creation process, by undoing everything you have been working so hard for and, by attracting to you more of what you do not desire to have in life. Is this what you truly wish for yourself, loved ones?


Please remember, whenever you are feeling desperate, or impatient, to have/to experience something, what you are actually doing is reaffirming to yourself, that you do not yet have what you want.


And by now all of you, students of Life/Spiritual Mastery, should clearly know that to manifest your desire, you must feel as though you already have what you want, right here, right now.


Desperation or impatience powerfully pushes away your dreams.


Love, joy, gratitude and excitement pull your dreams to you at magnificent speed.


In other words, the very first step; the very foundation to creating a life filled with miracles, requires you to be at peace and harmonious, no matter what. The peace that carries within it, a certain degree of detachment to your desired outcomes. This detachment comes from your complete surrender to the will of God, and complete trust in the Divine that is within you/all.


Rule No. 2: Oneness/Unity with ALL That Was, Is, and Will Be.


When creating a life filled with miracles, one is required to be and to act in oneness with ALL that is in existence, including oneness with Time itself.


Everything that you can see, hear, touch, smell and even that which is invisible to your senses are: GOD. God is Energy. Energy particles are everywhere and nowhere. For those of you here who desire to master the magical art of conscious creation, i.e. to master the use of Life Force Energy that is Source, you must first elevate your consciousness and understanding to a level where you can always feel (with every fiber of your being and every cell of your body) that you are one with God. And ONE with all of Creation.


And with oneness, understanding will soon come that what you did or, didn’t do to/for others (e.g. fellow humans, animals, trees, the planet), you did/didn’t do to yourself. And thus, one must make a powerful intention to always think, say, feel and act for the higher good of self and ALL. Or, in other words, never do harm to any living being and live your daily life by always staying connected with your powerful heart (the center/source of all your God-given powers). In my lifetime as Yeshua, to teach the concept of oneness, I used the following words in one of my many sermons to the masses: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you‘.


Once you have mastered oneness, Ascended Master Merlin or, your own Higher Self, can be called upon for assistance, to help you master the elements: water, air, earth and fire. You will learn how to wield the raw, ever-present, Life Force/Source energies in the Universe, to then command these energies to take the shape of anything that you wish to precipitate. Doing this, i.e. creating what many of you classify as miracles today, will one day become second nature and commonplace to you.


You can master oneness, by deciding right now, to once again be able to powerfully feel the energies that completely surround you.Decide right now, if you wish, to be someone who is extremely sensitive to energy frequencies/vibrations, so that you can then become master of Life Force energies. All of you here are naturally sensitive to some degree –loving, compassionate souls always are. In this case, your next step to create miracles, is by increasing the level of your energy sensitivity to the same level as that of an energy worker’s, sooner rather than later. Everyone will be by definition, energy workers, within the next 20-100 years. Your society is rapidly changing every day, to become one that will one day achieve mastery over energy.


A 5th dimensional planet occupied by a 5th dimensional society/civilization, is a planet that is filled with embodied souls who have become Masters of Source Energy. If/when you are ready, simply ask your Higher Self for guidance as to how you can gradually and safely increase your energy sensitivity.


However loved ones, just like with every action there is a reaction, simply be aware that with every power given to you, a great responsibility also comes along with it. There will be a learning curve; a period of adjustments, until you are ready to be as sensitive as you need to be, in order to fully embrace your powerful, magical, Alchemist-Selves.


Rule No. 3: One must always live within the ‘Zero Point Field’, or Zero Point Consciousness, where there is only NOW.Past and future do not exist.


This rule is perhaps easy to understand, but to successfully achieve this state of consciousness, can be very challenging to do (for most of you here, in the present moment of time when this message was written).


For you to live within the zero point field, is for you to be and act as the powerful, multidimensional, luminous Light-being you truly are. A being who operates outside of ALL constraints and limitations, and outside of the lower dimensional frameworks of Time.


Now do you understand why we think it is the most challenging rule for you to achieve? The majority of you reading this today, still operates within the limitations of Time because it is the very foundation of how your society works right now.


The question now becomes: ‘How can we (your higher dimensional friends) effectively teach all of you here –who are still so powerfully bound to the extremely limiting frameworks of Time –how to live/operate from the Zero Point Field of NO Time?


Like we had earlier stated, the best, most effective teacher comes from real life experiences. In your every waking moment, your Higher Self will constantly pull you back, into the NOW. Whenever you are worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, you are fearful about the future and thus not living in the NOW. Your Higher Self will realign you back to NOW. Whenever you are reminiscing about the past, or feeling emotionally distraught by something that had occurred in the past (that by now you should have already let go of), you are once again not living in the NOW. Your Higher Self will realign you back to NOW.


This will keep happening, more and more often from now on, and your Higher Self will keep doing it for you, until you finally learn one day, how to always stay in the NOW, no matter what.When you are fully present, fully anchored/grounded in the moment of NOW, (instead of in the past or future), you will be able to easily access the wondrous feeling, and the crystal-clear knowing that: All is well, and will always be well. Love is all there is. I AM. This is known as the ‘Purest State of Creation’. This is the Beginning and The End. Life everlasting eternally. Know that when you are able to successfully feel this, you have gained entrance to the zero point field of Mastery over your Matrix, Mastery over Energy; Mastery over all of Creation.

