Legal System

Legal System

Good day, Georgi,

Very interesting article by Fulya about the “legal” system.

It’s nice to have the perspective from someone within the legal system who sees its flaws, but who also sees the fraud and calls it out.

I mean, just look at the US Supreme Court with the so-called elections…

How rigged can you rig???

A few years ago when I first read about the concept of the birth certificate and creation of a fictitious “legal” straw man entity that ties you to the “legal” system (through “Maritime Law”), I instantly knew that this was a monumental fraud by team dark.

I also instantly knew that it is a very fragile fraud that can collapse completely as soon as the people find out it is based on a very thin and weak element, which is that, these “laws” apply only to the fictitious straw man corporate entity (created at birth with your exact name) but don’t apply to the actual human being in flesh and blood.

They simply trick you so that you believe these laws apply to you the human being, when in fact they don’t…

I’m not an expert on the subject but the fraud seems to rely in part on the phonetic meaning of words used in the legal language called “Legalese”, the English-like language in which words don’t mean what we, ordinary people, think they mean…

For example, the word “birth” in “birth certificate” phonetically means “berth”, a term used in legalese that seems to depict the “berthing” of your fictitious legal straw man entity, that is then governed by… “Maritime Law” (“berth” / “maritime”, get it?)

The straw man created at birth / berth, has its named spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This all caps name represents the fictitious corporate entity, and you are lead to believe that you, the human being in flesh and blood, ARE that fictitious entity who’s name sounds phonetically the same as yours, but is ALWAYS SPELLED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Just look at any official documents that have your name spelled on it…

The “Maritime Law” is actually commerce laws that don’t apply to the human being in flesh and blood, but only apply to the fictitious corporate / legal straw man entity that has its name spelled in all caps (created at birth with the birth/berth certificate).

When you go to court, they always ask you first, “Are you so and so?”, and you usually reply “Yes” as you phonetically heard your name. The thing is, they (the legal system speaking in “Legalese”) meant the fictitious corporate / legal straw man entity with the name in all capital letters (and not the human being in flesh and blood…). When you say yes to that question, you are instantly bound to their “straw man” Maritime law…

That’s the catch, and the fraud…

Furthermore, according to their “legal” system, you don’t own anything in this world. Your house, your car, your bank account all belongs to the fictitious / legal corporate straw man entity, and they (the government / “legal” system) can take it all away from you in an instant, thanks to the “Maritime Law” governing the fictitious corporate entity that bears your phonetic name (but spelled in all capital letters).

There is no place for a real human being in flesh and blood in their “legal” system.

I read somewhere that if we claim our sovereignty as human beings in flesh and blood, they (the “legal” system) have no right whatsoever to claim authority over us. It’s a universal law enforced by archangels and they (team dark) know very well that they cannot bypass this universal law. Hence the trickery of covertly creating a fictitious straw man entity with the birth (berth) certificate, and making you believe that this fictitious entity is you so that they can get away with it…

Anyhow, this fraud has been reported by many independent researchers in recent years. I encourage people to research this and educate themselves about it so that it is exposed to the masses. I intuitively feel that the “legal” system is one of the big dominos that will fall along with the fake science fraud, the medical fraud, the history fraud etc., etc.

In the late ’80s, the group Metallica released a very successful album who’s title seems

phonetically appropriate. This album is entitled “…And Justice For All”

So much for “Justice”…


Bring it on.


PS: Georgi, feel free to forward this email to Fulya if you don’t publish it, it would be nice to hear Fulya’s “insider” take on it.


Dear Nic,

thank you very much for your comprehensive disquisition on legal issues, which I knew but not in these details. I have forwarded your article to Fulya who lives in Istanbul, Turkey and I am sure she will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

I hope you are doing well under the current energy barrage that prepares the shift. I am under great stress myself but I know this is the final spurt to the finish line.

Take good care of yourself.

With love and light



Dear George;

Thank you for forwarding Nic’s email to me.

As far as I understand there is a view that in countries where Anglo Saxon Law (Common Law) applies, the capital letters used on birth certificates represent an artificial or hypothetical entity. And this view is based on the practice of maritime law, which is a branch of commercial law.

However, the debate of this view is limited to a few countries. Because there is more than one legal system, such as the Law of Continental Europe (Civil Law) or Islamic Law.

While thinking, necessary to expand the boundaries. So we must see if the argument that underlies thought applies to all of humanity. For example, in most countries, capital letters are not used on birth certificates. Or we cannot make a precise link between birth certificates and the maritime law because birth certificates have a much older origin –  In fact, the main purpose of issuing a birth certificate was to determine the taxpayers and the population that would participate in the war.

And the term “straw man.” True, a concept referred to as a straw man is used in law. However, most legal systems do not use the term straw man in any branch of law other than commercial law. This term has a usage that I can call quite technical and related to corporate law in general. (It is used for partners who are not actually partners but are apparently given a share to fulfill the minimum number requirement.)

People do not do research with birth certificates on maritime law or the term strawman because in most countries there is no link between these.

