heal the inner male energy!

It’s important to develop this self-awareness because it protects and guides women’s energy.

I want you to pay special attention to this: in the bottom energy area, two of the three chakras are related to male energy. This means that the male energy in your body needs more healing. So I’m going to tell you now: heal the inner male energy!

Female energy needs balanced male energy in order to truly fulfill its role, and it is waiting – whether at the collective or individual level. Female energy is getting rid of the role of victim and regaining self-esteem. Now it wants to unite the male energy and manifest itself strongly and joyfully. So, what does the power of balanced male energy look like? This applies to male energy in both men and women.

Female energy naturally tends to connect with other people (or other creatures) and care for others. Male energy sets boundaries and helps to find a balance between giving and receiving. As the female energy is flowing and connected, the male energy at the lowest chakra plays a role of fixation and support. This is the key to returning to one’s inner home, and also the key to liberating one’s connection with other energies.

Joshua | male and female energy: cooperation and rebirth of gender energy

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

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Joshua transmitted through Pamela

Women’s energy is reviving in many ways, and they are regaining the strength they need to show themselves perfectly. Intuition, sensitivity and empathy are more and more respected, no matter at the individual or collective level. But what a balanced male energy should look like is not so clear. In the misconception of “what men should do” and the stereotype of “men represent ambitious power”, male energy is lost. It’s important to recognize and express the essence of male energy.

In the first chakra, there is a healed, balanced male energy that leads to self-consciousness. Male energy doesn’t have to fight any more. It comes through self-awareness Being (that is, being completely with the whole of your soul) is an important feature of the first chakra. “Being consciously” means being aware of yourself, being centered, not lost in the opinions, expectations or needs of others, and maintaining a balance between “connecting with others” and “being who you are.”. The balanced male energy in the chakra will allow you to remain centered and self aware when interacting with others or the outside world.  

The solar plexus (or third chakra) plays the same role in different ways. As mentioned above, this chakra is the energy center of the ego The concept of “ego” is still confusing. You often think that among human beings, the energy of giving and surpassing oneself is “more noble”, and the soul of Lightworkers often think so, but it is not the case. In your world, the energies of both sexes work together and form the building blocks of creativity. One of them tends to connect and pursue the whole, while the other creates separation and individual. The latter is as feasible and valuable as the former.  

It is very important to live in harmony with male energy, embrace your individuality and uniqueness, and embrace your “me”. There is an essential sense of solitude in life, which has nothing to do with loneliness, but just because you are an “I” and a unique individual. Only by truly accepting your individuality can you become a powerful, independent and creative individual, and share your energy with anyone, because you no longer worry about losing yourself or giving up your individuality.  

The male energy of the solar plexus can help you become truly creative and powerful, and that’s what your inner female energy has been waiting for for for so long. You have a passion from the heart, eager to express yourself on the material level, in a completely secular way, to bring the gospel of love and harmony to the earth. Female energy is the carrier of the new era, but it needs balanced male energy to truly express themselves and take root in the material reality. This is why the energies of the first and third chakras urgently need to be healed.

The rebirth and cooperation of sexual energy

The energy of a healthy ego, that is, the solar plexus being healed, is self-confidence. The energy of the first chakra is self-consciousness, and the third chakra is self-confidence. Self confidence is not the arrogance seen in the inflated ego, but simply trusting myself: I think I can do it! It’s about being aware of your deepest passion and creativity and acting on it. Let your energy flow out, trust your talents and talents, trust your essence, and show yourself to the world! For Lightworkers, you carry so much inner knowledge and intelligence that it’s time to show off and not hide. This is your destiny, and you will find the greatest satisfaction here.  

Shake hands with the inner male energy and make peace. Strive for yourself, accept abundance, take care of yourself, and don’t hesitate. You can be “egocentric” – the word here is pure and neutral. You are an individual and cannot and need not always forgive and understand. Blindly tolerating is not called spirituality. Sometimes it’s obvious that you have to refuse or even turn away. You can’t give up your essence because of compromise. Do it like this. Don’t feel guilty or afraid. Feel how the male energy of self-awareness and self-confidence gives you strength to let the delicate female energy bloom and shine.  

It’s all about the cooperation between the sexes. They have been falling and pestering together for a long time, so they will also ascend together, because without one, the other cannot balance. Now that female energy is ready to rise from the ruins of humiliation and repression, there is an urgent need for male energy to be reborn. Such rebirth will eventually emerge in large numbers on a collective scale, but it will first manifest in each of you, both men and women. You all carry these two ancient energies within you, and it is your birthright to let them cooperate equally and happily.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translator: butiamnot editor: Ling Jing & Ye Na

Source: http://www.jeshua.net/zh

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Male and female energy


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