Palestinian Israeli conflict

Palestinian Israeli conflict

“This is not a bad thing, just like a lot of toxins accumulated in a certain part of the human body. Only when they form pustules, protrude from the surface of the skin, and fester and fester, will those toxins be completely discharged from the body and let the body return to a healthy state.

“Of course, the ulceration was rather ugly, but it was a necessary stage and an indispensable link in the process of rehabilitation.

“The place where the conflict is now taking place is like an old and painful wound on the earth. The wound has begun to heal, but it needs to get rid of the toxin before it can heal completely.

“Please project your holy light and love to that place. This is the best ointment for healing wounds. When the pain in that place is completely healed, the energy of the five dimensional new earth will manifest from there and eventually expand to the whole world.

“That is to say, the new heaven on earth will first appear in Jerusalem. This city will become a real “city of peace” (* Note: in Hebrew, “Jeru” means “city” and “Salem” means “peace”). That land will really become a happy place for “flowing milk and honey.”


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