For those who decide to enter the state of ascension, it will indeed be difficult to have a proper and equal partnership.

For those who decide to enter the state of ascension, it will indeed be difficult to have a proper and equal partnership.

Some people have asked Corleone this: “is it possible for me to have an unequal bond with a partner (a believer and a disbelieve)? Oh, my partner loves me very much, and he (or she) will give me space to do what I want to do, and I love him and I want to be with him. But is that ok? “

As you decide to ascend, the division becomes more severe. There will be the possibility of fear on your partner’s side, and it’s really a tough challenge. Every situation is different, but we have to be completely honest to tell you that some partners – who understand this very well now – will not be able to tolerate this change in the future. Honey, we’re not going to tell you that if they’re not. That’s why we ask you to be careful what you intend and hope will happen in your life.

Sometimes, by keeping your light, your partners can really see how you are transformed into a better person, and they will be happy again and start their vows with you again – although maintaining a “spiritual distance”, many Lightworkers are looking forward to the worst, but find that “things are not always what they seem to be, ”And the partner becomes a better partner in the process, turning fear into love! Each situation is different, but you have to know that your change will affect the relationship.

Others will say, “like a pharmacist, I’ve been single for many years. Is someone really waiting for me there? ” We’re here to tell you there are! Because more and more people in both sexes eventually decide to vibrate on a higher level, simultaneity is possible. Again, this is a solution that you have designed. It’s in this kind of situation (Kryon workshop), where you give the intention to look for the inner angel, and this kind of simultaneity is very popular here. That’s why we said to you, “don’t miss the chance to know who’s here! Don’t miss it. Are you ready to see your family again? ” It’s not just here. It’s in all those, by convention, that you decide to attend and learn more about the angels within. So, unlike the medics, get up and Hop! Go to the gathering of fellow believers and manifest it.


The fourth is what you call the workplace. Vacations in your society are very spiritual and interesting, and the reason why they are interesting is not what you think. By design, this is the place where you’re going to be thrown into people you would never choose as your family! It’s here that the eyesore is buried. It’s here that annoyance usually plays out. Fortunately, you don’t need to go home with them – and we know you’re so happy (laughter). But don’t get me wrong, honey, it’s no accident that you’re thrown into people you never choose to be with on your vacation. Indeed, they are there according to the agreement in your life, just as you are there according to the agreement in their life. Some people have a black energy around them that can cause you trouble. Know that when this happens, you have an agreement to be stirred at the cellular level!

Even with this holiday interaction attribute, things may not be what they actually look like, because the division in the workplace will actually begin to heal! Look at this. When family members look at you and decide to alienate you, those colleagues at work will usually look at you, new you, and decide that they want to be your friends! It’s due to the human search – because they’re starting to see the light you’re carrying, do you understand? They begin to see a calm face within you. You can share problems with colleagues that you would never tell your family. Some of them know you better than your family! And when they start to see solutions in your personal life, or your peace in an obviously chaotic environment, they will start to ask you, “why? How did you do that? ” That’s when you start to share with them the weirdness of your particular brand (laughter), it’s about the responsibility to challenge, and an overview of not allowing victimization – an active participation in all the things that “happen” to them.

The irony is that just because they don’t need to go home with you, and they don’t need to carry the burden of you, they will listen to you. Because they can “put it down” or “accept it” as they choose. As you start working around them every day, day after day, they will see changes in your life. Many of them will secretly expect your company because of your state of balance, and I’m telling you that in this place, at the same time, sex is really shining – not necessarily in the possibility of partners, but in the possibility of influencing and changing others by carrying your light!

Here’s another attribute of human vacation in your culture, from the perspective of a human willing to ascend: many of you have a passion for a vacation in your life. You went to school for it when you were young and trained for it when you grow up, and now you find yourself doing it for a living. Everything looks good – until now. If one day you look around and say, “what’s this? I don’t choose this anymore; It doesn’t make any sense anymore! ” The watch is too shocked and surprised. And then you left. Again, not all of you will experience this, but enough will, so it will be considered a common attribute of those who decide to give the will to follow a new spiritual path. 2g39zbXXTn5gXsUUxUA


So far you have entered the fourth dimension and are on the verge of moving to the fifth. Congratulations to yourself.

