3D time on earth is almost over^_^

3D time on earth is almost over

What is that

Vibration frequency and consciousness density manifest the dimensional world together

Mother earth has the vibration frequency and consciousness density of Mother Earth

One also has his own vibration frequency and consciousness density

In other words, one’s world is manifested by the balance of one’s karmic life, higher self guidance and individual free will

The world around you is your karmic life, so understand the karmic life. It is the unmeasurable causal energy. It has been existed since the birth of the source in oneness. It has the ability of “send-back” and “expanding -collapsing” of the unknowable path, and the energy is supplied by the open energy of the source. That is to say, including the source, it is the co creator of the karmic causal energy, Therefore, there is no person, life, angel, Buddha, Christ or Bodhisattva, including which stone, plant or animal can refuse their own karmic life, which is non-existent, because it is the source opening energy that guides the first God particle, the second electron pairing, the second God particle, the second God particle Third, the balance of body mind system creates and manifests together

This process is vibration. You can refuse the source opening energy, but you can’t get rid of it, let alone leave it. You just can’t feel and feel it, and you can’t feel it. But the source opening energy still supports your life and all your activities, as if heaven no longer cares for you, and only one person forces you to work hard

This is the difference between feeling and intuition in low vibration and high vibration. One is only aware of one’s own strength. The other is not only guided by free will, but also guided by the higher self. It is living in the collective of tangible and intangible worlds. The best example is the body of nature, animals, plants, minerals, women and children. They all have one thing in common, Living in collective consciousness

All matter has consciousness, because consciousness is light, protons, neutrons and electrons, pre atoms, and energy

The soul is a split vibration of consciousness, followed by another split vibration. First, the first thought, masculinity, mind and life energy, negativity, creation, as well as the second common unity. The unity of body, soul and inner child in the universe is simultaneous and immediate

What is that? The soul is the unity of life energy, mind, thought, speech expression and the body of the universe. It is also what we call love, heart, God and I, the unconditional

From conditional, then back to unconditional

That is to say, the soul has not only consciousness, not only feelings, but also thoughts, wisdom and expression. Of course, if we want to achieve the ultimate goal, we still need free will to make the higher self and source of the soul express incisively and vividly

Frequency is absolute time, relative to relative time, in reciprocal, mirror and supply to be relationship

The vibration of the cosmic body is the frequency and level of consciousness we feel

3D is based on the creation, manifestation and domain of the next three chakras: root chakra (survival), sex chakra (manifestation), solar plexus (free will)

So how to make the 3D time come to an end and improve the vibration frequency and consciousness level

The center of the sun and the core of the earth are responsible for raising the vibration frequency

The higher self is responsible for channeling energy, raising consciousness and chakra escalation

The source is responsible for the global field

7.8-10 Hz, 10-30 Hz, 40-100 Hz, measurement is for accurate and stable experience, from 3D, 4D to 5D, soaring all the way

When one is willing to be the change one wants, the consciousness will activate the chakras to generate a strong gravitational field to locate and decode the master information in the DNA and help you transform your consciousness and body

“Chakras are immaterial, multidimensional and energetic portals in the layered body, forming a gravitational control over the DNA strand and keeping it in place! When the DNA strand connects back to its port, advanced cosmic-light begins to pass through the cells of the DNA strand, then through the central nervous system and throughout the whole body! “

The lower 3D frequency is governed by the possibility of all the time lines of 4D from life to death, that is, the fear of each time point, yesterday and tomorrow will complete rest and healing in the higher radiation, and then usher in the next fear project: how do I choose to live or enjoy this life, that is, 4D and 5D have fear sequelae, It’s just that you know what you’re afraid of, what your actions will bring, and even what you’ll experience even if you don’t do it. This is closer to the engine, the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, a time matrix that begins to enhance sensitivity, empathy, empathy, and what we call love

Thus, the 3D time matrix is ended

The low-level fear of 5D will continue to release in the tangle of serving themselves and the public

However, it is not limited to one life and death, but an incarnation. For example, all the time lines of the earth incarnation are possible. Of course, you will choose the sky soul plan with the highest speed, and the way of joy will be more energetic and exciting

Of course, it’s better to be stable in the sixth dimension consciousness, not serving yourself or the public, living from the heart, from the higher self, and from the source feeling and intuition. Then you will have the awareness of all incarnations, and will understand not only the earth, but also the extraterrestrial and the great sun center, and even the experience expressed as the source

The end of the 3D time matrix is not annihilation, but the manifestation of choice. It is the choice of the earth mother and the sun father. When the people who do not choose are not on the earth, the social structure and form of the natural earth are higher dimensions. There will be more choices for those who do not. Don’t forget, they are all in the energy

