Turn over-sensitivity to highly sensitive. Super power comes from your sensitivity, superconductivity^_^

Turn over-sensitivity to highly sensitive. Super power comes from your sensitivity, superconductivity^_^


Horse is widely used in European healing, especially in children’s healing schools. You should know that when your body becomes more vegetarian and purified, and your consciousness becomes more inclusive and peaceful, your body will become more and more sensitive, and you will feel other people’s sufferings and pain. This is the self-healing of living in intuition and feeling for a long time, and the experience of healing people through resonance, such as lovers When I feel uncomfortable in my body parts and suffer from severe energy trauma, I sometimes resonate to me. I go to ask and verify whether the sensitivity comes from her. Of course, with the sharing of many women, I will not only be sensitive to the sharing with my lover, but also with more men and women. When both sides agree, the resonance will begin. If we open more, we will become more superconducting and more therapeutic Healing effect is not healing, but through the other party’s understanding, attachment, long-term unconditional stay together, not judging trust in the consciousness, let the other party open the heart a little bit through energy, self release pain and expand consciousness, I love you, is a kind of healing, unconditional


Sleepiness and sneezing


For several days, the heart chakra dilated and the chest itched


Occasional neuropathic pain at the top of the left hemisphere

Explanation: “when you connect with this eighth chakra, you will feel your top chakra active and prickly.

Make this connection consciously.

Now your body will feel very good as you have activated the eighth chakra.

Another mission of this chakra is to bring you higher subtle energies. It’s an energy of divine love that will help your whole physical body

The reactivation of the thymus of the eighth chakra greatly enhances the body’s immunity, especially the ability to absorb and transform sunlight. Focusing on the light spot in meditation helps to restart the thalamus of the ninth chakra. Any external vibration depends on the enhancement of the body’s immunity and function, such as the power supply ability of the heart chakra, the fear immunity and fighting ability of the thymus of the eighth chakra, and the specialization of the top chakra of the seventh chakra The sensory and perceptual abilities of the ninth chakra and thalamic chakra, as well as sensitivity


More energy to download, light up the most intense energy

Explanation: “heaven is re integrating and restoring your former strengths and abilities so that you can make a significant contribution to the unfolding of the divine plan on a material level.

We are looking forward to this wonderful transformation with great joy and intend to welcome you back in a big way. Your hard won wisdom has the ability to accelerate the development of certain consciousness orientations that are now brewing throughout the galaxy


Comfortable and full of energy, contact and climbing with big trees in nature

Explanation: “people can’t ignore their emotions as they used to, because energy will prevent you from ignoring those emotions in your heart.

You awakened people must set an example for others. You have to be willing to express your emotions, even publicly.

When you share your story and tell others about the difficulties you encounter in life, you allow others to do the same thing, and you show them how to do it properly. Talk about leaders who want to be more emotional than other types of leaders in the world


Nerve headache disappeared, intermittent chest itching

The resonance in the common field is more and more obvious

The body has no pain, immune ability recovery, accept all the traditional thinking of pain, cold, cold as the body’s natural response to external stimulation and flow, nursing and self recovery can, in time, the eighth round thymus immunity is increasing

Longer relaxation and awareness breaks

If can’t change the weather for the time being, you can change your body’s self-adaptive ability and feel comfortable in all weather

Free from the pain of inertia, free from the weather, free from food

Explanation: “the next mission of your journey will be to create a new earth experience for yourself and future generations, and these experiences will not be about challenges. The next task is to experience happiness and unrestrained unconditional love.

You have come so far to feel what it is like to move from the depths of darkness to the heights of ecstasy.

Now, when you decide to start a new task, it’s up to you. It depends on the time you play with the rules of the third dimension, and when you fully embrace the perspective of the first dimension, the frequency of the first dimension, and the reality experience of the fifth dimension. We know that many of you are ready, and we tell you that you are.

It’s just a matter of opening your heart, making it your guide and forgetting everything you think you’ve learned before. “


My stomach is empty in the morning, I’m hungry

Cold flow abdominal flow

Low temperature is not cold

Explanation: “the photons we receive attach to the electrons of our atoms at the fastest speed and move them, increasing friction between them, generating heat, and expanding the rotation of our chakras.”


