June 2021 Energies: Big Changes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

June 2021 Energies: Big Changes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

the more you connect with the Earth and sky, the easier it will be for you to receive. Use your bodies; use your ability to ground, to be silent, and to quiet your minds, and you will maximize the efficiency and the power of these energies of June 2021.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very happy to be able to give you our perspective on the energies that we can feel coming in for humanity and planet Earth in the month of June. In many ways, June is a month of new beginnings. It is a month of you being able to receive energies that will assist you in making the big changes that you want to make in your own lives. These are very supportive energies that are coming, but they are also energies that are meant to stir things up.

You are all meant to look at your beliefs and your behaviors, your thoughts, your feelings, your relationships, your work. You’re all meant to evaluate the vibration you are offering and to see where change is needed, to see where you can be the one who initiates the changes. In some cases, people there on Earth know that they need to make a change but choose not to for some reason. In other cases, people will be blindsided by a sudden need to make a change, a change in perspective, a change in where they live, in their diet, in their relationship. There is always change happening on your world, but you are at a time in human history where change is happening faster and faster, and there needs to be an acceptance to the changes.

And that is something else these energies will help you to do; they will help you to lower your guard, to let go of your resistance to change. These energies will help you to release blockages that prevent you from living more in the flow, and being in the flow means making adjustments, making changes, and knowing when the timing is right for those changes. You are the ones, always, creating every aspect of your lives and your realities, and when you want and/or need change to occur, there are those who can help around you in the nonphysical, and they do. We all help as much as we can, but ultimately you have that free will, and that free will gives you a choice.

You can continue going down the same path, thinking the same thoughts, holding the same beliefs, vibrating at the same frequency, or you can take that next step forward in your spiritual evolution by letting go of what you’ve been holding on to, what has been holding you down and holding you back, and you can initiate the very welcome and necessary changes to your lives and to the way that you interact with your world and others in it.

You will feel these energies coming up from Mother Earth, but also coming down from the heavens, as the help that you have all been requesting is being delivered in the perfect timing and in the perfect packaging. And of course, the more you connect with the Earth and sky, the easier it will be for you to receive. Use your bodies; use your ability to ground, to be silent, and to quiet your minds, and you will maximize the efficiency and the power of these energies of June 2021.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Archangel Michael’s Divine Counterpart in feminine form: the highest and greatest good of al


Beloved Lightworkers,


I am delighted to come before you today to talk about the work that we, the Lords and Ladies of Light do upon the inner realms. I am Archangel Michael’s Divine Counterpart in feminine form. My work complements that of Michael and we work to protect those who call upon us each day. It is a work that is ongoing and continuous and so we have great legions of angels assigned to each of us in order to fulfill our roles as mankind’s protectors. It is our greatest joy to fulfill this duty. We have both pledged to continue in this role until every last Earth Angel has been freed from the illusionary world that you live upon. We work unceasingly on behalf of all upon the Earth. We serve Creator in this way.


There is much that needs attending to in these most exciting times upon the Earth. My task is to oversee and assign our angelic teams to their tasks. As you can imagine, this is a demanding role at this time. We are almost continuously called upon by someone, somewhere upon the Earth. We endeavor to save people in a vast variety of situations that come forth where our intervention is required. We work with your guardian angels also and are always in close communication with them. There is nothing that we do not know or are unaware of. All is known to us.


Long have we worked to bring more Light to the world and all upon her. On the inner planes, we all work together in harmony and peaceful cooperation. We recognize each other as equals in all things, in all ways. Life flows always in harmony and equilibrium. Upon the angelic realms, all serve our Creator’s Divine Will in the focus of service for the highest and greatest good of all. That which Divine Creator decrees is our most earnest endeavor to manifest on Earth.


We are helping Mother Earth/Lady Gaia at this time in her birthing process, endeavoring to bring to fruition the vision of the Earth as a beautiful Earth Star, shining resplendently in the heavens, a great beacon of Light in the universe, for that is her destiny. Earth will once again become the great living library of the universe, where beings from all corners of the vast cosmos will come to enjoy the treasures that only Earth can offer. There are vast treasures of knowledge within her waiting to be discovered, treasures of wisdom, treasures of the heart and soul. Much ancient knowledge, once commonly available to all galactic citizens, will be re-discovered in the coming years and re-introduced to a waiting audience.


