No relief

No relief

No need to extricate, no need to struggle, just with great energy, high vibration, choose to let go, liberation is a kind of escape, living in the material world is nothing wrong, living in the family group also has no need to tangle, let go to allow everything to happen, and then began to test your tolerance, patience, turn around for fun, with discomfort and all kinds of mood to go together, Because only if you let go of all the fragments, tutors, ancestors and relatives, you will have no trouble. It’s not that you don’t want to be able to take them to have fun, no matter what they say^_^

Yes, we have our own inertia at this stage, but more of it comes from those individuals who collectively exist as souls, because they are struggling, they do not let go, pay more, and can only be released through you, because when you are a child, most of the dead elders will live in your world, because the memory of ancestors and the dead are also there, When you awaken, the higher realm, the fourth and fifth dimension families also appear. They / they also face the pressure of ascension and will resonate with you. So, do not repel or resist, go your own way, live your own world and be yourself. That’s why you are saving the world by doing nothing. The whole universe is in your body. The pressure brought by the intelligent transition of DNA, they all come from there


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