Super daily account of new crown disease

Super daily account of new crown disease

Why did originality stop me Kryon Cleon today

Friday, April 30 (first day)

My son (10 years old) had a fever at night, 38 degrees. I went to his room with him to sleep.

In the middle of the night, he said he had a sore throat and still had a fever, so he gave him Advil. Keep sleeping.

Saturday, May 1 (second day)

My son’s fever has subsided, and his throat is still sore. Give him a little Bupleurum and propolis several times.

Sunday, May 2 (the third day)

My son still had a low fever and a sore throat. He continued to eat propolis.

My daughter (15 years old) had a fever early in the morning, 38 degrees. Let her drink more water and have a good rest.

I began to feel headache (maybe my aunt was coming), and I wanted to take some painkillers, but I vomited what I ate and what I drank. It’s a mess. Later, I ate a packet of Huoxiang Zhengqi pills under my mother’s persuasion and finally stopped vomiting. After eating something, I pad my stomach, eat a piece of Tylenol and go to sleep.

At dinner, my daughter said her fever had gone down.

My husband said that he felt very tired. Take more rest.

Monday, May 3 (day 4)

My son got rid of his fever and began to cough. He took two days off for him.

My daughter said she had a headache. I wish she would take two days off, but she insists on going to school. OK, let’s go.

The headache is better, but it’s still painful. My throat is starting to ache and my limbs are chilly. It’s very similar to the flu symptoms of the past. Take two days off from work. I took a bunch of Chinese patent medicines for clearing away heat and detoxification

At night, my mother told me that she had a fever, and 39 degrees! The fever subsided after eating Tylenol.

I began to doubt and worry. It’s not good for old people to burn to 39 degrees. Watch for one night.

Tuesday, May 4 (day 5)

My son asked for leave at home. No fever, lots of coughing.

My daughter went on to school.

My headache is much better. But my throat is so sore that I can’t speak. The rash on the right index finger should be due to the fact that the body is detoxifying. In the past, the body also had dermatitis when detoxifying

After mom got up in the morning, she burned to 39 degrees and continued to eat Tylenol. I want to take her to the emergency department. Considering the sore throat, send wechat to my younger brother. Let’s make psychological preparation first. My brother is very active. The helper called the vaccine Center (mother got her first dose of vaccine on April 26). Call 811, suggest to check nucleic acid and home self isolation for 10 days( I’m speechless. At least I’ll send her to the test room when I can speak.

She said that she didn’t have to be so nervous. She didn’t have any other discomfort except fever. In the evening, the fever reached 39 degrees, and the medicine retreated.

From this day on, I didn’t sleep well every night. I woke up with a little noise.

My husband said he had a fever. Take Tylenol.

Wednesday, May 5 (day 6)

My son is still coughing. Please take two more days off.

My daughter went on to school.

When I brush my teeth in the morning, I feel something is wrong. It seems that there is something missing. Think about it carefully, it seems that the taste of toothpaste is missing.

WHAT?! I found a bunch of other things to smell, but I couldn’t smell anything. Suck your nose hard. There’s no nasal congestion. Did you really hit it?

Start coughing, a cough can’t stop. People have no spirit.

I don’t have much appetite because of discomfort. But he still forced himself to eat less and eat more meals, a quarter piece of bread or drink more water.

My mother’s fever goes back and forth. My younger brother is more active than us. He made an appointment with a family doctor for her mother. The doctor asked a lot, but did not prescribe medicine, said to test nucleic acid. Mom felt no need to check, no need to be nervous. I asked my mother to check her heart rate and blood pressure. Everything is normal.

My husband said that his fever had subsided and he went out to buy a bunch of vegetables.

I started to worry. Sometimes I feel chest tightness when I go to bed at night. It’s better to be quiet for a while. So I slept off and on all night.

Thursday, May 6 (day 7)

My son’s cough is a little better.

My daughter went on to school.

Husband began to cough, and very serious, and said it was a headache. Tell him to keep eating Tylenol. He said it tasted strange.

Mom’s cooking is not all right.

I’m more and more suspicious, online about tomorrow to check nucleic acid. After thinking about it, the whole family can check it.

At night, the feeling of chest tightness is heavier. Start to do visualization: Please 11 Gao Ling that I like to form a circle, plus me, a total of 12 people, they do therapy for me together. Thinking about it, I fell asleep and woke up with no chest tightness( 12 people are the latest Kryon course, which was introduced in the last article.)

Friday, May 7 (day 8 )

At 10 a.m., my son, husband and mother went for the test. Come back and tell me it’s mouth rinse. That’s to gargle with salt water and spit it back for testing.

At 3 p.m., my daughter and I also went for a test.

The husband is more and more listless, do not want to eat, do not want to drink. A lot of coughing.

I don’t feel my heart beating properly. The next app, measured more than 100. How high! But there’s nothing we can do now. Keep watching.

I registered online and asked the testing center to send the results of the children and the elderly to my mobile phone. At ten o’clock in the evening, there are results, the earliest is the son’s: positive!

The big stone in my heart finally fell. The most worrying thing is not masculinity, but “I don’t know what sex is.”. The result is reassuring.