We know the choices that are before you in your now moment. We also see into your hearts and know that the majority of you have chosen the path of love and peace. It is only a matter of the alignment of the cosmic events to bring this into fulfillment. This is a great and momentous task for all in this vast universe. The Great Awakening is at hand, but before that can take place, much work is required of those who are awake and aware and you it is that are doing it. Keep on keeping on. I am humbled by your greatness!


I AM Lady Faith.


传导:Marlene Swetlishoff



Father message: get out of control

Life is like a river


Message receiving: Ruohe

Kids, today I want to talk to you about getting out of control. Control is based on fear. For a long time, human beings have been controlled by dark light forces because of the fear they create. These fears have locked human beings deeply in the cage, and it is difficult to break through the control of these dark light forces.

But today, the light has won. Behind the three-dimensional matrix reality you can see, there is no strong dark light support. These forces are withdrawing from the earth, and cannot return, and will no longer have a chance to control Gaia, to control humanity.

Now for you, you need to see that you are not lambs to be slaughtered in cages. You can really take back your own strength and gain real freedom. The power to create fear for you and control you with fear is no longer there.

So you need to start from within and believe that fear is an illusion, just a programming that exists in your brain. To get rid of control is to get rid of fear. Because when you no longer have fear, when you no longer believe that fear is real, no one can control you.

In your world, fear is hidden in many places, not only in your internal reaction system, but also in your external social structure and rules. And control also exists in these places.

However, everyone has the freedom to decide what he wants to do and what he can do without harming others.

Therefore, when others make unreasonable demands on you, let you do what you don’t want to do, and threaten you with your fear, you should know that this is the performance of control.

In your real life, parents often interfere in children’s choices, and between partners, between husband and wife, is often full of control.

When you find that someone says to you, if you don’t do what I say, I won’t love you. So it’s not true love, it’s just control based on fear.

Understand that no one can really control you. As souls, you are all eternal energy beings. Imagine that all of you are different energy beings. Who is more advanced and authoritative than who. So, you don’t have to be afraid to obey and compromise. You need to take back your strength and make your own decisions.

I know that it is not easy for many people to practice. Especially when others judge you in the name of so-called morality, when you don’t get married and don’t want to have children, you will think it’s unfilial or you don’t fulfill your responsibilities.

Children, your social rules are tools to control people, to limit people to specific ways of behavior, so as to meet the interests of some people.

Some people don’t want you to have the freedom to choose and decide for yourself. They want to keep you locked in place so that you can be easily controlled and obedient.

I hope you can liberate yourself from the inside as soon as possible, and really get rid of fear and control. When you can live freely in this world, you are liberating Gaia and humanity. This is an important lesson for each of you. I believe you can all succeed. Come on, kids!


Many aliens and groups come to us for advice on how to approach humans, or how to approach an awakened, seemingly ready person. We try our best to give them advice, which we believe will bring positive interaction and let everyone get what they want. Most of the time, the aliens you contact are interested in activating some alien DNA in your body, or in remembering that you are a member of their race.

That kind of cognition within you can build a bridge between human beings and aliens. When the bridge is built, you can have the connection that many people have been waiting for. Many of you are impatient with this kind of contact experience. We want to say to these people, they will come, have patience, live your life well, know that there are many aliens walking among you, and think about what kind of melting pot mother earth is. You’re surrounded by alien energy. You’re made of it, and the sooner you realize that, the easier it will be for them to connect with you.

hello everyone! We are the arcturans Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very happy to be able to talk to those who have received this message. We’re happy to report that your progress has made waves throughout the galaxy. More and more beings begin to pay attention to those who are open to extraterrestrial contact and high-frequency energy in the nonphysical field. Of course, there is a lot of discussion between them about you, especially about whether each awakened one is fully prepared for this kind of alien contact.

