Time compression

Time compression

Each of you has the ability to compress your personal time – the variable that you always think will never change. And it can be played by you now! You can test it tomorrow if you want. Dear ones, some of you are beginning to understand what we call the process of ascension – that is, to enter a higher dimension. Do you feel as if things are moving faster? Do any of you feel that the passage of time is speeding up, even though your clock is still indicating as usual? This is because you are beginning to perceive a temporal attribute in which you can control your own life. We even ask you to try it!

Some of you will find that traveling a certain distance only takes part of the time before it, and you will wonder where the time is! Some of you are task oriented, so we give you a challenge. You know how long some tasks usually take to complete. Look at the table when you start a task like this, and then look at it when you finish. Sometimes you will find that you create a situation in which you complete the task in a very short time, which seems to be beyond human power! What happened? You’re practicing time compression.

Some people have been doing this unconsciously for years. Now we are telling you that with practice, you will be able to arrange such events for yourself. Because this is a personal attribute and personal transformation… This time compression. And when you start to see how this works, it will be the beginning of understanding your cross dimension and what it means to what you call “reality.”. Time compression – some of you have already experienced it and others will soon. The invitation for you to actively practice it is there.

So why should we tell you this? Because many of you will soon find that there are too many things to do( (laughter) remember complaining about the gods in the past few years? Maybe you think we didn’t hear you? Some of you have said, “I want to do this and do that; I got stuck and stopped Well, the new complaint will be, “Dear God, slow down! There are too many things for me to do – too many paths – so many things are happening. Which way should I go? ” Some of you will need time to compress.

With this cross dimensional gift, there is also a guarantee of time compression during sleep. It means: honey, it means a four hour sleep can give you eight hours of rest. Do you understand what I’m talking about? It sleeps less, but it will be more energetic the next day than before. We invite you to practice this because it’s for you to take. The old paradigm is no longer there. If you find yourself saying, “I need so many hours of sleep to exist,” you are holding on to a particular reality and not letting it change. Instead, say, “I’ll get as much sleep as my body needs.” Before you rest at night, say, “it doesn’t matter how many hours I sleep; When I wake up, I’ll have the same rest as I did after eight hours of sleep

Now, see what happens – you’ll experience efficiency and rest that you’ve never had before! This gift is in your hands. Everyone is different and in a lot of different levels of training and wisdom, even when we embrace here today. Some of you don’t want to be touched by our energy yet, and we know that. Some people are just beginning to know that there are angels and guides around you, and we know that. We respect all of your processes. For the rest of you – those who are seeing the color change on the podium and feeling the energy in the room, it’s because we’re hugging you, if you haven’t noticed. Some of you feel your feet washed and you can’t seem to move your legs. That’s what’s happening here, if you didn’t know it before.

Change the reality

Trans dimensional humans have the ability to transform reality and heal themselves. This information was given to you in the middle of last year (1999). But now you are in a new energy in which you are not only able to absorb this information, but to realize it. Here’s how it works and has always been, and we can now explain it in a way that cross dimensional humans can understand. Do you want to know what a miracle is? They are changing reality! You want to know how they work? Human beings have changed the reality of time, and cells will respond!
Kryon – trans dimensional human I (I) – time compression
Original becomequantum


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