Therefore, the end of 3D time matrix will lead to the collapse of fear of survival, fear of sexual energy, pressure and burden of both sexes, and blockage of free will

The vast majority of people will choose to resist in pessimism and negativity, so their consciousness will turn from lessons to optimism and positivity. This is the purpose of all disasters and epidemics to be carried out smoothly, frequently and innocently, bringing about the change of consciousness choice that they do not want to turn to

By the end of 2021, there will be a stage in which all people around the world who have not received the release of the three chakras will experience release, rest and healing, or choose to leave the earth

From this you can understand what’s going on around each group for change and transformation

Animals, too, will face change and transformation or leave the earth if they are troubled by fear for a long time. Similarly, plants, minerals, all mountains, rivers, flowers, fish and insects will face change or variation and the birth of new elements if they remain at the 3D vibration frequency. The birth of new species seems to be born, but in fact, the time matrix is at that vibration frequency or higher

Therefore, there is not much time. If you can let go, let go. Accept unity and empathy. Connect your higher mind and help you

Everything comes from your choice, no fixed number


*Monitoring Schumann resonance in our space weather tool page



Now the state requires everyone to be vaccinated. Does this vaccine work?

Vaccine is a kind of experience, just like whether a drug has any effect on people. It’s all experience. It’s useful for those who need it. It’s useless for those who have confidence in self-healing ability. It varies from person to person. People’s body is strong. When you nourish and take care of them with “responsible for yourself”, unconditional and unlimited possibilities

Similarly, vaccines may enhance the confidence of people who have been haunted by fear. But if this confidence only comes from vaccines, they will need to experience other similar vaccines and drugs. Some people will release, let go and no longer fear joy in this life, while some people may have to continue this course, no matter what, This cycle is a gift and blessing to the experience of all, and will greatly assist the next greater awakening


The virus will disappear suddenly after 2021. If there is no substantial quantum change in China, it will be repeated in the virus related socio-economic and political aspects, because this is the mission of the virus in this period: stop, rest and heal the world, if mankind still needs more cleaning and release, There will be follow-up lessons related to human chakras that have nothing to do with local or global human extinction. For example, those related to survival, those related to sex and gender, and those related to individual free will will will have to be released one by one. It will take five years to clean up to a certain stage, and the most difficult period will be reached by 2025. Twenty years is too long, and there is no time for so long. Ten years is enough, Ten years later, preparations for global quantum transformation are basically in place, that is, all human beings have experienced and transformed survival, gender and individual free will. Another big event in China has been waiting for the outbreak, that is, 100000 students commit suicide every year, and 100 female rapes every day in India, another populous country. These two events are the keys to the subsequent quantum transformation, Because the two means that when the social psychological contradiction reaches the transition point, there must be events to promote the turning, which will lead to a series of social changes

In this cycle, the sage is no longer a person, but a group of people, a collective, the Lightworkers, because it is indeed a large number of lightworkers who are promoting the awakening and saving mankind. By saving yourself, you are also a member [strong]


You have to know that 3D time on earth is almost over. The time glass is placed on its side, which shows that you have little time before mother earth graduates to a higher dimension. When that time comes, where will you be?

Are you still letting the darkness around you? They don’t force you, they entice you to stop you from obeying God’s law and creation. If you use your God’s power to defeat these evil people and put them on their way, they have no power against you.

I thank the Lightworkers for their help in sending this darkness to the ether, where they can easily be captured and placed in place. However, there are still some very powerful darkness clinging dear life to stay on earth, bringing more sleepers and enlightened darkness to their hell. If you have rejected the truth and let the darkness enter your heart, you will not graduate, because in the bright reality, no darkness is allowed.

God’s laws are like flags of light for you to follow. These laws are not difficult to abide by, but when you are struggling with all kinds of difficulties on the red road of truth, please stand up as a great guide to help you.

You have enough power to throw them out of your hands and be strong against evil. They attack every second of the day, especially Lightworkers. No probation. Take a higher road. Destroy the darkness and their temptations, and take my hand to victory.

Don’t go the easy way. It stands for truth. This is your choice, only you, because no one can make this decision except you.

Get rid of the darkness! Take the road of red truth! You can do it!

The door of truth is still open. What will you do? I hope you can make the right decision.

I’m Sananda. Hello to all Lightworkers and souls on earth. I will give you a message that depicts the path of truth. I firmly stand in the position of truth, absolutely follow the 18 rules of God and creation. They are the standard for all enlightened people to follow, not to waver from or evade the truth, because every thought you’ve had since you were born in all lifestyles is recorded in the Akashic Record. This road is called the road of truth.

As you pass through your body, your soul will stand before God to judge how well you are living in the law of God and creation. The beauty of all this is that you have a free will, whether you follow the red path of truth or not. No one can make you or force you to follow the laws of God and creation. It’s up to you.



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