“Since the action we call believing is emotion-based and most people are not yet aware of how their emotions are controlled by the system, they are open to manipulation from the outside. And the manipulated person cannot distinguish between true information and false information. The easiest way to make this distinction is to read, do independent research, learn to maintain neutrality, and try to gain access to universal knowledge.”

In her article, Fulya writes:

“Since the action we call believing is emotion-based and most people are not yet aware of how their emotions are controlled by the system, they are open to manipulation from the outside. And the manipulated person cannot distinguish between true information and false information. The easiest way to make this distinction is to read, do independent research, learn to maintain neutrality, and try to gain access to universal knowledge.”

I would add to Fulya’s phrasethatthe easiest way to make this distinction is also, and mostly, to attune to one’s inner whispering voice of intuition.

Many of us “Indigos” reading the Universal Law website were born with clear intuition and with the inner BS detector already activated to some degree. Also, the “Crystallines” came in with very clear intuition (and also with full fledged knowledge of the universe), however, I believe that all humans can connect with its inner-guidance system of intuition and BS detector, not just the Indigos, the Crystallines, the Starseeds etc.

Humans just need to get out of the societal zombie trance that they’ve been bamboozled into and cut the humongous background noise so that they can start hearing the faint whisper of their inner voice of intuition.

Taking a stand and making decisions based solely on inner guidance / intuition is the utmost expression of self-sovereignty.

And the good news is that this is accessible to all humans.

I believe that this is a key element in becoming a true sovereign being, to listen to the inner guidance of our own intuition. This inner guidance will align us perfectly with the universe and the universal laws, and we will all self-govern ourselves because of this universal inner-alignment. No external “government”, national state, or bogus “legal” system will be needed.

Many of us incarnated at this time are here to help others navigate out of that zombie trance, and reconnect with what they/we truly are, sovereign eternal beings. Some of us just forgot it, but now is the perfect time and perfect conditions to remember, from the depths of our Souls, who we really are, thanks in part to the current slow motion collapse that includes the (ill) legal system.

So much for phonetics.

Godspeed to Soul Remembrance.


PAT Energy Report – The Soul Catharsis Hits Humanity With Full Force

(PAT: Planetary Ascension Team)

Short Update, May 14, 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov


We are in the middle of another massive shift. Since 36 hours there are incessant downloads of source energies with the usual symptomatic – cc-wave with excruciating headaches left and right, massive cleansing, and separation of lower timelines that didn’t make it again.

The selection of the souls is brutal now and the emotions are rampant. Anger, fear, depression, outrage, perplexion, you name it, are being thrust into the emotional space-time of the human collective with the ferocity of a trillion-megaton-bomb.

While I was doing, as usual, my heavy-duty cleansing of humanity and was emotionally rather stable amidst my excruciating stabbing pain in my right eye socket during the whole night and yesterday (today too, this time on the left side), other PAT members complained about being hit by repeating nasty emotional patterns coming from the collective. Their intensity seemed to increase throughout yesterday and must have felt extremely unpleasant, suffocating and crashing the human spirit. Where is the joy these last days for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour?

The activation of the threefold flame of life of the soul is in full sway and I had for hours heavy pressure on my chest and could barely breathe. Other PAT members also complained about this kind of energetic asphyxia. The interactions with the unwakened humanity have reached an unprecedented peak of nastiness and speechlessness and if anybody still cherishes the illusion of saving some lost souls, he will only experience his spiritual Waterloo.

Today we are still in the midst of this shift and I guess the energetic situation will remain more or less as tense as it is now until the final manifestation of this upwards spiraling series of shifts. When? This is anyone’s guess but I bet for the end of this month. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But this is how we create now our reality with our thoughts and emotions. Don’t forget that.

If one thing is certain, it is that the soul catharsis has reached the broad population and its destructive force is felt everywhere. The first prominent victim will be the disintegration of the USA as a state and Charlotte has captured below this new development very well as an American citizen from within. I do not understand why all the alternative moron-thinkers don’t get it and still herald the beginning of the new era from the USA (e.g. Robert Steele). On which planet do they live? Certainly not on our ascending timelines.

