Treating and not treating

Treating and not treating

Two Dharma

Today, one Minder

There are only two kinds of Dharma: one is to treating, the other is not to treating. The former is for the Hinayana and the latter for the Mahayana.

Non treating is the real treating. It is based on the understanding of the basic facts of “the origin of emptiness, all laws only consciousness” of all things in the world. It is meant for the people with big capacities.

In the early period of Buddhism, the concepts of impermanence, bitterness, emptiness, and selflessness were all treating. In the later period of Buddhism, the concepts of constant happiness, self purification, were no treating . It’s the biggest way to treating with no treating. There is not treating, cannot treat, there is no need to treating, unnecessary, no use for, . no treating and then healed

There are basically two kinds of guidance and treatment given by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to all living beings. They observe the situation of all living beings, some give the Mahayana, some give the Hinayana. Some introduce treating, others introduce inaction – treating of no treating, which is basically the same.

Knowing this, if you are master, you can divide and cure your disciples; If you are a practitioner, you can treat yourself according to your own situation.

Treating, no action, for the sake of peace of mind, for the sake of removing the mind. If you feel at ease, if you no mind, you don’t need to enter either.

I hope that people can understand their own situation well, that they can be autonomous, that they can’t find guidance, and that they are willing to get a good Dharma, but peace countless hearts.

The Dharma is, a Dharma is a door, a door is a Dharma. The Dharma can be happy, the door can communicate. There is a dharma as the master, which is called heart gate. Those who can enter this gate can sit on the ground and solve all worries. There are two rooms in this gate, one is the counter governance room, the other is the inaction room.


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