In the morning, the eyes can’t open, the nose has no taste, and the heart and lung rings dilate


From over sensitive to highly sensitive

Usually people don’t mean to offend you. Most of the time they blurt out something, it’s not personal. Your male energy can help you not to take these words to heart, your female energy can help you to feel the real experience of this person.

Jarrett | from hypersensitivity to hypersensitivity

Jerry Joshua’s transmission today


Article source: http://www.jeshua.net

Author: Jarrett (Mr. Pamela), translator: butiamnot

Editor & photos: Ning Jing

From over sensitive to highly sensitive

Many people are too sensitive to tolerate noise, aggression and the fast pace of modern society. They usually suffer from mental disorders and insomnia. Other people take things for granted, such as going to a family party, but it’s really hard work for them. What is normal in other people’s eyes becomes a disaster when they do it.

As children, they are often misunderstood and not appreciated. Because it is difficult for them to insist on themselves, and easy to think, so campus life is not happy. It’s hard for them to build a career and become a winner by the standards of society. They are more or less dissociated from the edge of society, and participating in mainstream activities is regarded as a laborious and troublesome thing. Based on the above reasons, their self-image is not positive and clear, and they often feel embarrassed and ashamed. Their thoughts are always depressed, and these negative thoughts are constantly replicating themselves.

Of course, such a description is somewhat exaggerated. However, many people see themselves (to some extent) in such portraits. Now let’s focus on some of the positive characteristics of over sensitive people.

They love peace, have a quiet temperament, and can live in peace with their peers for a long time.

-They are very sensitive to beauty, especially the beauty of nature.

-They are very compassionate and open to spirituality.

-They have a lot of imagination.

-To their surprise, when people are in trouble, they always like to approach them and ask for advice.

What’s the matter with these people? The answer is that they are not only over sensitive, they are also highly sensitive. In fact, they are angels in disguise.

What is high sensitivity?

Every living life emits some kind of vibration or aura: flowers, sun, people, animals, plants, and human society. When your vibration and your aura are more pure and refined than human society, you are a highly sensitive person.

Imagine a shining and beautiful angel landing from heaven and reincarnating into a human body in a modern metropolis. This angel can hardly bear the noise, noise and ugliness of the surrounding environment. Where is the serenity and beauty of nature, where are the flowers? Where is deep inner awareness, where is the feeling of being one with the universe?

The angel feels tired and lonely, and the world around him cannot nourish or recognize him or her. The angel began to think that something must be wrong with him, so he became very sad and depressed. Because he couldn’t feel at home here, he began to shrink back and gradually began to look forward to another reality. People around him feel that he is an unrealistic person and does not want to face the reality of life. The angel’s light dimmed. However, at first he was a highly sensitive person, but now he has become too sensitive.

You may wonder why this angel was born on earth.

Many angels come to earth to incarnate, and each angel has his purpose. However, they share a common purpose: to help the earth. Through the existence of these angels, the light and sensitivity of human society as a whole have been increased. The presence of these angels raises the vibration of earth, especially when they remember who they are and regain their confidence. At that time, their light will really shine.

Now, imagine that you are such an angel.

What can you do to shine again, to change from over sensitive to highly sensitive?

Step 1: recognize that you are an angel

Recognize that you are an angel and don’t be afraid to show it. Trust your inner light, your creative ability to overcome the fear of expressing yourself. This is the first step.

How to do that? It’s important to connect to spirituality. Look at the world from a spiritual perspective and remember the kingdom of love and beauty without time, where you come from and where you belong. You’ve been exposed to that wonderful and extraordinary field. Now take a step further and really trust that it’s there. When you connect to it, you also touch your own kernel and begin to realize who you really are. You remember that your consciousness is eternal, and that’s an important source of light and creativity.

Once you touch a hint of another kingdom – your real home – the judgment of human society on you is nothing. You realize that your stay here is only temporary, and this complex and noisy society will one day disappear and be replaced by a quieter, more harmonious and happier society. At present, what the society thinks and expects of you is no longer important. More important is what you do here and how you show your light in the world.

