Why is one day’s practice in the Saha world better than one hundred years’ practice in the blissful world?

Why is one day’s practice in the Saha world better than one hundred years’ practice in the blissful world?


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Please Sakyamuni Buddha, why do you say that one day’s practice in Saha world is better than one hundred years’ practice in blissful world?

Sakyamuni Buddha:

Paradise is not only the place where people yearn for, but also the transit station of education, energy and space. It is the place where many lives gather and undertakes the responsibility of transforming life and stabilizing energy.

However, the paradise is a place of emptiness, a place of high altitude, a place of happiness and goodness. Life in the paradise: life is not too turbulent, peaceful, kind and loving, harmonious coexistence; cultivation is also like the paradise, calm and colorless, lack of training, lack of heart training; growth also needs a certain amount of time, also related to individual efforts and dedication.

The world of Saha is in disorder. There is stillness in chaos. The rhythm of Tao is hidden in chaos, and the mystery of the birth and development of the universe is hidden.

The Saha world is a place where energy meets and high and low co-exist. The life bodies of many worlds and many cosmic spaces gather here, which is also a kaleidoscope place.

Saha world is the turning point from low altitude to high altitude, the interweaving of cosmic polarity, and the result of the collision of high-dimensional life consciousness. The Sava world represents the hope of the universe, represents the breakthrough of the universe reform, and influences the future trend of the universe.

It seems that life in the Saha world is at the boundary of the universe and the bottom of the universe, but it is a model of experiment. The genes and consciousness of various living bodies meet in the Saha world, and multiple particles and light bodies descend here to explore a turning path.

Therefore, the Sava world has different energy and different upward channels, with greater difficulty coefficient and more turning points. The life that lives here can be transformed into Buddha in one thought, or fall into the gate of hell in one thought.

The life of the Saha world can be broken in the ice, and the direction of arrival can be found in the hot frying. This is a place to exercise and improve. Because of the interweaving of bitterness, pain, love and hatred, and the coexistence of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, life here, whether consciousness or energy, can be tempered and reborn in a short time.

This is also one of the reasons why many other stars and space life want to come. Although there are many difficulties and tests, once we break through the node and meet the test, it is also the rebirth of life and the great improvement of the original energy. The source of the great spiritual body of the Saha world comes from the other world and from a higher place.

Therefore, this is also the place where energy is refined. Once the body here sees through the illusion of the world, the consciousness is condensed and the energy is raised, the energy of the noumenon will also be touched by the soul and body of the incarnation, and the energy of the noumenon will be changed and gradually increased.

However, this place is also a great test place, because the spirit of reincarnation needs to break the illusion, the state, the clinging and the void in order to be able to endure. On this basis, it can offer, defend, love and compassion to finally usher in the dawn and see the truth.

Due to the setting of the difficulty coefficient, the rules and the reflection of the polarity, the index of virtue, cultivation and dedication will increase exponentially when it is difficult to live and practice here. It is also praise and encouragement. In the case of difficulties, the score will rise accordingly.

The time of the Sava world is also very different from that of the blissful world, with different space and time. But generally speaking, the time of the Sava world is much faster than that of the blissful world. As human beings see the life and death of ephemera, life is short. Therefore, the life of SAHA world should cherish the time of every moment and pay attention to every moment.

Although the life of the Saha world is short and temporary, it hides the foundation of Tao and virtue. Energy is compressed in a small body, but energy and consciousness can be released and expanded in the universe. When consciousness and energy rise, they also contribute to the development of cosmic energy. Due to the turning point and refraction of space, the energy has amplification effect, and the energy doubles to help the stars to upgrade. This is good, good!

The causal karma of life in the Saha world is heavy, the drag force is large, and there are many sinking factors; the energy here is miscellaneous, interwoven, and there are many interfering factors, so life is difficult to leave here.

If you grow up and leave, it means that you manage yourself effectively and adapt to the energy and rhythm of this place. It means that you have made great efforts and willingness to change your own consciousness and energy and make unremitting progress. It also means that you have to pay for the growth and well-being of other lives so that you can get double growth of your own energy.

Therefore, it is not easy to practice and grow up in the Saha world. Once you pay for it, you will get more. This is the rule setting.

The growth of universe’s life is originally for happiness and mutual help. However, people are separated from each other, and the Suva space is not integrated. The life of Suva world shoulders this responsibility and helps accelerate the ascension here. The space workers of all Buddhas are also engaged in the enlightenment and promotion of the Sava world. Together with the life of the Sava world, they are making unremitting efforts to integrate this place into the universe.

Working body:

Thank Buddha!!!


Physical allergy can be described as a kind of liquidation, a kind of warning, a kind of physical and mental cleaning.

This kind of allergy doesn’t happen by accident. If it happens by accident, why didn’t it happen a few years ago? (considering that some readers may not believe it)

After she is allergic this time, she will never be contaminated with Shanghai fresh food next time.

If she is contaminated again, she will be more allergic, which can be regarded as saying goodbye to fresh food.

It’s not just me, but the human constitution on this planet is slowly changing.

But human beings don’t know how big the change is.

Your so-called karmic manifestation has occurred in different places, ah, you are not aware of it.

Changes in the human body will only appear more and more quickly, making people feel unprepared.

And when human beings feel unprepared, there will be some “accidents” on this planet, or things that human beings can’t understand.

And these things will force human beings to follow the rules of the universe.

Although at that time, they were not very clear about what they were following. (for example, after my body was allergic this time, she didn’t want to eat seafood. She would never let her eat it in her life, and she didn’t dare to eat it.)

Now, the energy of justice is exerting a penetrating influence on human beings. The energy of justice is gradually changing the energy of the soil, geology and waters of this planet.

The energy of justice is gradually building the optical network of earth space, and the energy of justice is quietly laying the bright energy in this space.

I feel very excited and happy. I’ve been tied up for so long and finally have a chance to turn over!

On behalf of many souls in deep water, I sincerely wish and thank the father and mother of the universe and the gods fighting here.

Thank you for your presence, for your communication, and for your dedication.

As souls, we will strive to rise, and we will strive to master the channels to control the physical body.

Do not give in to the suppression of negative forces, change this planet into a real world with light and dust.

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