Why is the epidemic so serious in India?

The deep analysis of Indian God of land

Why is the epidemic so serious in India?

Indian God of land:

Hello, I’m very happy to get in touch with you.

Working body:

Hello, I am also very happy to get in touch with you.

Well, I have a question for you. It’s about the epidemic over India.

We read the news reports and found that the epidemic situation in India is very serious.

Through the observation of India’s indigenous energy, we can also see that India’s land is covered by the black atmosphere.

So I’d like to see how you think about this outbreak, why this outbreak in India is a bit out of control?

Indian God of earth:

I’m very sorry, dear lady.

I can’t help it.

Because I found that this outbreak in India is so thorough, in fact, it has something to do with everyone living in India.

Let me first present a few dominant energies that contribute to this epidemic and provide the backbone for the growth of the virus.

The first is the consciousness of negligence.

This kind of consciousness comes from the top to the bottom. What I’m talking about here is the people’s manager on this side of the soil and water.

In fact, the essence of the people’s manager is the service of the people. It is necessary to consider the interests of the people to the greatest extent when making decisions.

And what I mean here is the safety and health of all Indians.

However, as the outbreak of this epidemic, in fact, there are huge negligence and omissions in the consciousness of the managers who serve the people.

This kind of mentality is not aware of the seriousness of the epidemic. It is not regarded as an enemy, but as a mosquito bite mentality. It is a mentality that can provide soil and nutrients for the growth of the virus.

This mentality also brings great convenience to the virus after mutation.

The second is the consciousness of barrenness.

The people’s consciousness on this land is very poor. What I’m talking about here is not just the poor education level, or the poor consciousness level caused by the poor material level.

The barrenness here refers to the lack of relevant database to analyze and deal with the objective phenomenon.

(if we analyze this problem from the inside, we will find that the reason is still related to the binding of negative energy on human consciousness and the closed state of human mind system.)

This time the epidemic exposed the ideological level of barrenness, but the ideological level of barrenness did not make people (the Indian people) realize the limitations of their own consciousness, and fundamentally change their consciousness.

Although the local residents also believe in gods, their beliefs are not completely orthodox, but superstition, dependence and dependence.

(because of their own escape, laziness, fear, inability to compete and other factors, may lead to superstition, dependence, dependence and other emotions).

Working body:

When you talk about barrenness, you find that something like a pillar is black, and the inside has been drilled out.

This kind of pillar is similar to the spiritual pillar of the people, or the ideological core supporting the positive operation of the people’s consciousness.

Indian God of land:

This kind of picture you see is also my projection to you of the residents’ consciousness here.

The ideological level of the people in this area is poor, and there are variations, distortions and decadence.

In addition, the laziness of self-consciousness level is equivalent to providing a favorable guarantee for the growth and reproduction of the virus again.

So you also find that the virus spreads, spreads and mutates rapidly in this area.

The third is blind superstition.

As I said before, although people seem to believe in gods very much, their consciousness is committed to gods, but the physical aspect that they need to do is that there is no correct positive action, or that the action is out of the track of what should be done, and the action is not enough.

What’s more, there is a lack of corresponding energy shells on the material level.

This energy shell is particularly important. It is like the protection of the city wall. It can provide security for the safety and health of many Indian people, bring reliance and support on the spiritual level, and increase confidence and courage in the face of battle.

Working body:

When you talk about the energy shell on the material level, you receive the signal you send.

It’s a very large material similar to the wall pier in front (material shell), but it’s found that the material level belongs to the mantis arm pawn cart, because the invading force almost completely envelops the wall.

As the existence against the invasion of the virus, the pillars behind the wall pier are the spiritual energy pillars of the local people, and these spiritual energy pillars appear decadent.

The pillars of consciousness, such as negligence, laziness and superstition, have become relatively dark and decadent. If such pillars are combined with the wall piers without much strength, they will not be able to protect the people.

After looking at the three pillars, I found that there were many Indian people wrapped in headscarves. They had a large population.

They are very panicked, they are running with their heads in their hands to avoid, but there are too many dark insects in the air, these insects bite when they see people, and the people who are bitten lose their vitality.

Seeing this picture, I feel particularly sad.

We are all the people of God and the children of the universe. However, different levels of development of our consciousness, different paths of our reincarnation and different missions lead to our growth in different countries and regions.

These negative energies, which chose India to continue to exert their strength, also pinpointed the weak fighting capacity of the people here in terms of consciousness and physics. I feel as painful as our younger brothers and sisters being bullied.

(the thinking of negative energy is that if you have loopholes, I will drag you to hell. It’s a bit like falling into a well.)

Indian land managers:

We also feel extremely sad and sad.

We hope that the Indian people can face up to this epidemic, quickly find out and correct the loopholes in their mind and behavior, and promote positive awareness and behavior to face this epidemic.

At present, the state of consciousness of the land people in India is indeed worrisome. Their mental state is full of consciousness clusters such as fatigue, abandonment, fear, pain, anger and helpless.

Some of them also realize that their power is small, so they also have fear in them.

And because of fear, and lack of relevant positive guidance and material assistance, they are easy to go to a state of helpless Superstition (a reason for superstition).

Working body:

Do you have any methods for the people here to resist the epidemic?

Indian land managers:

A. Their consciousness cluster needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom.

Especially the managers and decision-makers who serve the people.

Their opinions and decisions on the epidemic situation, their own attitudes towards the epidemic situation, the virus and the people, etc.

That is to say, at present, their meaning and behavior will be magnified, and instantly spread in the local people’s consciousness of India, which will help or frustrate the people’s fight.

