[Pleiadian message] be the chosen one

[Pleiadian message] be the chosen one

From sky to earth


 Barbara mahiniak

  Lu Ying translated from French

( This is part of the Pleiadian series. For more information, please refer to the “Pleiadian message” section in the submenu “spiritual learning”)

There is a selection going on – the selection of the “chosen one”. What does it mean to be the chosen one? The people who come together to listen to us and hear our inner voice are the chosen ones.

Being the chosen one doesn’t mean that you will be promoted and held any position automatically. Who chose you? It’s you. You are not members of a closed Club – but on the other hand, you are.

You joined the club on a voluntary basis. You’ve all decided what you’re going to be and why you’re here.

We want to emphasize that courage should be a necessary condition for each of you.

Now many of you are living a completely unknown, low-key life, unwilling to let others know their inner beliefs. You don’t think it’s OK to discuss many topics in private, some of which are very weird. However, as soon as you go to work or come home, you immediately shut up and don’t allow yourself to say what you really think in such an occasion.

In fact, many people’s code is to wait until they hear what you should say to start the awakening process.

You are still being chosen these days. You are being graded according to your courage. If you can’t show your courage now, we don’t think you can.

Every one of you has come to this planet to accomplish a task, and the moment when the task is completed is right in front of you. That’s now.

The era of change has come. As you understand and realize what this change means, your life will change.

Change means that you are going to leave a lot of things and go to other things because you have confidence in them. Confidence is something you all want to have, but think you don’t have.

What does confidence mean? It means knowing your thoughts inside, creating your world, believing in it and having a divine freedom, knowing clearly in your heart that once you think of something, it becomes.

This is a theme that we have tried every means to explain to you in various ways, so that one day you can understand it.

As soon as you master the idea and start living it, you will change your life.


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