When the old matrix crumbles before and then fully after the Shift, everybody will be on his own as there will be no national states anymore and no nanny governments to take care of the poor “victims’ and think instead of them. He, who thinks has a chance to ascend, he, who has given up thinking, either dies from vaccination or other disorder or descends to 3D hell.

The soul catharsis works now with the CTB-method (CTB – cut through the bullshit) in a pitiless manner and we shall see the devastating results on a broad scale very soon.


Kicking into high gear !!


These are some of the very most exciting times to be alive!!

I will try to express myself as best as I can.

Since the beginning of May I have been electrocuted, paralyzed, attacked by physical and non-physical entities. I have seen the dithering of the realities daily with noticeable changes in the person’s and their spirits. Walk-ins and other things.

I had a vision about a week ago (sorry time doesn’t work for me in a linear fashion anymore) where in meditation I was angry that the earth had not changed so I used a process I call dusting (destruction of the binding forces at a molecular level) and pushed thru the veil to the higher side and I opened it wide. It looked like a tornado but the walls were gray and screaming because the entities were trying to close it. I reached out and grabbed the earth and pulled her thru and then shot her across the new galaxy to her new place.

Two or three days later I was attacked, locked in my body and a big black spider was giving me grief I dusted the spider but it took like a minute because of the density involved. (after this I was told that this was a chimera-type spider queen and that none have ever been defeated before). True or not, don’t know but the battle threw me out of bed, my body weighed 10 tons and I hurt my knee and hand when I landed.

I also had been questioning the righteous indignation that has been taken and whether or not it was my place to use physical violence against the evil I see.

Apparently, if you follow “I AM” you can’t go wrong. I consider the fight as personal and the evil is myself, all reflections point the way, I also have been acting on almost everything as myself being the incarnate I AM on this planet. Looks like it’s going to be a hot summer !!


USA Tucson, AZ


Read with interest Caroline’s email and your response. Yes, in agreement with what was said. What has deluded Americans, in particular, is that most believe evil does exist but justice and freedom reign Supreme in the USA. Despite our bloodied history it is not only unpatriotic but blasphemy to believe otherwise. Of course Russia, China and Iran are evil but not America. We have been brainwashed from an early age and now we comply with an obvious evil and corrupt government even one now that is obviously illegitimate. Just wait until 2024. Then everything will be righted.

I have never really suffered from panic attacks during this long process but I feel the heavy dark energy. I usually just fall asleep and am extremely fatigued when awakening. The latest downloads have been especially hard on my chronic sinusitis making my hearing even worst. I have neuropathy in my feet and you explained once how this is caused by heavy downloads. Can this also be the cause of cells in the ears being destroyed causing diminished hearing? I had this for years. Sometimes normal hearing comes back temporarily. Now I am tempted to get hearing aids to function.



Dear Jerry,

glad to hear from you again. I am also rather deaf from the constant high-pitched tone and can barely use a phone. It is somewhat better with skype. The downloads are indeed very heavy and almost every day now. I am having an excruciating headache this whole night and even worse today (May 13), also now that I write to you.

I hope that this is the last effort before the shift can happen and I strongly reckon with it by the end of May. What else can one like us hope for?

It seems very final though and sooner or later something has to happen as this reality is unbearable.

The USA is falling into the abyss and to believe that positive change will come from this country is to announce officially your blindness as I argued recently with Robert Steele. But these alt-thinkers are so deeply embedded in this dark matrix that if they detach for a moment and have a bird’s view they would have to lose every meaning of their petty lives. And this is the dilemma of most Americans and humans at this moment, and we are the only ones who have detached from everything and only await to be raptured.

I wish you calmer days ahead, even if I do not believe it, but surely a quick ascension in the coming days.

With love and light



Thank you, George.

Only a few of us understand. I correspond sometimes with a former PAT participant who also does not get it. In a former correspondence, she said it is time to stop the suffering and start the new world living. And believes, I just don’t ask for relief or help. She suffers a very few symptoms, an occasional headache or occasional fatigue not a constant barrage as we do. So has no idea how important it is for the few of us to continue in our transformative roles. It’s an old story that someday will be legend across the galaxy but for now, we hope we continue.




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