Time Guardian: 3 – 6 – 9 expansion

Time Guardian: 3 – 6 – 9 expansion


Ascended masters, please accept the light greetings from home.

Hello, dear, I am the guardian of time. I’m glad to intersect with your fragmented time, leaving a message about what you said about the future. With the formation of a new world, time is changing rapidly. The novel coronavirus pneumonia created by CO VID – 19 has changed your world, as we have already mentioned. When human beings begin to get rid of the shackles, they will find that they are entering a new world. The virus is not gone, but people’s lives are recovering.

Two gifts from covid-19

The impact of the virus has two main benefits. One is that many people who are needed on the other side are called homes. In order to complete the next step of evolution, we need help from the other side of the curtain. For this reason, many people have crossed the line and are called home. They are experts who can help us from the other side now, because a key quality is being achieved. The second gift is that all humans have relaxed their spirit slightly. This, in turn, starts a slow process of relaxation that allows humans to enter a higher state of vibration permanently. We call this state “Jiangben”, although many other names will appear from different channels. esayoto

System adjustment

Humans do jump in evolution. As a result, you are witnessing a rearrangement of your system. With the progress of mankind, science and technology have played an important role. You are now firmly rooted in an era when there are no secrets, and anything unusual will be recorded on your mobile phone. Although it seems that there are more cruel and inhumane people now, in reality, you just see more clearly what always exists. From this higher perspective, adjustments will be made and you are experiencing the beginning of all this.

Global interaction

One area you’ll see in many areas in the next few years is disruption in the global supply chain. Your world has been expanding rapidly for the past 75 years. One way to achieve this is to form a global, or even national, supply chain. There are several different intentions of the supply chain, but many will show signs of weakness in the near future as the planet is readjusting. As she readjusts the needs of the earth itself, it will come to light because the earth is at a tipping point. When it reaches the 8 billion mark, she will decide what to do next. The planet is rapidly approaching a singularity where change can take many forms. As the planet rebalances, local distribution networks will begin to take shape. Humans will also find that they have better nutrition and eat local food.

3 – 6 – 9 expansion

An interesting point to make here is that the earth is a polar driven planet. The effect of increased polarity is to give you two eyes, two ears, two hands and feet to explore the world. This has been expressed in many ways, because even your math is decimal. At the same time, most universes are based on the derivative of 3, similar to the basis of 12. Can you imagine an era of counting by three? Moving away from a polarized society brings new possibilities, because people are beginning to see that most things are already based on 3. For example, the third leg of a relationship is rarely recognized, and even without it, the relationship cannot exist. Projects and new paths based on 3 will find extra energy behind them. Discovering the invisible energy hidden behind the three will unlock the secrets of what humans call the universe. Yes, dear ones, it’s time to open the third eye.

In the same vein, new awareness of many things is now possible. For example, you may have noticed a lot of hatred expressed on earth. Human beings naturally believe that love will overcome all difficulties and balance hatred. Although this is true, it is definitely the most difficult way. Instead, find the third or hidden leg of the equation. Believe in compassion between love and hate. Treat everything with compassion and the door will begin to open. By gaining compassion on every occasion and opportunity, you will create a new world. As you do, many of the earth’s systems will begin to change in the face of compassion. It’s time for unconditional love to grace the earth in three seconds.

It is our greatest glory to plant the seeds of light in these messages.

We are here at this moment because you have called us. It’s time. We leave three gentle reminders.

Respect each other.

Nourish each other.

Let’s play together.

I am the guardian of time.

**Light transmission: Steve rother

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Over Dali, there are many aliens who stop, work here, or use it as energy transfer station, gas station, parking station, inspection station, learning station, information transmission station and so on( There are also some melon eating teams. Ha ha, I’m kidding.)

Because many channels above Dali are connected with many spatial energy points, energy channels, energy space, galaxies and other forms of existence around the earth, they can be used as a kind of energy transfer channel.

For example, in Dali, you can quickly return to your home star (which can be understood as the route between Dali and the mother of aliens has been opened), and the energy signals in the universe can be quickly transmitted through the Dali space pipeline. At the same time, it is also convenient for them to receive the signals, and it is convenient for the alien friends to transmit the signals to other departments.

(just like the special energy line has been opened, the energy and space pipelines here are also connected to the relevant management offices of the high-level departments of the universe, so they are also protected by divine beasts in the process of transmission.)

Due to the stop of the aliens, they carry out energy work at a high frequency here

Therefore, the energy interaction between this place and multi-dimensional and multi space is very close, and this place also gets the energy help and care of positive alien friends.

So the energy here is also compatible with multi-dimensional forces.

Because all the energy states in the space field are rapidly filled and improved with high-frequency energy every day, the overall energy vibration frequency quality of Dali makes it a very important city in the future.

Thus, it can provide the exact facts and reference for people all over the world to be more convinced of the high-frequency energy of the universe and believe that the earth’s energy is rising.

With regard to Dali, in the next energy work, the further manifestation level of matter energy state in Dali’s space field will be further advanced.

In particular, the material manifestation at the sky level, as well as the abnormal manifestation at the meteorological level, whether in the time, frequency, range, color, persistence, shape and other data related to the manifestation will be adjusted and adjusted accordingly.

That is to say, the next step of manifestation and concretization in Dali will be more and more bold.

Such a progressive manifestation will frighten the local people’s consciousness, and make them gradually depart from the state of doubt, curiosity, and suspicion, which covers such a group of consciousness, and form a state of consciousness of exploration, open embrace, trust, search, and pursuit.

At present, human beings are only able to see such manifestation in the form of naked eyes. However, with the steady increase of human body frequency here, the spiritual vision of some transparent people in the crowd will be activated, and they will witness more unthinkable differences in life.

And more people will break some fixed cognition in their inner consciousness, and begin to pay attention to the fields that have never been involved or rarely involved, which is a way of guiding consciousness.

Generally speaking, with the further promotion of material manifestation and the continuous promotion and activation of energy of various energy state elements in this area, this area will be upgraded to a “French city” with high-frequency energy bearing material before other cities.

Become a high-frequency energy state life, which can be better used as a comprehensive revolutionary base for combat, energy supplement point, signal transmission point, energy transmitting tower, other energy planes, etc.

I hope more people will know about the changes that are taking place in Dali.

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