The strong willpower of self-discipline and dedication turns to, In the next few weeks or months,

The strong willpower of self-discipline and dedication turns to, In the next few weeks or months,

Where to turn

Greater expansion of the heart chakra

It’s not just feelings and sensitivity

Greater empathy, greater understanding

What’s more, it’s not just the time of solar eclipse, it’s daily work

Especially those men and women who have been supported by strong willpower, self-discipline and dedication, lightworkers

Having reached the critical point and turning point, the turn is inevitable, just need to open up to all the karma storms that rush to you in the direction of goodness, oneness, understanding and compassion

More important, higher vibration, in greater understanding and greater picture

There is a reason for death. It is the self choice of individual and collective. It must happen no matter whether someone is saved or not, because just as you experience it, you should allow others to experience it, just as you want to ascend and allow others to ascend

It’s just that you’ve died and experienced in rest, healing and expansion, and others haven’t or haven’t completed, and this experience and death experience are similar to what you’re experiencing now, in order to prepare for the next ascension

All of them are on the way, all of them are on the way of dangxing

You too. Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey. In courage and challenge, it is the power of joy, not sadness and compassion

Why is there such an arrangement

See a bigger picture, a longer time, 100 years, 200 years, 1000 years, so to learn more about the civilization of rebirth and destruction, the earth cycle conversion, the quantum leap civilization, has not been successful, this time is the most ideal, the least harm, the highest success rate

Because everyone has to come out of the lava of hell in an open, naked, abundant, full and complete way, although everyone is held, taught, pacified “everything is OK”, and every cell of the body is taken care of

It seems that conspiracy, distortion, rape, coercion, squeezing, snatching, intelligence, skill, sage’s words and belief occupy people’s minds

In fact, more traumas come from this. The best way is to go back and trace the source, because such traumas can be burned like needles even if they are placed in a bright, quiet, idle, and sunny world

Now it’s like this. I can’t stop trying to do something. I can’t stop trying to save all living beings. I can’t stop trying to kill all injustice

You’ve already experienced these, so there’s a spring breeze in the quiet

And more people haven’t experienced, allowed, allowed, allowed

Allow him / her to have the same freedom as you, to face one fear after another, to see mutual help and love again and again, to release fear, resentment and hatred again and again, until peace and greater understanding are achieved

You’re on to the next stage, not to stop

Greater heart chakra expansion, no longer living under the compulsion of “old beliefs, old ideas, old life / work rules”, the origin of the strong willpower of self-discipline and dedication

Nothing goes deeper into your inner abundance and understanding than being yourself

Only by being yourself can you have the confidence of unconditional and greater understanding, and what is the system balance in frustration

Nothing can connect you with the higher self more than questioning the expansion of the greater good which is blocked by everything, because all books, teachings and words of saints can no longer satisfy your intransigence

You need higher teaching: from yourself, the source of confidence, not by strong willpower, but by the expansion of the heart chakra and learning to learn to learn, practice, act and balance

It’s also self-discipline and dedication

It’s all verified by practice, either in the physical world or in the spiritual / timeless world

Heart chakras and feelings, higher self and intuition, sensitivity and intelligence are indispensable

How else is it called system balance

It’s easier to open up to all opportunities and help, of course

See, death has lessons and benefits from death, opening up and accepting to the high vibration, and having your own lessons and practices. All these are earth lessons, but you have to graduate, and others are still learning

Let the lack of time and the source of the first cause become your new teaching, to study, to practice

The higher self is already online. It’s yourself

Open to higher vibration


“I want to continue to open the heart chakra, how to do it”

In addition to keeping high vibration and joy in nature, what you can do is to keep food and fitness in high vibration. The chakra of your body is determined by your consciousness and physical endurance. Therefore, you can ask the higher self to open your heart more,

As a result, you will be faced with more karmic events to help you open up, because the heart chakra will expand more after the foundation is laid in the next three rounds, so are you ready to share your feelings and consciousness with others? If survival, sex and self-consciousness are not fully opened and put down, the heart chakra will face many challenges,

The greater expansion of the heart chakra is also related to your laryngeal chakra, which is closely related to the constant connection of the higher self, that is, whether you can always maintain the connection of the higher self and constantly improve your sensitivity in intuition

Connect with the higher self and leave the chakra expansion to the higher self


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