How the Soul Catharsis Disentigrates America

How the Soul Catharsis Disentigrates America

Dearest Georgi,

The ugliness leading up to the Soul Catharsis is converging to a point of explosion here in America.

What we refer to as Soul Catharsis, the Hopi Indians refer to as the time of Great Purification.

Purification often requires facing uncomfortable truths.

The American generals are in revolt and a large section of the nation is stalled in movement due to pipeline issues, Israel is behaving stupidly while China controls its largest port and the Biden Administration, and the Republicans are in turmoil while trying to decide whose leadership they will obey; the warmongers or Trump. The cognitive dissonance that exists between their stated morals and actual behavior is tearing the nation apart. And on top of all that, their science is junk, they are bankrupt, and their military is the weakest it’s ever been, while their diplomats are being chased back to their home base over some mystery illness/weapon attack.

America has been unable to face the many different truths of her foundation; mainly pedophilia and colorism which destroys their moral authority just as much as the corruption and warmongering.

How can Americans face the depth of pedophilia among them without exposing the satanic pedophile Founding Fathers and thus risk tainting the image of the “Great America”? This is why they have been so slow to expose the truth; the patriots struggle with “how much” to let out and still preserve the image of the “Great America”. This is why they lose control over the entire decision.

There is no such thing as racism because there is only 1 human race. We suffer from colorism. Colors are assigned to chakras as well as the 7 Sacred Flames of Ascension as you wrote about back in 2015. But, throughout the world, the choice and placement of colors vary with the Tamil Indians having Black at the Root Chakra and the Northern Indians having Red at the Root Chakra. I imagine there are differences in ideologies on Ascension colors as well.

We have color-coded systems to tell us when to walk and stop. Color-coded military codes for Defcon 1, etc., and of course color coded perceptions of each other based on skin color.

If you examine the meaning of each color in your 2015 story against the programming of color in society you will see an interesting picture; the secular meanings of the colors are perverted in some way if even slightly. In each case the meaning of the color is perverted in one way or another in secular life.

The perversion of our perception of color is very intentional. When we meditate on colors our minds cannot carry thoughts that make one color better or worse than the other, or meanings that are counterintuitive to the esoteric meaning. We must be able to see the colors without such influences.

Why did the malevolent ET work so hard to pervert our perceptions of colors?

Ascension is the most important thing that will ever happen.

Stopping our Ascension is the main goal of the malevolent ETs and their minions, even if the minions don’t always know it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the critical race theory.

This program is the culmination of the malevolent ET’s plan to destroy the White groups of humans last, after using them to oppress other groups and poison the earth with garbage, and toxins, from the “inventions” they convinced them, will “improve” life but, merely bring comfort and ease without offering development from within or benefiting humans. These malevolent ETs hate ALL humans of all colors. In the Book of Enoch, humans are depicted in allegory as cows, and the first act of these evil ETs was to separate humanity by color.

The program is designed to inflict shame and guilt on the psyche of Whites and overwhelm them so that their only choice will be to

1) leave the planet in spaceships and hope and trust that the destination is better and that they do not end up as food or sex slaves or ritual torture victims or,

2) die in a FEMA Camp. Both choices place the person in an emotional state of fear and anxiety that allows soul harvesting by this negative group of ETs. This is the thing Hitler feared the most for the Americans and one of the reasons he fought so hard.  The Book of Enoch remains a central part of the German Lutheran Bible and many Germans are familiar with it.

But this program only works if Full Disclosure of ET interference in humanity’s development is suppressed, which is exactly what is happening.

President Trump, with the help of senator Ted Cruz, included a requirement for the entire federal government’s full disclosure of ETs/UFOs 180 days from the signing of the Coronavirus bill last year. That date would have already happened but under Biden, they push it back.

The Battle to save the psyche of Americans relies on their willingness and ability to face the truth. This is extremely challenging having grown up in a society that programs us all with lies from the minute we are born. Much of the “Glory” of America’s history is based on false and twisted facts. How can the patriots “clean it up” if they are unwilling to let go of some of their “cherished” beliefs?

Why is this important?

When denial of the truth ends, catharsis begins. How that denial ends can come voluntarily or involuntarily. Unfortunately, due to their refusal to face the truth, it will come involuntarily for the Americans.

Read here the reason why several GOP members believe the Critical Race Theory to be wrong:

Critical race theory redefines America’s history as a struggle between “oppressors” (white people) and the “oppressed” (everybody else), as was done with Marxism’s reduction of human history to a struggle between the “bourgeoisie” and the “proletariat.” It labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as “systemically” or “structurally” racist.

Now, from the point of view of most minorities in America, especially American Indians and Blacks, America’s history is indeed a struggle between oppressors and oppressed. But for most White Americans, it is not. With a few exceptions, most are unwilling to view their struggle from a higher perspective.

But if all groups were to view their struggle as an Evil ET Induced ACT of violence against the entire species, then certainly forgiveness and reconciliation would flow and all sides would more easily be able to admit to the evil ET Induced wrongs committed while under the influence of these evil ETs.

This is why full disclosure is so important and this is why the Biden Administration keeps stalling it while pushing the Critical Race Theory.

If Full Disclosure of ET’s interference was made known, none of the items in the Critical Race Theory, even if true, would have any sting to them. Not one.

The First Act of Any play is a major theme and the first act of the Fallen Angels in the Book of Enoch was to separate humanity by color.

Why was it so important for the evil ET’s to pervert our perception of color by using separating humans by color?

They are jealous of our ability to Ascend and Ascension requires mastery of the 7 Sacred Flames of Ascension, each associated with a COLOR that must be perceived with a pure heart.

The soul tainted with the slightest feeling that their color is superior or inferior, or whatever other than its pure perception, cannot perceive color with a pureness of heart.

The thoughts of these evil ETs are very different from ours.

Our Ascension is the most important thing going on and for them, the biggest thing they must stop.

America and the whole world have a day of reckoning with color to fully release and remove this perversion of perception before the next wave of Ascension candidates can fully experience Ascension.

This is an uncomfortable subject for many people for many reasons.  But they must understand the importance of perceiving color with a pureness of heart. The long deep-buried thoughts implanted by the system of indoctrination prevent that in almost all Americans as nowhere in the world is the programming so strong as in America.

Colorism and pedophilia will play major roles in America’s catharsis as first identifying the causes of sickness, what the cause does to them inwardly, and how to remove it.

Not for the faint of heart.

But we are on an Ascension timeline which means we get it right!

That is a great thing to look forward too and focus on.

Peace and Light,


Watch also this audio channeling:


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