As for the word similarity, the words “birth, berth, to bear” both come from the same root. PIE root “bher” And this root means “to carry.” Carrying a burden, carrying a baby or carrying a seaman.  But when we look at the languages of Ural Altaic origin or the languages of Aramaic origin, we cannot reach the same conclusion. For example, in Ural Altaic languages, the origin of the word “birth” means “to rise”

Of course, I understand what Nic is trying to mean. But I doubt that Nic’s connection between birth certificates, maritime law, and the term straw man will lead us to the point where he actually meant.

Perhaps we can express the point Nic is referring to as follows:

Regardless of the legal system, “personality in the sense of law” refers to the whole of the rights granted to a person by law. For example, some legal systems accept that “personality in the legal sense” is acquired by full and alive birth, while others accept that it is acquired by conception or by the third month of pregnancy. This means that “personality in the legal sense” and human existence are different from each other.  Human existence is an indisputable truth. But in terms of law, what one accepts as a “person” may not be accepted by the other. In fact, this is the main purpose in the preparation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. To determine the rights of the person as “human” regardless of the nation or legal system. (However, even this declaration, which is cherished by everyone, implicitly deals with the human right in parallel with the right to citizenship. And the refugee issue, for example, remains suspended at this point. Thus this famous declaration is only an illusion.)

If we consider the legal system as a large building, each branch of law corresponds to the rooms of that building. If one of these rooms is the criminal law, the other is the maritime law – or commercial law, or intellectual property law. It means that each room is furnished differently. Each room serves a different purpose, or rather an interest. Their sizes are different. Therefore, observations and details that are valid for one room may not be valid for the other room. And in addition to all these, there are also different legal systems. This means that there are different sections in this large building and different rooms within these sections. And each room has a different function.

But we know what is common to all of them: walls, ceiling and floor – so the limits.

Trying to realize something by breaking into pieces takes us away from what is meant to be grasped as a whole. That’s why the current system is designed to focus on single units.  Every singular unit is broken into pieces again and again. If a person who desires to realize something begins with pieces, the only thing to be grasped is that piece itself. As time went by, this person begins to think that the part is the whole itself. This is similar to the experience of a person sitting in a room and trying to realize the existence with limited five senses. In time, that person forgets that there is a vast existence behind walls and thinks that the world consists of only those walls.

That’s why I made the building analogy.  If we want to get a real grasp of things, we need to get out of that building as soon as possible.

With love and light.



Hello Georgi and Fulya,

That was an excellent breakdown answer about the aspects of the legal system, thanks Fulya for this insider perspective.

I agree that by focusing only on smaller parts of the system we eventually lose the big picture perspective. The popular say “The devil is in the details” came to mind when I was reading your description of how the legal system is subdivided, and re-subdivided. The building analogy was perfect.

Your answer also touches a point that I was wondering about for a while (but have not dived into it further as I don’t feel the intuitive inkling) and that is, the different languages used in other non-English legal systems.

Here in Quebec (the French-speaking province of Canada), the legal system is in French, thus the English-like Legalese thing does not work. The legal system is probably similar to the one in France but I don’t know much about it, and at this point, the idea of diving deeper into these systems is as attractive to me as going to the dentist for a root canal treatment…

My feeling though is that there are probably similar shenanigans in the French system too, just like with the birth certificate and straw man scam thing in the USA. It’s probably hidden somewhere in the devilish details…

But like you wrote Fulya, these are just smaller parts of a bigger picture.

And what is that bigger picture?

A spiritual war between Light and darkness, in which a dark faction of very few people controls the majority of the people on this planet. They do it through many different systems (like the legal system) that are purposely designed to control and exploit the many, by the few, and with the ultimate goal being to prevent the Ascension of humanity into higher realms of Light where team dark has no control and no access.

Now, one might ask, how do we introduce this subject to every day unaware people? !!!

I gave up trying to wake up people face-to-face as the zombification of the masses has reached unprecedented levels here in Quebec…

One way I found though is by writing disquisitions to Georgi, who sometimes posts them on his website. These articles might be read by some people who are unaware of certain aspects of the bigger picture (like the legal system straw man scam in the USA), and this might light a spark in some of the readers, as a result, some may pursue research further after this initial spark or ha-ha moment. This sudden spark often involves an intuitive nudge, which is something those readers might have never felt before as the energies that are currently permeating Earth, are conducive to the awakening of many at this time.

And so, your legal system article Fulya, posted on Georgi’s website, triggered my reply.

This being said, besides writing, holding space, being a neutral observer of the worldwide madness, and keeping a high vibration, how can we further contribute to the Ascension process?

This past 2 weeks I surprised myself by the near-stoic reactions I had when I learned that quite a few close people around me got vaccinated. A few weeks ago I would have had reacted to this as I saw the articles and many videos of people dying or being permanently injured by the vaccine. This stoic-like reaction was a confirmation to me that something had recently shifted in me. (That’s the rough shifts I was telling you about yesterday Georgi.)

Onward and upwards we go it seems.

And so voilà.

In the end, intuition is our friend!

Thanks again Fulya for the excellent explanation, and thanks Georgi for making this possible. PAT members are a rare bunch it seems so being able to discuss between us, like this exchange here, is a golden opportunity during these crazy times, in which sanity has become a rare commodity…

Regards from Quebec, Canada.




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