Because of coronary vaccination, many people will die?

Because of coronary vaccination, many people will die?

Master St. Germain: there will be many people leaving this layer of existence.

Many people who are greedy for life will lose their lives, and many who are willing to give their lives will get their lives.

Jjk: how many people are there?

Master St. Germain: it depends on how many people the light can reach now. One thing is certain: the panic action of dark light forces has led to the awakening of many people. We will see how many people there will be.

In any case, the population of earth will be significantly reduced as so many will neither want nor be able to participate in ascension.

Jjk: I often think so, too! It’s just that there are ideal conditions to wake up. The actions of the dark elite are so irrational, panic and blatant cruelty that more and more people see the light and say to themselves, “there’s something wrong here!” More and more people are paying attention to these things.

My concern now is whether there is any possibility of healing, if someone has received vaccination and then wants to eliminate these substances, is it possible?

Is there a chance of cure after vaccination?

Master St. Germain: it’s possible, but only for a few people!

It takes one’s consciousness – and a very high and sustained natural vibration. The question is: why do you vaccinate yourself?

A conscious person, one who lives in peace with himself and in a higher vibrational reality, will stay away from vaccination.

However, there are some exceptions, such as the use of violence or other reasons, which make vaccination inevitable.

Jjk: when someone is threatened with imprisonment or shooting, of course, these are extreme situations, but who knows how crazy things can get. Of course, there are real and imagined emergencies.

Master St. Germain: it’s up to everyone to decide what an emergency is.

It’s important to understand that there is always a cure. Some things are irreversible at the physical level after a certain point. The man must bear the consequences or he will die. As a result, new healing opportunities emerge – either in the afterlife with a new body, or in the spiritual and emotional level beyond the veil.

For all the people who can’t avoid vaccination, but they resist it with all their souls, and fully aware of the negative consequences, I call the following urgent call to the angel Metatron in the soul:

This is a prayer in an emergency. I tell you:

Most people think that they are in an emergency, and a simple and clear non coronary vaccine will be enough to keep them safe, because those organizers need your approval. Realize your power – human!

The reaction of compatriots to your “no” will no longer arouse the interest of a sober person. What does it have to do with a tree if a dog barks at it, or a rabbit does its business under it?

Jjk: what happens when one’s soul is cut off after death? Can he easily find his way back to his spiritual family? Can he find his soul and himself again?

Master Saint Germain: when the body is discarded, the damage caused by a particular body disappears. In this case, what’s left is to lose your way immediately after death.

I tell you: everyone is found at the gate to the afterlife. Some souls need time to accept their own death. These souls remain in the etheric realm or the starlight world of earth as long as they wish.

With some exceptions, everyone will return to his spiritual family with his soul. Those who have received RNA or DNA vaccines will be more and more disoriented in their lives, will feel empty, and will still be disoriented for a certain period of time after death.

Don’t be scared! Everything has a solution, as long as one really wants this solution!

Jjk: since April 5, 2021 is the deadline (on this day I received this message, note jjk), what kind of dynamic will we see in the vaccination Frenzy?

Inoculation kinetics

Master St. Germain: the road has been drawn:

(1) People bear more and more psychological and survival pressure, many people succumb to it, agree with the surface solution, at the same time, more and more people wake up, they say no!

(2) These measures have become increasingly absurd and transparent. Those who don’t get vaccinated immediately have a good chance that it won’t happen in the future.

(3) The lie structure of the matrix itself collapses. Those who serve the light will take over the helm on earth. The outer star power appears and assists humanity.

(4) Mankind has been liberated. The new people meet in unity and love. They are a nation in peace.

(5) The golden age has begun. Love rules the earth. People guard the earth. We are talking about returning to the garden of Eden.

Dear human!

Courage up! Don’t try to save what can’t be saved. Give up the previous life! You will be helped and given. Your mind creates limits, and your consciousness goes far beyond them. Meditate, work with angels, archangels and ascended masters! Invite the power of good light into your life – we’re just waiting for them!

Guard your soul.

Believe in God, believe in God’s help! This is a time of grace. Especially when you need it most, you can expect the most help and blessing!

Don’t be scared! Don’t let yourself be guided by worry, but by trust! Stand firm in life!

Don’t value opinions – even your own! Opinion is the noise of the mind.

Go your way! You are a unique divine consciousness, no one is like you!

Keep your heart, connect your soul, absorb your infinite spirit!

Love your life, love yourself! This is the beginning of the end of the matrix.

With the help of God and his heavenly power, penetrate the second veil of ignorance! The real game on earth is not real.

Even if the advice this time is: the reality and the future are created by yourself.

Protecting your soul is like protecting the pupils in your eyes, because you can see clearly only with your soul.

We are God’s unique creations, but we are all one: through the power of love and the power of light.

I love you so much

Master Saint Germain!

The transmission of light: young Castle


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