In the heart of a lot of words, with the most peaceful and most peaceful way to tell his son his test results. Although he was not very happy, he did not show fear. I’m relieved. I’m not afraid.

Saturday, May 8 (day 9)

A very busy day.

Get up early in the morning, check SMS: the whole family is positive! Good.

Although she was surprised, she calmly accepted the result – maybe everyone had doubts in her heart. I’m not afraid.

According to the SMS requirements, I helped the children and the elderly fill in a pile of things one by one on the Internet: mainly the whereabouts of the day before and five days after the onset of the disease. It’s the most infectious these days.

Not long after filling in, BC Health Bureau called. The content of the question is basically the same as that on the Internet, but it is more detailed. Where have you been? Have you been in close contact with others? If so, who and how do you contact them? Are you able to isolate them at home? A person a phone call, all I answer. The average call is 20 minutes. I think: if it is a critical patient, where there is energy to answer you.

In the afternoon, BC Health Bureau followed up. Or four calls (husband’s, he answers them himself). Tell us the time and conditions for de isolation:

Conditions for de isolation:

1. Self isolation for at least 10 days, counting from the first day of onset; So, my son arrived at 24:00 on May 11, my daughter and I arrived at 24:00 on May 12, my mother arrived at 24:00 on May 13, and my husband arrived at 24:00 on May 14

2. There was no fever within 24 hours before isolation without taking medicine

3. No new symptoms, feeling better and better.

Do you want to have nucleic acid test after the isolation is removed? Answer: No. First, the air is not good there; Second, the infection within three months may be positive, do not need to rush to test.

Tell my brother about my family and ask him to help buy some bread.

My younger brother took the initiative to contact a very familiar TCM doctor for us. After looking at the tongue and throat of our family and asking a lot of questions, he prescribed five doses of medicine. The prescription is sent to the pharmacy. My brother will get it.

My husband worked hard to answer the phone call from the health bureau and went to sleep without much food and drink.

Drink the first dose of Chinese medicine in the evening. For the first time, I’m glad I lost my sense of smell, otherwise it would be even worse. Although the children didn’t like it, they knew the situation was serious and finished it.

I feel heartache and panic when I sleep at night. Meditation can’t go on. Sincerely ask: God, what can I do? Received two words: rest.

Confused between heard a loud noise, quickly up, seems to be from the master bedroom. Before I got to the master bedroom, I heard another loud noise. I rushed to open the door and saw my husband lying flat on the bedroom floor. I quickly walked over and asked him if he had difficulty breathing? He opened his eyes and looked at me. There was nothing in his eyes, just like an idiot. They didn’t answer me. I had to grab the phone and call 9-1-1.

The phone rang several times and no one answered. At this time, my husband got up from the floor, went to bed and lay down. I pressed the phone. Ask him if he has difficulty breathing? This time, he said no. I also wanted to ask. As a result, the phone rang and 9-1-1 came after me to ask. I told them the truth and told them I didn’t know if I wanted to see an emergency.

They asked: is it difficult to shout( Have you changed your color?

After getting a negative answer, I transferred to an ambulance and asked my husband to lie on his back. If you have other symptoms, continue to call 9-1-1.

At this time, the husband had time to say: he felt headache, and wanted to go to the toilet, after going to the toilet, he felt like vomiting, just took a step and fell down (he was also confused). Then I got up and went out of the toilet. I don’t know how, I fell down again.

After lying for a while, my husband seemed to feel better knowing that the ambulance was coming.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived quietly. It’s 12 a.m. and they didn’t turn on the alarm. After some basic tests, my husband’s blood pressure is very low. Conveniently also made one for me, the result scared to death, the heart beat to 120! Blood pressure 220! The other side seems to want to pull me into the car. But I don’t have any serious reaction.

I can’t sleep at night and have palpitations. I can’t calm down. I also want to go to the hospital, at least do some tests. But I was afraid that the two children would not see their parents when they got up, so they would panic. It’s better not to be like that.

Sunday, May 9 (day 10)

At 5:30 in the morning, my husband called and said that the doctor asked him to leave the hospital. Hurry to pick him up. The rest of the family didn’t know that he was in and out of the hospital. Good thing!

He said that in the hospital, the doctor asked him to hang water (he can’t say what it is), and released people when his heart beat and blood pressure were normal. It probably means that he is short of water, which leads to electrolyte disorder. He needs to supplement water and nutrition.

BC Health Bureau continued to follow up the situation of the two children in school. I’ll give them the phone directly. A phone call takes 30 minutes.

The rash on the left hand has spread to all the fingers, itchy.

Continue to eat Chinese medicine, I think it stinks. Why? The sense of smell seems to come back a little bit.

I feel heartache at 11 p.m. and I can’t sleep. Told my mother, she found me a bottle of “Japanese heart saving pill”

I said take my heart rate and blood pressure. Results high pressure 220, heart rate 120. My mother rushed me to the emergency department.

Call 9-1-1.

One of the people who came this time was a trainee nurse. I admire you! Thank you!!