By perceiving your true source, you ignite your light. Light is creative and has the ability to change things. You will notice that your environment begins to respond to you accordingly. Life will flow more easily and people will pay more attention to you. You’ve taken an important step in the transition from oversensitivity to hypersensitivity.

Step 2: be aware of your male energy

Only when you can “not” give, can you really give your light to others. If you can’t say “no” to others, your “can” is meaningless. It’s important to learn to set boundaries and to stick to yourself. If you can’t do that, your energy will flow into the bottomless pit, and you will always feel weak and exhausted.

To avoid this, you need to connect with your male energy. Many people with spiritual tendency hold a negative view of male energy. They think that it is related to violence, confrontation and aggression, and is not so spiritual. As a result of this negative attitude, many people with spiritual tendencies and over sensitivity will feel powerless and unable to stick to themselves.

The solution is to understand that there is nothing wrong with male energy in essence. It is the imbalance between male energy and female energy that causes the problem. Many people weaken their strength because they regard male energy as inferior energy. This is especially true of sensitive women. Especially when you go through a process of spiritual growth, connecting your male energy is the first thing.

Once you take step one and become more aware of who you really are, you will easily identify yourself from the environment and your light will be noticed. This will attract you to what I call “energy extraction.”. Some people or entities – like the organization you work for – will feed themselves with your energy. They take your energy, but they don’t give you any feedback. If you can’t get away from such an environment, you’re fooled.

At this point, you need to use your male energy. Embrace the male part of you, the male within you, and trust him. Let him be the sword in your hand and cut off the connection between you and the thing that takes your energy.

A common pitfall for skilled use of the male energy sword is the idea of equality. We are all equal, so I should not distinguish myself from others. I should share what I have with them. This idea of equality is right to some extent. On the spiritual level, we are all equal; on the physical level, however, we are not equal. Some people emit their inner light more easily than others. If we don’t admit it, we are letting our energy be squeezed by others. Especially those who emit a lot of light, those who give a lot of light, should really protect themselves. Be aware of who your energy goes to and what organization it goes to. Not everyone is ready to accept what you give. Don’t let your most precious gift be dragged down by someone or organization that doesn’t match your vibration. You’re going to use your male energy for that purpose.

Step 3: realize that mother earth is your friend

Many over sensitive people are resistant to living on earth. Part of this resistance is because they don’t feel the warmth of home in modern western society. The energy of society does not match their own energy. They feel lonely and unable to integrate into society. They want to leave, they subconsciously remember their spiritual heritage, eager to return home again. They want to return to the peace and harmony of heaven, where there is such a sharp contrast with the noise, fear, attack and hypocrisy of human society.

In addition to this reason, sensitive people are also intuitively aware of what happened on earth after their death. Often they carry memories of struggle, persecution and other forms of victimization. They remember that they tried to set an example and do good deeds on earth, but they were rudely rejected and rejected by people.

To overcome the resistance of not staying on earth, it is very important to distinguish the energy of human society from that of the earth itself. To do this, go to nature and find a beautiful place. Pick an ordinary day that is not a weekend and come to this beautiful place in a quiet time. To feel the energy, the peace and the peace there. Open your heart to this place and feel all the energy of that place. In addition to you, there are natural elves, such as elves and banshees, which are closer to nature. Now feel the earth itself. This is the earth in which you are engaged. The earth touches you and wants to support you. Open your heart to its energy and love.

By entering the connection with the earth, you can really find your place and shine your light on the earth. You can change the world and make it better. There is a place on earth that makes you feel like home. It will become a lighthouse and change the world around you.

Over sensitive people hide from the world, while highly sensitive people freely shine their light into the world.

Four steps to becoming a more sensitive woman

Your feminine energy can make a distinction between fearing someone and loving someone. It allows you to see people’s vulnerability through their masks. In our mind, we are all good. God exists in everyone’s heart. You can use this inner female energy to become a more sensitive person and truly understand the situation of others with your empathy. Understanding others from the bottom of your heart can help you observe their marks of injury or aggressive behavior. And this observation will help you put these things down.