The next ten years: earth peace, the whole galaxy will feel the ripple effect

This is the peaceful energy that you download from within and generate. And of course, with the help of your plant and animal kingdoms.

You’ve got a lot of help from extraterrestrial life, and a lot of help from nonphysical groups and life like us. However, we’re not so obsessed with the finish line, so that moment doesn’t matter to us. You have so far entered the fourth dimension and are on the verge of moving to the fifth. Congratulations to yourself. Pat yourself on the back and know it’s going to be better and easier. You’re all part of it.

You co-exist on earth, and there may not be as much acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love as you wish, but at least those of you who awaken know that this is the goal. More and more people wake up every day, so you don’t have to worry about taking all the responsibilities on your own. And it’s always been a collective effort, because the earth has all kinds of energy.

We are very satisfied with the results of the earth’s past and future experiments. Creatures inside and outside the galaxy sow seeds on earth and see how you coordinate these energies. Of course, it’s challenging. There are many problems, including the attempt of genocide and the loss of animal species, but you are still there, still floating in space, and despite so many differences and high emotions, you are still looking for solutions. This is something to be proud of.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you. vxUERxAouATuXgYhGfyA


We have discussed with all colleagues in the ninth dimension or higher to make it easier for more people to contact us through flowers, trees, rivers, land, stones, grass and leaves. Even in cities that are not easy to contact with nature, we all have the same views on the effectiveness of this transmission system, including the effectiveness of those who do not know how to appreciate nature. Even those who can’t stand nature for some reason can benefit from the beauty around you and under your feet, even the slightest interaction.

So we have developed a system that works with nature and mother earth to deliver the energy you need. We use flowers, trees, grass leaves, water bodies, even rocks for the energy transmission of this system.

When you enjoy these natural landscapes full of energy in nature, you will receive the energy you need and desire. When you sit with your back against a tree or a big rock, or when you immerse yourself in a piece of water, the energy will pass on to you. We know it’s good for you, but we don’t just want to coax you back to nature. We also know that you have to open up, relax, and have enough vibration to accept the energy we provide, because mother nature has such an influence on you.


There will be a division between those who live long and those who don’t. This division will label you evil. Some of you will have love in your heart, pure will, the Christ energy of the master of love in the new century – the life of white light above you – but will be called “the work of the devil” and “a product of the evil of the universe”, a highest level differentiation. It’s all because you understand and accept the will within human physiology. You will live a long life full of abundance and joy – facing challenges and seeking solutions – holding your light high. Others will never see you in this way, and this, dear, is perhaps the biggest split. Because it will span the other four: faith, family, partnership, yes, and even the workplace.

We say to you again that we will not mention these things to you if they are not. It’s time to let you know, as my partner said, “that’s why you call it work” – photoworkers, everyone. Part of the sadness and regret of the challenge before you will be the separation from those who will not just come and love you as you are. Instead of looking into your eyes and seeing the love there, they will stick to what they are told and stick to their dogma.

We want to give you a symbolic exercise. Good imagination is the key here. There’s a basket full of gifts on your lap – the solutions to all your challenges are there. And the energy possibilities of your future. Life changes. The gods know who you are, and we are in the moment, you know. We know what you can do and, for us, the possibility of using these solutions is as real to you as your real time.

On your lap is a basket of solutions to your problems, and you create them. It has your name on it. For those who receive this message, the invitation is that you can open it very easily and watch the opening pop open. Spiritual solutions from home will come forth and shine with their diamond light and their piety when they are attached to you. They are ancient and have been waiting to be activated through will. They represent a friendly energy – an energy that you look forward to as healing – that you ask for when you ask for instructions on what to do next.


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