This is another warning to London residents that in the near future

This is another warning to London residents that in the near future, the tide will go upstream along the Thames River and hit the city of London. The European tsunami we have long predicted will occur when the southeastern United States splits along the Seaway junction of the Mississippi River and the New Madrid fault line. In this earthquake, the westward part of the North American continent will tear the Atlantic Ocean, creating a void in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, and the sea water will flow in and bounce out, creating a tsunami.

Zetas answer, over

ZetaTalk in 2010:

The European tsunami may not rush all the way into the lowlands of inland England, but it will certainly rush into any lowlands on the east coast and force the Thames upstream, disrupting London’s docks. It will not be a flood, but a disaster, destroying buildings and docks, and all the unfortunate things that stood in its way at the time.

Before ZetaTalk:

The tsunami that hit Britain will bear the brunt of the storm and will also cross the English channel into the North Sea, where it will collide with any water flowing down from the Norwegian Sea. Coastlines washed away by the European tsunami will not be relocated, not just because of insurance. Tsunamis will happen again, although not as big as the original tsunami we described, but enough to make people afraid of recurrence. Violent earth wobbles also produce tides that strike coastlines in predictable areas.

Q: guess this is the story of Nibiru about the depletion of our food chain?

After JBS network attack, 20% of beef production in the United States “disappeared”

June 1, 2021

After JBS SA, the world’s largest meat producer, was attacked by the Internet, about 20% of the beef production capacity in the United States “disappeared”. JBS’s five largest beef cattle factories in the United States – processing 22500 cattle a day – stopped processing at the weekend after the Brazilian company’s computer network was attacked. These interruptions cost the United States nearly a fifth of its production. Slaughtering has also declined across Australia, with one of Canada’s largest beef cattle factories idle, according to a trade group.

Today, cannibals are rampant on farms and homes in Australia, where rodents threaten to invade Sydney for the winter

May 27, 2021

Now cannibal mice are swarming Australian farms and homes – Rodents threatening to invade Sydney for winter

According to the rat alert reporting system, rats are abundant in the southeast coastal areas, with Victoria, New South Wales and Brisbane being the worst hit. The harvest left a lot of grain for the mice to eat, and their breeding level was higher than usual due to the abundant food. Mild, humid summers provide ideal conditions for mice to breed, and this will continue until autumn.

The Zetas answered, let’s go

We Zetas predicted in 2008

During the pole shift, unstable weather can lead to food shortages. 2019 ten years later

Difficult droughts and floods alternate, flooding pastures, and unstable temperatures lead to fruit trees flowering in spring. These trends have not abated, but abundant rainfall and warm weather have led to locust swarms in the Middle East and rat swarms in Australia. Therefore, ordinary people regard these periods as the end of the world.

How does the agency manage food production and the specific needs of the hungry? As it is expected that ordinary people will use family gardens, free range chickens, imported fruits, cattle, pigs and other meat production to produce their own resources, the behavior is not encouraged. Before the crisis, how can ordinary people focus on self-sufficiency? The hacker attack is a shock therapy, a sudden shortage, but also to remind people to self-sufficiency as soon as possible.

Zetas answer, over


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