Why can’t you be as happy and exciting as a child^_^

Why can’t you be as happy and exciting as a child^_^


Not get into the habit

The existential habit of the inner child

“The inner child is the secret to a long and healthy life and to getting what you crave in all other ways. Laughter is the best medicine you can find”

Always hurt, always return, always heal, is for the inner child, is the little, the child

It’s ego

The ego can be an injured conscious body, or a joyful, happy and joyful conscious body

Need your recuperation, need your slow down, need your feeling, perception, conscious care and encouragement, until the habit, always in the return of no time automatic balance

That’s why sensitive people don’t want to be with the ego, with the little, with the child

“There is a tendency among energy sensitive people not to want to be completely in their bodies. This can be out of the desire to connect with higher realms, or out of the fear of being overwhelmed by the dense energy or feelings on earth. “

When the inner child is happy, happy and joyful, you can really let the higher self stay and stay in the body, because an injured ego and the inner child can’t coexist with the higher self, only resistance, because of incompatibility

This is the science of body transformation, laughing, maintaining, expanding the “want to open” consciousness, purifying the “can’t let go” consciousness

Everything is consciousness, including your ego, your inner child, your body

When the source opening energy is used to heal the injured, we call it the ego, the inner child. When the source opening energy is only used to resonate with peace and joy, we call it the higher self, and there is no time within

There is a common way that we can regard the ego and the inner child as nothing, that is to meditate, leave the body, leave life and the earth, and jump to other spaces

That’s why we should meditate more and spend more time on children’s healing. At first, we don’t fight, we don’t scold, we don’t accept and we don’t resist. After a long time, you find that we can live together when it’s sunny after a storm, but we still can’t accept it

Acceptance is not to force yourself with reason. Acceptance is an automatic balance without time

After some time together, you and the ego begin to have a dialogue, which is the beginning of reconciliation and mutual understanding. You still look at it, and there are still occasional disgusts, outbursts, and violent walks. But more time, you not only dare to look directly at it, but also have communication

You don’t have to do anything, including escape and ignore, give the source of open energy, let the ego bathe in your conscious, consciously get along with, or communicate, or not communicate, just watch, or play, or not play

Your playfulness and playfulness come from this. First of all, you want to be with the ego and the inner child. You were injured, resisted, unwilling to communicate and even hated

When the ego accepts, observes, takes care of, feeds and plays, it is only when the outside world has the interest of communicating and playing with the children that it is never tired of

But you have not only the ego, not only the body, but also the higher self, higher consciousness and awareness. Therefore, not only care, feeding, rest and healing, but also your empathy with people and sentient beings, as well as your earth karma plan, the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, and even more

In the body, there is always ego. Your body supports you tirelessly, because the body’s acceptance, capacity and frequency are limited

“Your body is the most extraordinary tool. It’s your Yang Sheng appliance! Make friends with your body. Go into your body with all your senses. Breathe in, feel the oxygen and maintain your body. Smell the air. Feel the sunlight on your skin. Use your eyes to find the beauty and magic around you. Listen to the birds and the wind. Take the time to savor your food and water and feel how they support your body. Feel the joy of sports

From this comes the ego and the inner child, for they are always seeking greater freedom, expansion and lightness from the constant connection of the higher self

If you understand the relationship between the ego and the higher self, you will understand the relationship between a part of the body, the brain and the higher self, and the relationship between the heart and the higher self. The different division of labor serves the greater expansion, purification and consolidation of the infinite essence of your body

You come from consciousness, from spirituality, from the source of the creator, from consensus and oneness in the timeless

Consciously to become, consciously to cultivate the habit of automatically returning to rest, healing and balance from time to time, and consciously observe the way of the ego and the higher ego to get along with each other

“Make it a conscious choice, and you’ll get more benefits than an unconscious choice and when it’s imposed on you.”

Get into the habit of getting along with the ego


Your new earth community encourages everyone to be themselves

In 3D Earth, everyone wants to sing the high pitched part. On 5D and above, your chorus is from the highest to the lowest – just like the harmony birds outside your window

You’re part of a beautiful choir. To build that choir, everyone has to sing their own unique part

Your 3D choir is monotonous and lifeless – it’s like there’s only one bird singing. Even if the bird has a beautiful call, every day the same call will become monotonous

Your new 5D Choir has a lot of joy, sound and fun options

So “we are one” has a different meaning than most of you think. You may think that this sentence means that you will think and act similarly. On the contrary

However, the new concept of this sentence should not surprise you, because in your new world, the top has become the bottom, this way is now that way. This is a new world, and you are a new being in this new world. Nothing’s like before, never again

Let yourself accept that, and then relax, relieve stress, or do what you need to do to make sure you are you. You are not the president of the company you admire. You are you

As you accept that you are who you are, you will begin to grow younger in ways you can’t imagine

You are you. They are them: no more, no less. You are a new being in the new world. That’s it

You are you

Original going home tomorrow reading club today


Creation Energy


It’s not a time to worry about what’s going to happen next or when, because you’re on a unique track and have nothing to do with other people

Of course, there will be some changes that affect all or most of you because you are in a similar area of action. Just as adolescence affects certain age groups, it has nothing to do with other age groups

Our universe is now about those who transcend 4D. If you feel that you are not affiliated with 5D or the group above it, you may want to ignore this conduction

Those of you who belong to 5D are getting younger. Because when you relax and explore your interests, most of your stress goes away. For the first time in history, let yourself be the center of your world

The last sentence may seem egocentric or conceited. Instead, it’s your new reality. Because you no longer need to pass your thoughts, interests or behaviors through other people’s or social filters. You are you

