Ashian: you must always act first.

Ashian: you must always act first.


A: You, humanity, are like a water balloon that is so full of water/energy that you are about to make a collective ‘pop’, and when you do, the Universe will know.


J: Are you talking about emerging from the ‘new big c’, or the EBS or the Event, or something different entirely?

J:你是在说“new big c’”还是EBS还是事件还是别的东西?

A: The Event. It is close and getting closer. Despite what you may see, the vibration is increasing steadily on the planet and when you are able to sustain the vibration you will make the jump.


J: What vibration level? How? To where?


A: The Event could be imagined as a positive electro-magnetic surge that melts the blockages in your ‘juke’ DNA and in the 95% of your brain that you are not using. These two biological changes will transform all life, completely.


Illness will cease to exist, imbalances or addiction, temperament, habits that do not serve you… these will be seen as the effect of old programming and effortlessly left behind, like toys you have outgrown.


J: Great! So we don’t need to do anything – just wait!


A: Wouldn’t that be nice?! We know you ask tongue-in-cheek, and it’s an important question. Consider swimming: the water will hold you, but only when you have learnt and practiced the skill of using your body in a way that compliments the medium of water.


The 5D will hold you, and allow you to create unimaginable events, circumstances, health, experiences… but only when you have learnt to hold your body in a way that is aligned with that energy.


J: So, what does that mean, and why am I already feeling like I have failed? I don’t mean to be rude, but how do we hold such a high vibration with the lack of nutritional quality in food and water, not to mention frequencies from mobiles, wireless this and that, air pollution…. The list is endless and overwhelming.


A: My dear friend, breathe…






Firstly, we never expect you to do it all; what matters is that you engage with your health, your physical sovereignty, your divine vessel. Begin with any aspect of your health that appeals to you, whether it is simply making a switch in diet, in what you drink, in exercise or – if we may be so bold – the radical departure of thanking your body for giving you the opportunity to be here now. Without your body, you could not access this experience.


We have seen enough of your world to know that humans at best ignore their bodies, at worst they hate them, and in the middle, they worship them.


J: Wouldn’t worshiping the body be good?


A: Worship always comes from the mind, from a feeling of inferiority and fear, not from the heart which knows only love, equality and respect.


J: Nice point!


A: Each and every precious soul has a different journey which must be respected. Your awakening is not just a spiritual awakening: it is also a physical awakening. You will bring your bodies with you into the 5D, so it is best to begin to gently prime them, to entrain them in the practices and routines of the 5D. What you do now, from and through love and respect, for your bodies, will make the transition easier, smoother and swifter.


Become more familiar with nature, with light, with breath… these are the fundamental aspects of your being in the 3D/4D and especially in the 5D.


J: I’m sorry to say, I’ve never been an outdoor person; it’s always too cold.


A: Layer up! External air …


J: I note you don’t say fresh air!


A: We would not lie to you. There are areas of your planet where the air is clearer, but fresh air is not currently possible on your planet. It will become so. The waters will be cleansed and purified, the earth will be made rich and fertile.


But we cannot and will not override your free will journey and self expression. You must begin first.


We can offer endless inspiration and assistance if we are asked, but we cannot and will not rob you of your victories, your insights, your growth. We are here as coaches, not surgeons. And very soon, it will become understood why surgery is no longer necessary.


J: Do you mean Med Beds?


A: We do. The Med Beds will allow for all of humanity to have enormous assistance in the detoxification and refinement of their physical forms.


J: You did that for us.


A: Only when the vibration was conducive to it: you must always act first. We will take 10 steps to meet you, if you just take the first step.


J: Very Jesus-like, if I may say so, but I feel that’s a conversation for another day. Thank you for this.






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