Every teacher you contact should declare that they only provide you with a version of reality, because this is the truth.

Every teacher you contact should declare that they only provide you with a version of reality, because this is the truth.

You have to choose a reality that resonates with you, not one that more people believe in. You are not there to go with the flow, but to create new realities and resonate with them.

There are many different realities in the outside world, some of which are your collective past and some of which are your collective future. Others don’t even come from the universe.

You don’t have to believe in the same thing, because you don’t have to experience the same thing.

Everyone who tells you what’s going on behind the scenes and in the dark is providing you with a realistic version. They won’t give you a realistic version, because there’s no such thing.

If so, it will be quite boring for your soul and source. Diversity is important. Everyone has free will; Everyone can decide which reality they want to go to. You can even decide what reality you’re going through right now, because you’re focused. You can listen to all kinds of programs anytime and anywhere. They are effective in front of you.

So you might ask yourself,

“Why is this aspect of reality attracting my attention?”

“Why do I focus on this?”

“Is it because we’re used to it, or is there something else I need to discover?”

Choose, choose, choose, and then choose. Choose consciously and let your feelings tell you whether you really want to focus on something and whether you really want to move in that direction,

Because people may lie to you. It happens all the time, but your feelings don’t lie to you, never.

Follow your feelings. This is some good advice we give you.

Of course, we have been looking for ways to help you change your point of view. Besides what we are doing, Daniel is guiding us. We are transmitting energy through him, the light and love of the Arcturus, and when he stops, the transmission will not stop. We will continue to reach out to all who are open to us, and we will act as your guides to push you to experience the reality of love. This is our promise to you.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are bringing more light and love to people on earth all the time. We know how important it is for you to receive things from a higher level, so we will seize every opportunity.

Now, we’re going to compete with a lot of your entertainment information and sources. We feel that you can adjust yourself, get knowledge and spiritual guidance from many things in the outside world, and accept different versions of reality.





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