“How do you choose to live easily and diligently?”

“How do you choose to live easily and diligently?”

Only choose the easy way of living, such as coexisting with all kinds of not easy, to feel, slowly through, no longer affected, learn to get along with the neighbors as “not easy”, do not escape, do not deliberately close, only focus on what you are interested in, no quiet stay, observation, rest, meditation

Not easy is just an illusion, just as easy is an illusion. The truth is that you create everything, I create everything, just my own experience needs, as the embodiment of the source

So, start with interest and concentration, and gradually experience fear when you are no longer interested in material life. Gradually fear will be replaced by always positive optimism and “I am one with others”.

Even if the situation has not changed, your mood will be different. Foreign things, foreign affairs, the presence or absence of foreign people, good or bad, can’t shake the day you want to live and the determination to change Let go, positive and optimistic, but also allow depression and anger, just support the thought of a good mood, positive and optimistic stable, everything is not easy to accept, because understand


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