[Sananda message] everything is in place!

[Sananda message] everything is in place!

From heaven to earth
Source: Sananda

Monique Mathieu in April 2021
Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

You don’t have to be afraid at all, even if you go through dark times! I’m here with you.

Some of you may not know that you are doing the wonderful work I started in a miserable country two thousand years ago, even more than I did at that time!

This is a new era. When I started that job, I knew that you would continue to do my job in the current period. I know you will do well, and each of you will be a shining little star.

The love of each of you will grow. You will all be little suns that warm people’s hearts with holy love. Believe it!

I will always be with people who open their hearts to me, no matter where they are or what path they are taking.
Once I feel that someone is open to me, I will be there to help them, love them, protect them and let them grow!
All I ask you to do is to be aware of my real existence. Some people say I didn’t exist. But I did exist here, but maybe not as you described in your book.
I’ve done a great job and suffered in the flesh, but I always have a sense to say to myself: stick to it!
At that time I was aware of what I was, but not all. If I can realize what I am, I will not be able to do what I have done on earth and in my body.
So are you. You are not fully aware of who you are, but you have to move forward with confidence and faith, and realize that you are much bigger than you look, and that you can provide much more service for the light and love than you think.

I will come back often! In this very turbulent period for mankind, you know that the light will increasingly illuminate the dark world in which you live. Believe that you will be liberated from this dark world. That could happen all of a sudden.

Everything is in place. I’m working hard! My brothers and I are doing a lot of work for the arrival of the new world and for the transformation and upgrading of mankind.

Now I’m going to leave, but I won’t leave completely, because I planted a particle of love in each of you. It connects me with you forever.

You are as eternal as I am. We will work together in other places and in other worlds to bring light and love as we do now. We will create all kinds of miracles!

I wish you all the best! I love you so much! You are always in my heart and close to me. I’m always in your heart and close to you.

I love you. Goodbye!


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