Emotion is arguably the most powerful of all tools

Emotion is arguably the most powerful of all tools

… everything you see around you, everything you can touch, everything that seems so real to your hands and eyes, all of it, is really composed of thought patterns in the emotion streams of the gods?

I hope my use of that word, “gods”, does not offend! We ALL exist in the mind of Prime Source, that which you Earth beings usually call God. As do these lesser “gods” I speak of. They are simply very high vibrational intelligences tasked with the job of creating the infinite number of realities that exist.

But to return to the discussion: perhaps you will understand why I would contend that emotion is arguably the most powerful of all tools. They say seeing is believing, but it is even more true that FEELING is KNOWING! When you feel something to be so, then it is true for you. And whatever is true for you is manifest for you; is brought into reality for you.

Friends, your emotions are POWERFUL tools!



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