You awakened people have a very important purpose to serve on earth.^_^

You awakened people have a very important purpose to serve on earth.

Even if someone around you doesn’t understand you, doesn’t understand why you are interested in these things, you can be yourself, and you will follow your inner guidance in any case. It’s just a matter of time, and now is the time.

You don’t need a moment’s hesitation in the process of pursuing the ideal and reality, but you really need to go beyond your belief. You need to realize that consciousness is expanding, people are awakening, and you are part of it. You’re here to help. Deep down in your heart, you always know what to do and how to be yourself.

Become what you know as healers, coaches, guides and guides without waiting for permission or invitation. You follow your heart, you follow your inner guidance. You live in your truth, with your soul purpose and source.

Everything you offer is valuable. Every moment you spend on earth is a service, but you have to be true to yourself to create the reality around you. In order to build a bridge to the new world, you have to live as much as you can in your truth, as much as you can without any apology.

You awakened people have a very important purpose to serve on earth. You are there to light the way, to set an example, to guide, to open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do it, you are doing it, you need to be a signpost and Lightbringer more than ever before, people who realize that you are one on earth, and that there is no reason to split, or even to feel split. It’s time to show your fellow humans what’s possible, and you can do it by sharing your stories, by sharing your talents, by leaping in faith and by doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are listening to all your requests, and we know that you not only want to see the world change, but also that many of you want to be part of it. You are changers. You are the ones who question everything and look forward to a new world in which everyone lives in peace and harmony. This is definitely the world you want. Some have experienced the world through their minds, bodies, emotions and fields. They don’t do it as an escape from the real world. They are building a bridge for the new world with their own body, energy and soul.

You Are Building a Bridge to the New Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


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