这会不断发生,从现在起更频繁,你的更高自我会不断为你去这么做,直到你有一天终于学会,如何总是处于当下,无论发生什么。当你完全存在、完全锚定/稳固于当下时刻(而不是在过去或未来),你就能够轻易访问奇妙的感受、水晶般通彻的知晓:一切都好,总是如此。爱就是一切。我是(I AM)。这被称为“创造最纯粹的状态”。这是开始和结束。生命永恒。知晓,当你能够成功感到这些,你已经到达了精通矩阵、精通能量、精通所有造物的零点场域的入口

Rule No. 4: One must know that one IS Love. One must know that one is Loved. One must know that LOVE is all there is. One must also commit to be the Love within, in every moment without exceptions.


Most of you here know that Love is the Cohesive Life-Force Energy that is binding all in Creation together. In every item that you can see, touch, feel, eat, hear, sense, there exists the Pink Flame of Unconditional Love that can be found within the core of its being. Love is truly the glue that binds everything together. That sounds like a clichéwe know, but we are in fact talking about energy here.


Without Love at its core, everything that has been physically created in your reality will cease to be. It will once again return to the raw energy of Source, awaiting the next moment of Creation by the God-Self of all embodied souls. Love is all there is. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. This message has been delivered to humanity often, throughout the fabric of time, through our many Love-Light, Light-Love Messengers of the Divine, because this is truly the most important KEY to Creation.


Start by imbuing everything that which you wish to create with this most important ingredient.If you are a chef wanting to cook a meal, for the meal to be successful, all the ingredients to your delicious recipes must be present. In the Art of Co-Creation with God, Love is the energy that sustains and feeds that which you wish to create.


In other words dear friends, if you wish to successfully create anything, you must do it out of love. And never do it out of fear, lack, separation, or obligation.


For example, to create more money, more wealth & prosperity in your life, you need to love money. You need to be loving friends with money. You cannot scorn someone who loves money, nor adopt a ‘holier than thou’attitude on people who have money/those who enjoy making money. Another example, if you wish to enjoy a healthy body, you need to love your body inside out. When you look at yourself in the mirror, there must be zero criticism, zero anger/judgmental thoughts about your body, your health, how you look, etc. You must always communicate with your body, using the language of love. When you say ‘I love you’to your body often and when you send that love to every single cell of every single organ, you are in fact giving your body the ‘fuel’that rejuvenates the body part(s) you need to heal! You give your body access to the limitless power of Love, to heal itself from any health condition your consciousness has adopted after many years of living on Earth.


It is time for you to be the Love that you truly are, in your every thought, word, feeling and action/deed.

是时候去成为你真正所是的爱,在你的每一个想法、话语、感受 、行为/行动中

Realize that you are powerful energy beings.Every invested thought is energy. Every word is made up of powerful energies. Never waste the spoken word. Learn to speak carefully; fully realizing the weight and power of your words. Every radiated feeling is energy. Every single deed you do, is your energies being put into action. One day, when you have successfully learnt to power up your energy system with overflowing Love, and use Love as your only Fuel, trust me when I say, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will become completely yours to command. That is when you will know experientially, that thou art God.


Rule No. 5: The Holy Trinity of: Acceptance, Gratitude and Joy.


This last rule is quite simple.


Acceptance of your Divine Birthright, as God, is needed to co-create miracles.


Gratitude is another important ingredient, to be given to God –the Source of All in Creation. Gratitude for what is about to be created, provided, or given to you, in this act of Creation you are about to do.


Joy is a crucial ingredient that keeps the passion of Creation alive! When you infuse your Creations with the energy of Joy, you will attract to you more and more reasons to be grateful, to be alive, to be more joyful about. Joy should truly be the only reason why you do anything from now on. Creating a life filled with miracles requires you to remain joyful and be 100% present in life. Joy is also the secret to having a physical body that never ages/decays. The energy of JOY functions as a different type of fuel needed in the Art of Creation (we had already explained earlier that Love is the primary fuel), that will speed up/accelerate your Creative process!


Whenever I, as Yeshua, was in the process of creating any miracle (such as turning water into wine, healing people, having control over Mother Nature, or, resurrecting the dead), all 5 of these fundamental rules/precepts were always present, without fail.All 5 are equally important and they are all inter-connected.


The question now becomes, which one(s) out of the 5 do you think you need to improve on the most? Or do you perhaps feel that you have mastered them all? If so, you will then be ready for the tests/the challenges that your Higher Self will send your way, to show you how much you have grown, and how much you have got left to go, to master your Mastery.


Many things revealed here in today’s message are not new to you. In fact, some of you here who are our devoted chelas, you have come a long way in understanding all of these, and applying them daily in your life. Keep walking straight ahead, loved ones, fully focused on your goal of full integration with Higher Self. Always by following your own guidance coming from within your heart. When you do this, embodying the 5 fundamental rules/precepts explained above, will become so easy, so second nature.



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