It may be hard for you to understand why such behavior causes you to feel or act younger. Once you’ve become you, you don’t need to waste – waste is the right word – energy worrying or thinking about how this behavior or that word will affect others

In 3D, you use less than half of your whole to experience the earth – so your mind and body age rapidly. Before declaring your health, you focus on how a situation affects your life and the lives of others. You don’t have the freedom to explore personal healing options, because “if” and “what will happen” push your self-healing ideas aside. It’s the same with your emotional and spiritual healing

Most of your 3D energy goes to “how can this be on the street?” Only after you have dealt with those thoughts and fears can you have the energy to heal. 3D energy full of fear is disappearing or has disappeared

You are a new being, in a new land

Even if you’re in a global group, those groups will encourage and perhaps demand that you focus as much on yourself as you do on the needs or problems of others

You no longer need to ask permission to care or love yourself. Because even if you don’t notice such 3D requirements, they permeate every thought and action

Maybe you hear “we are one” again and again, maybe you don’t fully understand the meaning of this sentence. Yes, you are part of the earth community. But that group no longer limits your existence


The recent symptom of ascension is preparing for the transition period

From heaven to earth


* Monique Mathieu on April 24, 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

Hello, children of the earth, children of the stars, children of the light!

We are your galactic brothers. We are doing a lot of work for our human brothers.

You don’t have to know who we are, just recognize our vibration frequencies. This is very important because many events will take place in your world and many galactic brothers will sneak into humanity in order to play a more active role.

The period you are going through is very wonderful, far beyond your understanding and imagination. This is the period of rebirth – not only the rebirth of your society, but also the rebirth of your state of being. You will achieve great transformation in a wonderful way!

You need to be ready for this! I’m here to talk to you today just to get you ready.

As other brothers of the light have said to you – you are still in the fog at this time, but the fog will begin to dissipate, and everything covered will be revealed.

Some people will not accept this kind of revelation, will not accept the new life, new society. But you people have long been looking forward to transformation and a new world. You are going there step by step, day by day.

My task now is to prepare you for the new world. At the beginning, the new world experience is not as easy and comfortable as you think, because too much light and too much truth will dazzle you. You will feel “indigestion”, not for food, but for new knowledge, new enlightenment.

We are currently increasing the vibration frequency of your bodies. It’s important. We are constantly sending you vibration frequencies of various intensities, from the weakest to the strongest. This will bring you back to the center and bring your entire state of being as vibrational beings into harmony.

So you will feel very tired, sleepy, sometimes confused, sad, sometimes dysfunctional, unstable… Sometimes you need to sleep for a long time, sometimes it is difficult to sleep. Know that all of these phenomena are because you are preparing for another state of being.

We are also training you to be more sensitive and receptive to information. We are pushing you to open your mind more so that you can master the way of communication in the future – telepathy. In the future, this kind of communication will be used not only among people on earth, but also in your communication with other planets.

Your telepathy will grow. You will gradually experience this transformation day by day. You won’t have that ability all of a sudden, but progress will be very fast, because time is short!

All this is to prepare you for the transition. The brothers of light have told you about this transitional period. It’s very important to you and to humanity as a whole!

Although the preparation process is not easy, I believe you will succeed. Bless you!


The invisible battle

2 days ago


Source: brothers of light

* Monique Mathieu on April 17, 2021

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

Don’t be afraid and suspicious. Be confident and hopeful. Find inner strength, courage and love. Don’t let yourself fall into all kinds of worries.

We can understand that people worry about their health, survival, work, housing and so on. But as long as you have firm confidence in the power of the divine, many things will be solved smoothly, because we are here!

Whatever it is, you are responsible for 50% of the work, and we are responsible for the other 50%. Always!

For example, when you have health problems, you should try your best to do the 50% of your work to recover, while we will do the remaining 50%. We will be of great help to you through our presence, vibration and love.

For what we call the “transitional period” (* Please refer to the two transitional stages before the golden age of the great transformation   ), People have some questions. We can tell you that the transition period will come much faster than you expected. But before that, there will be some stages, and you will have to finish a lot of homework.

At present, the dark light rulers (what you call “deep government”) are still creating tension and anxiety. Humanity as a whole will be shocked by the lies and hidden truths of the rulers, such as the existence of the Galactic brothers of all races.

People will be surprised to know: originally, since the age of ignorance, the earth people are not alone in this world. Those who don’t belong to this world once respected the earth people.

Now people on earth don’t even respect themselves, so they are oppressed and manipulated by some malicious beings. Those beings have neither respect nor love for humanity. But it’s coming to an end. We can assure you!

You’re going to see more and more ships, and you’re going to hear some loud noise. That’s the sound of some fighting. You can’t see those battles, but they happen very close to your world.

Many unfriendly beings intend to destroy your world before leaving it. But the guardians won’t allow them to.

We’ve told you about another kind of guardian before – they stay on the planets around the earth, guarding the balance of the world. That was a long time ago.

Now the guardians are totally different. They form a fleet of spaceships to patrol your earth, pay attention not to let those who want to leave cause serious damage, but also to monitor certain human actions. Those people know that their “rule” in the world is collapsing.

Yes, their world will collapse, and your world will begin to emerge. It’s not really a new earth yet. The new earth will emerge at the end of the transition period. This transitional period will allow you to adapt to the golden age.

When the golden age really comes, everything on earth will be different. Not only will the vibration frequency change here, but your earth mother will also fully awaken and ascend. All life that remains here then will ascend with her.


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