Live your own life

Live your own life, think about it from time to time, and then as you fall asleep, make an intention to remember what happens when you leave the physical body and enter other star systems and dimensions. The happy things you have happened and the stories you will tell one day will definitely surprise you.

This is also the most exciting moment on your planet, because all of this is worth looking forward to, and even more. There are still many things for human beings to discover. Everything on earth will become simple, as long as you let these important and beautiful events find their direction. And we know that sometimes you don’t understand why you’re going there, why you’re enjoying the tedious daily life on earth. But believe us, a lot of things happen when humans are asleep, and there will be some big leaps on your earth, and they will come soon.

We are building very strong connections and ties with people who are interested in us in a conscious state. And even those who are not aware of our existence in their waking state sometimes visit us in the astral world. This means that we are connecting with billions of people at this time, most of whom do not realize that this connection has been established and that there is a strong bond between us. They don’t know when they’re awake, they know when they go to bed at night.


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