This is possible when the inner male energy is strong enough to protect your female face. When we are hurt by other people’s words, we are usually hurt not by the words themselves, but by our over sensitive interpretation of the words. Usually people don’t mean to offend you. Most of the time they blurt out something, it’s not personal. Your male energy can help you not to take these words to heart, your female energy can help you to feel the real experience of this person. By using the gift of women’s acumen, we now see a lot of light in the dark world around us. As we become sharper, we take a step closer to our partner’s heart, which is usually warmer and brighter than we think. By noticing the light in other people’s hearts, the light will burn more vigorously.

Becoming a sharper person works in two ways: not only do you have a deeper sense of who others are, people will gradually get to know you better. They feel that you have something sharp, warm and beautiful in you that they have never noticed before; by identifying with them, they identify with you. That’s how you start to feel at home on earth.

As an angel, there should be a state of balance

Everyone is giving and receiving. In order to maintain mental and physical health, we need to maintain a harmonious relationship with our environment. The flow of giving and the flow of receiving need to be balanced. As we radiate more of our light, focus on the transition from over sensitive to highly sensitive, and become the angels we are, the flow of giving will become more and more abundant and lasting. We slowly shed creative, beautiful light and share it with our environment, which we usually don’t know for ourselves. And the energy we put into the world is expected to give back to us in the form of abundance.

This raises questions for many sensitive people. Over sensitive people always don’t believe that life can be beautiful, abundant and sufficient. They feel that this may not be appropriate, they do not deserve such abundance, so they block the flow of acceptance that they want to give back to them. Religious beliefs that teach you that it is better to give than to receive, or that pleasure is sinful, support this view. Fear and doubt push away the natural abundance that wants to go to you.

Pay attention to this. Take a good look at yourself and see if you are really open to what the universe wants to give you and to all the love that is ready for you. If you don’t say “yes” to what the universe wants to give you, you can’t really say “yes” to yourself. Say a loud, dear “can” to yourself, to each and every one of you. Then, accepting the flow of acceptance in life will become a natural thing.


get home

In a sense, you’re going home, and those who talk about going home think of home as a star system, or a planet, and that doesn’t get the point. It’s not about which star system you’re from, or the planets, moons, or celestial bodies you used to be very familiar with.

This journey is to return to you, but you have agreed to forget it. You’re going back to the fifth dimension, but it’s not the fifth dimension you used to know, because you’ve been living on earth.

You had a very hard time there because you know that after suffering, hardship and struggle, you will create more and better things, and you have done it. You create a better version of reality than you did in the fifth dimension.

Now, you can go home physically, but that’s never all you have. It has always been a feeling of going home, a state of going home, a level of consciousness of going home, always. This is what you really want to achieve and what you can get now. You don’t have to wait for something to happen outside to begin to understand that you are the higher self of the fifth dimension.

At this moment, it’s all in your heart. We’re not kidding. What are you waiting for? Yes, it’s an illusion to let things outside change and let everything present to you; it’s very simple. At the click of a button, you can be sent to a better place, which seems like a good idea. But if you do, you’re depriving yourself of your seat, because we’re with you, and we can say for sure that this is the best flight you can take at the moment.

If you can enjoy the journey more, you can feel how we feel about your journey. In fact, you can feel who we are in your heart when you match your consciousness with the consciousness we are providing you now. Join us where you enjoy the joy and beauty of ascension.

We love to watch the evolution of your consciousness, because we evolved with you. We are on the journey together, and you have made the greatest progress in all dimensions of this galaxy. It’s because you’ve moved away from your true selves and returned to where you used to be. This journey of knowing is a huge leap forward. It’s all about moving forward. Even if you have entered the fifth dimension, you will feel as if you have become the higher self for the first time.



“Now let’s compare this with the education of children in higher dimensional civilizations, such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Venus, etc. The children of these beings are trained and highly accustomed to believe in their greatness; to believe in the great power of their thoughts, words, and emotions as creative work – from the day they are born.

These children are also taught how to put into practical use those seemingly abstract concepts: oneness, freedom, love, forgiveness, compassion, abundance and harmony, from kindergarten, primary and secondary school to University – to express the growth of these children with the earth’s educational expression; they graduate and enter society as adults. “



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