There are two ways to liberate the world

There are two ways to liberate the world

The first is that we have to let the original sacred plan be carried out. In other words, mother earth needs to respond, absorb and transform all the negative energy around her through drastic changes.

This situation will cause great damage, and the earth will not be habitable for a long time. In fact, no matter what, the earth after rebirth will no longer be able to accommodate destructive energy and narrow and rude ideas, but only beauty, peace, respect, love and kindness.

Another possibility is rare. We have only seen that in a few worlds. That would be a wonderful way out for you. The possibility is that the father intervenes to prevent the collapse of your world.

For your world, it may be as follows: a strong wind blows all over the earth, and every corner will be blown. This strong wind is not destructive, it is more like a strong wave of fragrance. Those who have refined their perception and receptivity will be aware of this fragrant wave.

The wave of the father’s will is like a gift of love to the earth. Then all the negative energy, all the violence, all the destructive collective consciousness will be absorbed, and human beings will wake up and become different from before, completely changing their views on themselves and the things around them.

In a word, the flow of great love from the heavenly Father will penetrate mankind, and this will be a great blessing to mankind. The transformation will take place without great damage. However, some people who are too negative, some who do not believe in holy love at all, will not be able to bear this wave of energy, will not be able to bear this strong vibration. They will die without pain.

We’ve only seen this transformation a few times. That happens in some worlds. The reason why those worlds can be transformed in this way is that some of the residents there have done enough work and lessons in holy love and evolution.


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