Lady Portia ~ you are not going to die, you are going through the process of ascension and alchemy!

Lady Portia ~ you are not going to die, you are going through the process of ascension and alchemy!

Original Lily’s five dimensional space yesterday

Lilian’s five dimensional space

Greetings, dear friends!

I come here on the wings of love. Many experiences are happening in the soul of many habitual logic and reasoning. Although they can’t be explained by logic and reasoning, it doesn’t mean that these experiences are untrue to them. This means that new ways of thinking are opening up, which used to be considered “whimsical”. Many of you have been regulated and taught to believe only in things that can be seen and felt, so when these experiences and thoughts appear, you don’t believe them, or rather, you want to believe, but feel that you still need material “proof” or some “confirmation” that can prove their existence. This is where humanity is going, especially for those souls who have ascended to this stage to be aware of what is happening.

You are on the path of alchemy, transforming spirit into matter at a higher level of existence, which is a field of evolution that human beings as a collective have never reached in the past. This is a journey. In the process, people will question all the experiences and try to easily classify them into a certain category or label them. And then there will be a struggle within you, two steps forward and one step back.

When you take two steps forward into a new space, you will find yourself struggling with uncertainty, because the rules that used to bring you results no longer work; So you take a step back, you go back inside, and you want to figure out and understand what’s going on. This is a very common phenomenon, and you will continue this process until more light is incorporated and carried in your physical body.

When this happens, this is the process of ascension, and your physical body begins to be more full of light, you will begin to experience greater ease in your own physical body. We know that this will be a happy release and release for most of you who are experiencing or have experienced this experience recently. This is the journey of a brave person. In this process, people need to trust their heart and soul to lead them through the past to the side of wholeness and integrity, where, as a fully integrated holy human, all the higher aspects of their spirit work together in their material reality.

This process is dynamic, but we can call it “the process of death”. All the old forms of death, the death of the standardized way of thinking, feeling and doing things, the process of cleaning up and purifying all these from every cell in the physical body, can make another person feel that he / she seems to have reached the end. Everything you once believed to be truth will be put to the test. Don’t give up trying, try to look at what is happening from a higher perspective, including all that is happening in your physical, emotional and mental bodies, as well as all the higher meanings that are raising your consciousness. And be aware that as you do so, you also raise the awareness of many others in your sphere of influence and activities.

When this transition period is over, you will be full of confidence, joy and happiness again, and know that everything is good, everything is perfect! Then you will inhale every breath you take from the divine consciousness in the new earth reality. Every thought you have is God’s thought, every action you do is God’s action. You have become God’s love, God’s light, God’s wisdom, God’s purity and joy, God’s grace and blessing. As a holy emissary, the good qualities of God will accompany you every day of your life. As you anchor your divine gifts, you will bring great help and healing to earth and its inhabitants.

I’m Mrs. Portia.


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