In the discussion, some aliens will take the initiative to communicate with you, although some beings think that you are not fully ready to experience. But from what we’ve seen, you’ve all dealt well with the encounter with aliens and integrated what they want to share with you. You can get a lot of downloads and upgrades in those moments. Some of you are very relaxed and let the activation happen. Others are more nervous, closed themselves, not receiving all the power of information. Even so, you are more and more receptive to them. You are constantly approaching the moment when this type of contact becomes commonplace to you.

We really like to see these interactions and keep in mind what works and what doesn’t.

More personal E.T. contact

Daniel Scranton


More Personal E.T. Encounters ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


Lord Melchizedek-the mass human exodus


There have been many deaths in the past 18-24 months across the globe. Many are due to the viral infection of Covid 19, but there have also been a larger number of suicides, deaths by illness and accident as well as people passing suddenly and unexpectedly. The question could well be asked why so many people have left the planet? The answer lies in vibrational frequency and depths of consciousness.


All human souls have a life contract that pertains to their soul journey, the depth of their spiritual understanding up to the last lifetime and how far they have come, or have grown spiritually, in all of that time. While all souls come from the light and are all connected to the Supreme Source, the wheel of reincarnation is fraught with the danger that, once the soul has anchored their spirit again in human form on Earth, indoctrination, trauma and abuse could see it deviate from its divine plan ̶ one can lose their spiritual perspective and connection to their higher self very quickly in the dense vibrations of Earth. In addition to this, all human sous travel along their path with soul families that can become fractured over time if there has been a lot of trauma, karmic intervention or deep loss of connection to Source to one or more souls within in between lifetimes.


The vibration of a person’s consciousness can be steeped in human misery for many lifetimes, keeping their soul imprints trapped in lower levels of the spirit world after each death, causing their oversoul to keep reincarnating again and again. It is only when their soul can release some of the trauma accrued over those lifetimes, resolving karmic debt and limiting soul contracts that their vibrational frequency can rise enough for them to begin awakening to their divine blueprint.


There are many circumstances behind the passing of souls around the globe in recent times, many of them seemingly before their time. As upsetting as losing a loved one is, we wish to assure you that their passing was always assisted and supported in the most loving way. To choose to take the death door offered before one’s soul contract is completed is always a risk due to the fact that the wheel of karma could be activated, the soul may become stuck in a lower level of the fourth plane or, their reincarnation to finish their soul’s contract will result in the realities of life being harsher the second time around. However, many people who have died recently have stayed beyond their time and have been called ‘home’ to allow the ascension of the planet without as much resistance and negativity.


All angelic and higher realm frequencies MUST be grounded through a human body in order to make a positive impact on Earth. Accordingly, only those people who have begun the process of awakening or whose soul has achieved a level of mastery in a previous lifetime (and agreed to assist humanity as part of their soul evolvement) can withstand the energy of etheric beings without becoming frightened, unwell or misled.


So, people are now finding they need to make a choice, to either awaken or leave this lifetime, because the gap between the first, second, third, fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies are becoming too vast for people caught in the three lower dimensions to comprehend what is happening around them. The more people that awaken, the higher the vibrational frequencies become in the human collective consciousness, in the universal mind and in the many sub-levels between the dimensions. This causes much disequilibrium in the subconscious states of humans stuck in the density of third dimensional physical realities, because their physical bodies cannot withstand the heightened energies being absorbed by their etheric bodies.


All of you are on your own journey. The human psyche will judge and condemn those not seen to be doing the ‘right thing’, while the Creator of All That Is will lovingly allow free will to determine the outcome one’s life will ultimately take. Be aware that no man is an island and all in the Universe is energy that is connected through the energy of unconditional love. There are many lives that could potentially be saved simply by accepting the person as they are, leaving judgement and advice behind and simply holding the space for them. However, should people choose to leave now, whether it be of their own volition, because it is their time or because the energy on Earth no longer matches theirs, please know that they are never alone, no matter how low or advanced their consciousness is.


Send love to the planet, dear hearts. Deploy God’s army, the Elohim, to spread love, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Christ Consciousness gold ray into the Human Collective Consciousness, to nature, to Mother Earth’s diamond core and to innocent people whose energies are being intervened upon. Ask it be done in the highest and best way, with Divine ease and grace and by the law of Grace and it will be done.


I AM Lord Melchizadek.



传导:Victoria Cochrane



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