How does reverse aging happen^_^

How does reverse aging happen^_^

Retrograde aging is the result of high vibration body cleaning, until slow aging, stop aging

In fact, it is the last struggle between the aging and death memory cells in the body until every cell with this idea has raised its vibration and is no longer affected by fear. All cells vibrate at the molecular and atomic level and do not know what aging and death are

One cell after another, one molecule after another, one atom after another

Retrograde aging is a test of whether human consciousness can endure the baptism of “joy and excitement”. Otherwise, it will be like the Pleiadians who live for 200 years and don’t know how to go on, or it will be like the arcturans who reproduce themselves, regenerate in the flesh, or change their body and live for millions of years

Because the joy does not drop frequency, exciting does not drop frequency

Have you found a way to kill time, a fun, quiet, exciting intuitive life

Have you found all the possibilities to try and live in a higher vibration step by step? I don’t know what pessimism, aging and death are

Of course, whether we can live to 100, 200, and 1000 years is the first proof

Forget time and let it flow freely, so it will not be affected. The premise is that you have accepted it completely in your working life, and you no longer have the motivation to do things that you know will make you feel bad

Live your joy and excitement above your karmic arrangements

Because with or without body, you are joyful, exciting, and always living in the present without time

Aging is the drama of time

Live without time^_^


Chakra system balance and opening the age of retrograde: patience

Just as “honesty” takes several generations to practice, patience only takes longer, because patience is based on honesty, and honesty is based on inner fear and fear.

Patience is two parts, one is endurance, manifested by the alignment of the higher vibration frequency of the solar plexus of the third chakra, and the other is the heart, manifested by the alignment of the higher vibration frequency of the heart chakra of the fourth chakra.

The beginning of retrograde aging is closely related to the alignment of these two chakras, which is the activation and guidance of thymus to improve immunity and self-healing ability mentioned by George Stankov in the appendix “the light body process of the end of the age”.

“As you may know, this chakra is related to the thymus. This organ is in front of the lung, and most people’s thymus is undeveloped – because it doesn’t evolve at all. When the fourth chakra begins to open, the thymus begins to grow. At a later stage, this can even be determined by CT.

Thymus growth is accompanied by chest pain, asphyxia, severe bronchitis and acute pneumonia. Most doctors mistakenly diagnose influenza or pneumonia because they do not know the light body process and knowledge of ascension. However, the most disturbing symptom is arrhythmia, which is due to the need for the heart to readjust its frequency in the event of powerful astral energy entering. As the fourth chakra is opened, energy will flow unrestricted through the physical body. This arrhythmia can last from six months to a year

What? There’s no way for you to enter the fifth dimension earth and higher vibration frequencies,

“Only when you become complete and become a person who is no longer entangled by any fear energy can you enter this entrance.”

What? In addition to accepting the status quo, no longer work hard, return to the inner, face the real self, the heart no longer generates fear, can rise to a higher vibration frequency.

What do you rely on? Patience, return to the inside, do not expect all kinds of miracles and wonders, and do not want all kinds of stories to happen to you.

There is no way and no way to ascend.

When you find a way, or are glad that the method has raised your vibration frequency, your chakras may be out of balance, and the alignment of chakras with higher vibration frequency alone cannot manifest the new earth, unless you give up all external efforts, submit to the guidance of the higher self, and no longer impose power on one or some chakras to strengthen meditation.



No more fighting

No more defenses

This is all about ascension, because the high vibration frequency is only the status quo, the status quo is that you are not stable in the fifth and sixth dimensions, and the status quo can not let you enter the new earth, only the energy enters and digests continuously.

That’s why there’s only simple conscious breathing to teach you, and beyond that there’s only joy in life.

To greet the baptism and coronation of karmic life is to absorb and digest one’s non-stop energy.

What? Without the new earth, only when we fully accept the old earth, old life and old habits, no longer judge, no longer fight, and no longer take this as an excuse, can the body really begin the healing process of “inner child”, which is also the beginning of the healing process of pain and no reason mentioned above

There is no higher vibration frequency, because it is not from your actions, only from the face of fear and pain

Without miracles, it’s just that you don’t want to enter the sanctuary of healing in the face of fear and pain and lock the inner child there


get some action

Not moving

Return to the inside

No longer strengthen expectation and Cultivation in meditation

Open your eyes, open your heart, welcome a life without stories, a world without disasters and miracles

At this time, you will not only start the anti aging, but also start the meditation life all the time. The ubiquitous meditation comes not from the training of meditation, but from the healing of fear and pain

It is impossible for you to enter the higher dimension earth with pain and fear, even if you will fly into the clouds. Because of incompatibility, you can only enlarge, transform, digest, accept and put down.

It has the final say that you are not the one who has the final say, and you will be able to heal your fears and wounds.





put down

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The value of slowly rising to you

In our stellar system, most beings live like your Tibetan monks, and we evolved and ascended in that environment. Therefore, our personal experience tells us how beneficial it is to go deep into the heart to feel and expand. Of course, in our star system, we have never faced the darkness that you are facing now, nor the darkness that the incarnated beings in Orion face, but if you want to meet us in a place full of joy, a place full of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, we are your example.

They are the path to ascension, to the fifth dimension, and you are the ones who are doing the hard work. We can be cheerleaders. We know that sometimes you are very dissatisfied with us and say it’s unfair. We can accept it. We won’t trade places with you, at least not now, but the next time we say you are cheerleaders, we will become people in low dimensions, struggling in the mire of material life, please believe us. We know it may not comfort you, but we hope it will help you.

We are very excited to be part of your journey, and you are all very committed to the fourth dimensional approach. We would love to pull you into the fifth dimension, but we also understand the value of slow ascent for you. Therefore, we are also happy to gently push you into the fifth dimensional version. We salute you because you have everything you need to complete this journey.

It’s always challenging for you to focus on your inner purity, but it’s always your most precious thing. The final enemy, the one who defeats the dark, will never give you that feeling. When you realize that the external things also exist in your heart, your evolution and ascension will continue. When you adopt this way of life, you will open your heart to more things. You don’t have to limit yourself, you don’t have to limit your experience, because you’re not building a bubble around yourself, or lowering your vibration for some kind of justice.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you


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