The consciousness and behavior of leaders will have a direct impact on the consciousness and behavior of residents on one side. This epidemic is a special time, and residents all over the country attach great importance to it.

So at such a time, the consciousness and behavior of the managers who serve the people can guide the local people’s inner consciousness and behavior instantly.

Therefore, as the people’s service providers, managers need to take the initiative to clean up their own consciousness loopholes and their own attitude in the face of the virus.

And the consciousness level needs to care about the health and safety of the people, and what they do needs to bring hope and real material security to the people.

(whether it is the mechanism guarantee of material level, or the spiritual support of consciousness level.)

B. Pay attention to protection.

People who serve the people and the masses need to have a deep understanding of the virus, and need to realize that the essence of the virus’s energy is actually the negative energy attacking the body.

It directly destroys and destroys the body’s immunity, causing instant organ failure and death of life.

The mutation of this virus is very rapid, so we need to quickly adjust and reverse the mentality and behavior to deal with the virus.

In the face of the virus, on the one hand, we should pay attention to it from the heart, and consciously refuse and resist it.

And at the material level, we should use the material protection measures to ensure the safety of their own lives.

Develop good living habits and stand at attention in life.

Procrastination and laziness in life can easily lead to the relaxation of consciousness, and the relaxation of consciousness can also easily make the crowd not have too strong resistance to the attack of the virus.

Help each other and unite to break the shackles.

Due to the caste and class division in India, this relatively deep-rooted material status quo also makes it difficult for people living in poverty to develop their own fighting spirit to face the virus.

Therefore, at this point, we also need the people of this side to put aside the consciousness of race, wealth and wealth, and raise the awareness and behavior of mutual assistance and love.

C. Seek outside help.

I deeply understand that as a living body, we need to constantly improve. In this process of improvement, in addition to our continuous efforts, we also need to obtain external help of karma in certain coincidences and time nodes.

In fact, even when I was working hard, all the external factors in the space field where I was born helped me to a certain extent.

For example, when you go to meditate in nature, when you are purifying, in fact, plants and trees are trying to contribute their own energy to help you.

Therefore, the continuous improvement and progress of individual life is inseparable from individual efforts and external resources.

At present, there is a rather biased consciousness in the local management system of serving the people: relying on their own efforts, to break the curse of being negatively bound, rather than seeking foreign assistance.

As a matter of fact, at present, the local people in this area really need external resources, either material help or the help and care of others, as a fighting supply at the spiritual level.

Working body:

I feel that there is such a logic in this country at present: relying on ourselves and believing in gods at the same time.

He handed over the result of the disaster to the gods, but he didn’t try his best to fight the war, and what he should do was not in place.

And when their own forces are not enough to confront each other, they struggle and do not seek external help.

As a result, our forces will suffer even more.

That’s equivalent to not achieving the expected results.

Indian land managers:

Such an idea will delay the process of fighting, and at the same time will directly cause more infections among the people.

It is not recommended not to accept the help of foreign aid. On the contrary, now is the time when foreign aid is in great need.

The people’s service providers and group leaders need to consider the safety and health of the local residents of a country, rather than fall into the thinking trap of seemingly self-reliance.

Working body:

The epidemic situation in India makes us feel a little helpless. As Chinese people, what can we do?

Indian God of earth:

People who are willing to help, I pray for your great love!

I hope you can help them.

Thank you for your help.

People who are willing to help need to look at this epidemic correctly, which is actually a game of energy.

Since it is a game at the energy level, as a living body like human beings, it has the function of triggering the effect of group consciousness.

(what the Indian God of land wants to emphasize is that even if it’s not Indian, it’s people from other countries. As long as consciousness is generated, the energy of consciousness will have an impact on others.)

In the face of this epidemic, if there are sarcasm, indifference, Schadenfreude, watching the fire from afar and other mentality, they are not really involved in the fight at the energy level.

(it may be influenced by its own internal negative mechanism.)

The warrior of love can give others the hope of fighting, light up the light in others’ hearts and the fire of love.

So people who have love need to love the tortured people here from the bottom of their hearts.

Your ongoing life transformation, your words and deeds (for example, when you see the news of the Indian epidemic, you don’t send out expressions and words of schadenfreude, but send out positive words such as wishes and blessings) can really help them!

Because your thoughts and actions will produce substantial energy!

However, the lover should also pay attention to the relaxation of his mind.

At present, your territory is in a state of continuous expansion of positive forces, so it is difficult for evil forces to make a breakthrough in your territory.

In addition to being helped by what humans call gods, it has a huge connection with your managers who serve the people.

(take good care of the people, lead the people to fight against the epidemic, and do our best to protect the health and safety of the people.)

It is also related to everyone’s awareness of fighting in the face of the epidemic (obeying the rules, wearing masks, not going out, washing hands frequently), and the awareness of love (solidarity and fraternity, helping the epidemic areas, providing them with material assistance).

Therefore, in the face of the epidemic situation in other countries, you also maintain an unswerving awareness, have a high degree of compassion and are willing to help them through your own awareness and behavior.

(in the process of life transformation, purification, and mental energy cleaning, the comments on India do not comment on negative comments, but give positive comments.)

Then it will also give some help to the life of our territory to a certain extent.

Thank you for your love!

Working body:

Thank you, God of the earth.

We sincerely hope that in this outbreak in India, positive forces will take the lead and clean up the black water in India as soon as possible. We hope that Indian residents can also realize the evolution and upgrading of life as soon as possible!

– END –


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