[Sananda message] everything is in place!

[Sananda message] everything is in place!

From heaven to earth


Source: Sananda

* Monique Mathieu in April 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

You don’t have to be afraid at all, even if you go through dark times! I’m here with you.

Some of you may not know that you are doing the wonderful work I started in a miserable country two thousand years ago, even more than I did at that time!

This is a new era. When I started that job, I knew that you would continue to do my job in the current period. I know you will do well, and each of you will be a shining little star.

The love of each of you will grow. You will all be little suns that warm people’s hearts with holy love. Believe it!

I will always be with people who open their hearts to me, no matter where they are or what path they are taking.

Once I feel that someone is open to me, I will be there to help them, love them, protect them and let them grow!

All I ask you to do is to be aware of my real existence. Some people say I didn’t exist. But I did exist here, but maybe not as you described in your book.

I’ve done a great job and suffered in the flesh, but I always have a sense to say to myself: stick to it!

At that time I was aware of what I was, but not all. If I can realize what I am, I will not be able to do what I have done on earth and in my body.

So are you. You are not fully aware of who you are, but you have to move forward with confidence and faith, and realize that you are much bigger than you look, and that you can provide much more service for the light and love than you think.

I will come back often! In this very turbulent period for mankind, you know that the light will increasingly illuminate the dark world in which you live. Believe that you will be liberated from this dark world. That could happen all of a sudden.

Everything is in place. I’m working hard! My brothers and I are doing a lot of work for the arrival of the new world and for the transformation and upgrading of mankind.

Now I’m going to leave, but I won’t leave completely, because I planted a particle of love in each of you. It connects me with you forever.

You are as eternal as I am. We will work together in other places and in other worlds to bring light and love as we do now. We will create all kinds of miracles!

I wish you all the best! I love you so much! You are always in my heart and close to me. I’m always in your heart and close to you.

I love you. Goodbye!


[Sananda message] now you are the mighty Christ!

Original Luying from heaven to earth


Information provided: Sananda

* Monique Mathieu in April 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

I’m what you call brother Saint love.

I’m here to tell you that you should be happy with what happened, because the world is really changing and transforming.

You will feel my presence more and more deeply.

I will get closer to each and every one of you and help you. As long as you open your heart to me, I will help you in your sleep and daily life.

Where I am, I do important work of love. But calling it “important work of love” is not enough to describe what I do to each and every one of you.

Two thousand years ago, when I came to start the awakening of mankind, I entrusted people around me and others to continue the work of love and awakening that I started at this time. Now each of you is a powerful Christ!

Now it’s on your shoulders. I didn’t come back alone, but “in large numbers.”. That is to say – I will be within each of you.

How can I be within each of you? I am a particle that can reside within each of you, help you grow, help you shine and offer your love.

What I have done, and now you can do it, of course, in different ways! You will be my extension!

Two thousand years is just a moment. In these two thousand years, I have been by your side, guiding, helping and loving you.

For me, time doesn’t exist. I said I would come back in the future, and now is the time for me to come back among you.

I won’t show up in front of you like I did 2000 years ago. It’s impossible. Now what I’m doing is much better and more powerful than that – to give you a particle of what I am.

This is a particle of life, a particle of love. So you are in me and I am in you.

You will do good work, for you will perceive the birth of the essence of the holy Christ within you.

I will help you. I will help you through my presence and my support. I will give you my full support in holy love, both now and in the future.

Bless you!


“If you want to, you can choose to live such a simple and peaceful life.

“Even if you live in a country with a vast territory and a large population, you can be a spiritual” small country with few people “- reduce unnecessary human contacts, spend more time alone, go deep into your heart, open up to your true self, and open up to the energy of universal love.

“At that time, it seemed that you were closed, but in fact you were very open – you opened yourself to the infinity of life.

“So this is an upside down world – people who seem to be open are actually closed; People who seem closed are actually very open.

“Think about it carefully and make a wise choice.

“The way out will be narrower and narrower; The road to the inside will be wider and wider! “

Thank you for your teaching!



In this period, the most important thing is to learn how to use the great energy of love! You can use it to help a lot – to help yourself and the people around you, without having to talk or get together (though the help is much more powerful when there are a lot of people).

As long as you are aware of your deepest love in meditation, as long as you project this love around you (even if it does not point to a definite person or object), onto mother earth or into the universe as a whole, then it will be valuable to life and to yourself.

When you release this energy, you open your heart and your life to the divine energy. That divine energy will come and merge with your “cave of love” energy, with your son energy.

Your inner love is the same as the universal love. The two should blend together! There is no difference between human beings and us, or between human beings and the high level of light. The only difference is that you don’t know what you are and are shut down in the physical body.

Soon you will be free from the physical body! We are not saying that you will “die,” but that you will transform your physical body into a subtle, much lighter vibration. The dense flesh will be changed and you will shine with light and love.

For humanity, some great moments are brewing. We mean the great moment in the light and love, in the higher consciousness and in the transformation.

You will feel more and more that there is a different energy around you. The flesh prickles like a needle. Sometimes you will feel that you are not so dense, as if you are much lighter. You can move more easily than before, even if you don’t touch the ground!

Everything within you will lighten. Your consciousness will be illuminated, for the curtains will fall.

To achieve this level, you also need to constantly clean up all kinds of wastes that hinder your own ascension, especially believe in yourself, love yourself, love life, love everything that appears before you – whether it’s people or anything you can see. Love simply for the sake of love.

Some magical days are brewing for mankind. In those days, you will finally see us. Then your eyes of light – the eyes that see beyond matter, beyond three dimensions – will finally open.

You will have a different perception. There will be five senses, or even two more. Then you have to learn to use these senses without being disturbed by them. You will see more and more clearly certain aspects, see more and more holy love, see your true reality.

You sometimes feel like you see a very bright halo around you. It could last a third of a second. You’ll see that halo is white, but more and more golden. You will also see your own light body, the melkaba body.

Your body and energy bodies should be immersed in the love of Christ within! Your human consciousness must be integrated with your divine consciousness.

Awakening will be achieved through certain experiences, sometimes painful personal experiences. All this is to make you progress faster! Some people need less painful experience than others, but in any case, everyone has to concentrate and prepare for their own take-off.

Your vibrational frequencies will no longer pin you to the ground as they used to! Everything will be different. The music your body makes will be much more subtle and light (don’t forget that everyone is making a sound).

You should pray more, not necessarily in religious language! Prayer is homage, love, joy and faith!

If what you ask for in your prayers is not immediately given to you, it is often for your good, because you are not fully prepared to go beyond the experience that you have experienced, and that experience can transform you enormously.

Please communicate with us more and more. Please think about us and connect with us as much as you can.


If you want to be open enough, you must love yourself, accept what you are, and completely forgive what you have done, said, and thought so far. Those are gone. You have started a new life, a totally different life, with different thoughts, actions, words.

Holy love is very important. It is the key to all doors, especially the door to awareness. These doors will lead you to your own state of divine existence and make you aware of what God is inside and around you.

This sacred part is within you. You should connect with him more and more, open yourself to him and let him fill your life. When you are truly aware of this, everything will change, including your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Stop resisting yourself and others! For students on this road of wisdom, it is absolutely necessary to let go! If you always concentrate on an unpleasant situation, you will waste precious time, devalue, darken and get nothing!

Learn to live a more comfortable, flexible and harmonious life, and you will find that life is totally different from what you have experienced and imagined before.

You must be the real light bearer. We should be prepared by changing the level of consciousness. So when you need to help, you’re fully up to it.

Your help is not material, but vibration and love. What you should do is comfort others, inspire others, love others. This is very important.



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