How do you do it unconditionally?

How do you do it unconditionally?

Breathing, meditating, laughing, listening to high-frequency tunes, dancing. Singing is a very high vibration tool, exercise is also a very high vibration tool, support your body can maintain a higher frequency. Eat lots of fresh raw food. Especially vegetarianism, I don’t ask you to eat 100% vegetarianism forever, but it’s necessary to eat more vegetarianism and less animal products or meat. Drink pure water and stay in nature with Gaia’s mother for a while to get in touch with her. Pets are little angels on the 5D ground every day, walking barefoot, lying naked on the beach, water, weeds, or taking a salt bath.

The most important thing is: love. When you have a chance to love someone, for God’s sake, forget all the tricks, all the negativity, all the doubts, all the fears and love. Love is the essence of ascension. We all need more, not less. The higher your frequency, the more you want unconditional love to show up in your life. In this moment of evolution, we attract our soul mate and twin flame.
When someone feels special in your heart, they are.

If you haven’t noticed, things have changed on earth. The meeting is sacredly arranged to achieve its higher purpose, seize them, love them, don’t think so hard. It’s a sacred plan. I love you. We are the house of light.

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation. The elder goddess emissary of Lilan high level meeting.
We hope that this message will allow you to relax in time, let it go, just in joy, to show your future, dreams and vision. Let go, let God be one with your Mother Gaia. Go to nature, read a book, dip your toes in the sand, watch a relaxing movie or TV show, sing, dance, draw, but most of all, play! Any of these actions suits you better than waiting for external resources to change your feelings and your current situation. I’m Saint Germain, and now I say goodbye to you.

My beautiful and wonderful light worker and light warrior! I’m Michael, and I just want to add one thing. If you are reading this message at this time, then you are part of our ground team and you help us fight the dark in your starlight and dream adventures. This message is to reiterate what many people know, but some may not know; you are powerful, great and unique, and we need each of you to continue to fight!

We know you’re tired, we know you’re exhausted, but when you least doubt what you’ve done to us, it’s really a great feat, and a lot of rewards are coming for you. As you know, the ability to manifest is accelerating, so continue to pursue ascension and ask for the life you create for yourself! You are worth it.

Remember, you do galactic missions and activities with us at night, whenever you are frustrated with your current life. Things will get better soon. We assure you. I’m Michael, and my blue sword of truth recognizes your power. Dear soldiers, we want to take the lead in your beauty.

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