Help me to listen to the heartbeat, breathing, nothing. But the blood pressure is very high. Another veteran nurse took my temperature and said, “38.5 degrees. Why don’t you take medicine?” WHAT??? I’m really confused! As if, as if, as if, from the first day, I, on, no, test, body, temperature!!! I’m afraid to think it over. Is my immune system fighting unilaterally these days? No overreaction?

It’s so powerful! I really like it!!!

Because the blood pressure is too high, I’d better go back to the hospital. On the ambulance, I really contributed to the health cause of BC Province. The little girl didn’t know what to do for me. After I couldn’t get the needle into my left arm, I changed my right hand. I finally inserted it. When I was about to pull out the bottle cap, I suddenly exclaimed and looked for cotton everywhere. I think it should be blood splashing ambulance. Just think you are a dead fish.

Monday, May 10 (day 11)

Finally, I got to the hospital bed. The doctor drew three barrels of blood for me. The nurse took an X-ray of my lung and made an electrocardiogram. At this time, the medicine on the car made me feel dizzy. I felt the smell of chemicals rush to my nose. It was very smelly and dizzy. The nurse connected me to the instruments for measuring heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, and gave me two Tylenol to have a good rest.

For the next three hours, blood pressure was measured remotely from time to time. I watched the number drop from 220 to 135, and my heart rate also dropped to more than 80.

In these three hours, I probably know why I have to go to the hospital. Only when I really enter the hospital, can my light penetrate the hospital, go up and down, and cover the whole hospital. By the way, I did a light visualization.

I don’t know what a comparison is until I get sick( I always translate it as “compassion.”. But the recent channeling doesn’t seem to mean that. It means “empathy.”

At five o’clock, the nurse said I could go. Because I can’t find out what causes abnormal blood pressure, and I’m sick. Now the number is back to normal, you can go home to rest and keep isolated. Contact your family doctor for follow-up when you are well.

I sent a message asking for leave when I was discharged. Please take another week off.

I got home and had a good bath, then I had a good sleep.

Then always pay attention to the body temperature, a more than 38 degrees on medication, determined to lower the body temperature. No longer willing to experience the feeling of palpitation!

I have a better sense of smell.

Neither of the children has class this week.

Their schools sent out e-mails, saying that the school added a new confirmed case and the date when the confirmed person was last in the school. Another email was sent to the class, asking the students to observe themselves for 14 days. As soon as you have symptoms, you will return home and be quarantined for ten days.

Tuesday, May 11 (day 12)

The children are full of energy and play games without class.

My mother and I still have fever and cough, but there is no sputum or the sputum is very thin. My husband has a bad cough, and his sputum is dirty.

The smell is back 80%.

Continue to drink Chinese medicine.

As my son’s isolation ended, I moved back to the master bedroom. Put on gloves, put on a mask, change and wash all the bedding in his room, and wipe the surface with detergent.

Wednesday, May 12 (day 13)

BC Health Bureau called to follow up. I said I still have a fever, the other side said that this can not remove the isolation. It has to be unburned. My daughter can be released from quarantine.

At night, I don’t have a fever!

My daughter’s room was also cleaned.

Thursday, May 13 (day 14)

The health bureau is following up on my mother. There was still a fever, and the other side said to continue isolation.

At night, my mother didn’t burn!

The rash on my hand has faded a lot.

My husband is still Yan Yan.

May 14-16

My mother and I are getting better day by day. But there is still a cough.

Start to do a thorough cleaning at home, all kinds of things wash, sun, change, wipe.

May 17 (18th)

The two children began to go back to school.

There was no discussion about the girls’ school.

The son is very proud to say that he won the new crown, other children are very happy( It’s really the original Is the generation gap so big?

I told my boss to take another week off. She told me that BC has issued a new rule that patients with new crowns can have three days’ paid leave. Great!

My husband is still listless.

May 20th

At night, my husband got up to fight 811 and said he had difficulty breathing. 811 to 911, the ambulance came to test that blood oxygen is low, and then pulled back to the hospital. This time, he was given oxygen in the ambulance. After observing for a long time in the hospital, he was discharged in the morning.

May 24th

I started to go back to work.

May 31st

My husband returned to work.


1. National conditions are not the same, can not copy each other!

2. Thank you so much for your brother and sister-in-law! Thank your parents for having a second child!

3. Thank you very much, Dr. Luo! Follow up and change the prescription without any trouble.

4. Thank you very much! Help buy medicine and daily necessities again and again.

5. Many new crown patients are mild. We must observe our body temperature, take medicine in time, drink more water, rest more and have enough nutrition. Relax.

6. Because many patients are mild or asymptomatic, if they do not test nucleic acid, they do not know they are infected. So far, the son’s school has not issued a new confirmed case, the daughter’s school has a new case, but not her class. So, you’d better get vaccinated.

7. Due to the carelessness at the beginning, if it infects other people, please forgive us.

8. My mother got sick a week after she was vaccinated. But good luck didn’t turn into severe. There are vaccines here, too.

9. Does the gods help? yes!

10. Thank you, medical staff. They are the angels of this era.

11. I wish everyone who read this article good health!


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