Why is it so easy for the God of life to degenerate?

The fighting will of light fighters^_^ Strength, courage, perseverance, composure, security and love – you can find everything in God!


Why is it so easy for the God of life to degenerate?

Human life is composed of countless gaps, time points and fragments of life. In the long river of time, you fill life with many things. There is a big difference between human life and high-dimensional life. High dimensional life, or a little higher than human life, pays more attention to how to contribute to other lives and how to serve other lives.

In fact, a lot of life will have entertainment, relaxation and rest time, work is not 100% of the time, is not what you think of dedication and pay, is always working state, in fact, also need to relax and rest, also need to do some other things.

But for the human body, most of the time even in the work, the purpose of work is to meet their own survival needs, that is to say, your survival is linked to work, and your learning is also to enable you to have some survival capital in this world, so your motivation is insufficient, because it is not from the heart of love.

When there is no real love and love in your heart, you will not be particularly comfortable, happy and happy when you do it. For some lives, dedication has been integrated into blood and bone. If he doesn’t contribute, he will be unhappy and unhappy, so he often does it spontaneously.

For more human beings, work is not a happy thing. In this case, when you have some gaps and gaps in your life, you will want to do other things to fill your time. You want to be happy, so you use some ways of entertainment.

But what you may not know is that there are some “mechanisms” in this world. This mechanism is in double quotation marks, which means that there are positive mechanisms in your body, as well as negative lures and negative mechanisms.

Because of the low frequency of the physical body, when you do something to satisfy your own desires, your physical body will feel “comfortable” and “satisfied”. For example, eating, for example, lying there even if you don’t do anything, for example, chatting or playing. There’s this reverse mechanism in the body, and you’re comfortable when you’re lazy.

There are some cells in the body, and some electric current will confuse you. Your physical body blocks the opportunity to communicate with the soul, and more is the perception of some low-frequency life in the body, their feelings replace your feelings, you feel comfortable or you feel happy, in fact, it is some small life in the physical body, the signals they send out.

What is depravity? This word may be a bit broad, let’s give it a definition. In our opinion, human beings are degenerating all the time. Although occasionally there will be some small flash, there will be so 1% of people to devote their lives, to work for the well-being of human beings, most of what human beings are engaged in is not particularly meaningful. If you pay attention to your inner spirit, it is also a kind of upward, which can distinguish it from depravity.

So depravity is more about you doing things that satisfy your physical desires.

For the human setting, because there are too many channels and too many other living beings living in the human body, more often you are shielded from the soul. You can’t feel the soul in your heart all the time. What you hear is the feeling from other inner life. Your degeneration actually satisfies the feeling of other life.

If you constantly clean up your physical body, and often feel your heart in a quiet environment, you will feel more empty or lonely after you are engaged in satisfying your physical body. On the contrary, you will feel more powerless and unsatisfied. It’s just like that after you have a big meal, your brain will be dull when you wake up. After you have a party with many people, when the excitement fades away, you will feel empty and powerless. This is actually a deep feeling inside.

But because it’s easier to do degenerate things, you will often choose an easier way to do it. When you think or read books and pay positively, you need to be aware and fight with the internal reverse mechanism, so that you can come out more.

Because you can’t feel the soul in your heart, you can’t feel happy and satisfied by loving other life and doing something dedicated, but you can feel satisfied by experiencing the downward force. But paradoxically, this kind of satisfaction is not what you really need inside, so you will feel empty and lonely in turn.

The human body is often sticky. What is the sticky state? I’ll describe it to you from the angle we observe. There are a lot of blackened organisms in your body, and there are also many negative channels. These are the wishes and thoughts that make you lose power.

As we said just now, when some lives make you do degenerate things, they will feel very comfortable and happy. That’s why you think it’s your own feeling. These black pipes and sticky objects are attached to you, so that you can’t feel yourself deeply analyzing and thinking things.

It’s easier to get out of control if you don’t have conscious cognition or awareness to do things that satisfy your ego’s desires, because at this time you will experience a kind of “happiness”, which is in quotation marks.

Human beings are different from animals. Animals do these things to satisfy the basic survival. We can’t call them depravity, because that’s the instinct of animals. But human beings are God’s children. The human body sets up a channel to communicate with God, and many people’s souls are reincarnated from a part of God’s energy.

How miserable and unhappy is it that the soul of God does not perform the duty of dedication when it is in the human body? This violates the initial setting procedure of reincarnation, so there is still a lot of room for human evolution. There’s a long way to go. We believe that in the future, human beings will feel happy because of dedication, and regard working, learning and serving others as a happy thing.

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