The life you want, your energy is more important than your efforts^_^

The life you want, your energy is more important than your efforts^_^

The life you want is unconditional

It seems that it is still repeating the old theme, but the mood is very different, no longer doing things according to fear

This is the unconditional field, wrapped with conditional efforts

It’s like the fifth and sixth dimension consciousness density wrapping the third and fourth dimension reality matrix

It is more important to live energy than to work hard. One is storing energy, the other is consuming energy, the other is connecting with the source energy, and the other is fishing with all one’s might

No matter what the result is, what the other person / person thinks, what the ego says, you are in unconditional, or have been trying to live in unconditional

Only comfortable energy can go to work, and only comfortable energy supply can go into the third dimension earth. Otherwise, they would rather stay, play, meditate and have fun

The third dimension of oppression and coercion is replaced by the fifth dimension, the forerunner’s first experience

Many inequalities, you can choose to let go, no longer accept the consequences of inequality may be in mind, let your higher energy to deal with

The subtle pressure and burden choose to let go, regardless of the consequences of no longer accepting the pressure and burden, and still go and stop, not without high vibration energy and high self intuition

Next, quietness, connecting with the higher self and keeping high vibration are still the best way to meet the arrival of higher energy

“All you can do is tell them the truth and let it go. If they ask for help, then you can help them because they ask for help. It’s their choice, their choice is just to make a decision, to read and remember what you say. “

Share, let go, send out your wishes with the higher self, respond to the helpers, according to the feelings and energy of the higher self

Express willingness, such as “let the energy be more intense”

Suitable for all dimensions, not only the third dimension, the fifth dimension, the seventh dimension

All right


Everything is based on free will. What are you doing when you try to instill the truth in the unawakened? You try to control the person or friend who loves you to do what you want. It doesn’t work.

All you can do is tell them the truth and let it go. If they ask for help, then you can help them because they ask for help. It’s their choice, their choice is just to make a decision, to read and remember what you say. You have to ask for help for your friend or lover.

Most importantly, each of you enlightened people is not alone, because no matter how hard my hand is, you can help you through the thorny road home through my hand.

Entrust your burden to me and I will help you and your friends or lonely people. Only by volunteering, will you be sad for those you are sad for who choose the way. I can help you with confidence if I ask.

Your requests and prayers are always heard, and when we are called, we respond. You can ask the darkness in your loved ones or friends to leave, but only their free will, only their free will, can stop the darkness.

Now, the most evil darkness refuses to leave mother earth. By demanding that the darkness be removed, Hatonn is “digging them out of the earth and taking them to the right place. You can also pray that the frequency of mother earth will be raised to the point where the darkness can no longer live, because their frequency is too low to leave. “

What I say to you Lightworkers. Grow up with your own souls to stay strong. Take my hand and all the lessons, no matter how hard, can be spent in glory and happiness. Keep your frequency high, no evil can penetrate it.

Put down your burden, you have taken care of your friends and relatives for too long, leave it to me to bear, I will try my best to help you.

I am the master of this planet, and I will overcome the darkness, which has no hope. We will win together, and I will make every effort to bring the truth to your relatives and friends. In short: let them go, let God go.

We are “Jesus” Sananda.

Sananda: the road of light

The rise of mind and consciousness

By: Shalu

I’m Sananda, and today’s news is a special message for all Lightworkers. It is important for me to clarify some of the problems faced by optical workers at this moment.

As I have pointed out many times, as you progress in the growth of your soul on this most difficult sphere, the lessons become more and more difficult. However, I know you can complete your course because I am here to help you if required.

Let me explain that. Some of you Lightworkers, family or friends, even your spouses, have not yet awakened to the truth. You pursue them with the truth, you explain the truth, you grieve for their way. Nothing works as you planned.

Let me ask you this question. What’s the matter with you? You spend hours worrying and worrying because they don’t listen. What are you worried about? It will disappoint you, not them, because you’ve tried to control your choices.

Darkness has no power! They are invited in and want others to join them. How do they gain control? It’s the souls who let the darkness in with their free will. In the end, they can gain complete control because the existence of the soul has allowed them to enter.


In 5D reality, your energy is more important than your efforts. The behavior of being guided, inspired, and feeling good is productive, while the behavior of being obedient, forced, and uninspired is useless

If you pay attention to your feelings, you will know when to rest, when to act, when to celebrate, when to release (seeds). If, at a time when you notice that you feel bad, you turn your eyes from the outside world to the inside, you can quickly raise your vibration, feel good again, and return to the path of kindness

There is no wrong way to feel. They are feeling good emotions, indicating that you are on the road of joy, and bad emotions are reminding you to pay attention and return to the road of joy. Everything has value. In our opinion, none of you is too sensitive. You are all born with a highly refined and sensitive internal compass. When you are a child, you can feel it deeply. You are guided in depth. Now is the time to pay attention to your feelings, because this guide is becoming more and more important in 5D reality

Honey, you’re important. Your heart is important. Your feelings matter – they’re your barometers. You should have enjoyed life. You should have chosen the idea that makes you feel good. You should naturally move towards the resonant and away from the non resonant. Care about your feelings and don’t let the outside world pull your heart to its end. Again and again, we will remind you that caring for yourself is not selfish

A happy, inspired, high vibrating person is a powerful light on earth. People who are in the natural flow will be led to their own desire by nature and organization, and will also serve in the way of mutual assistance, satisfaction and joy, so as to create more abundance and flow for all involved. Trust your feelings

God bless you! We love you very much — angel

It’s time to take care of your feelings

Original going home

My dear friends, we love you very much

It’s time to care about your feelings and take care of your own. Just as a gardener nourishes plants at all stages of their development – whether they sleep, germinate, blossom or sow their seeds in the dark soil – you can take care of your heart tenderly at all times. Whether you’re sleeping, creating new life, enjoying the harvest or letting go, your feelings matter. Your feelings let you know if you are in a higher vibration, walking on the path of grace. They are your guide

All life stages are equally important. Without sleeping in the soil while waiting for rain and warmth, the seeds will not be inspired to face the light. Without growth, it will not bear fruit. Without fruit and seeds, it will not create new life. So it’s the same with you. All the stages of your life, all the cycles of your growth are valuable

Some of you are in the stage of rest and dormancy. Like a seed in the soil, you’re not motivated to do anything. At this stage, you honor your feelings by resting, relaxing, removing any pressure you put on yourself, giving up the artificial deadline, and cocooning. You may long for daydreaming time, contemplating what you want to create or what you want to be, just being. You will want to take extra care of your body, eat light, exercise gently, and let nature guide your mind and heart. When you listen to your body and mind and refuse to force yourself, you feel good

When you give yourself this gentle time to rest and relax, vitality will grow and create movement within you. If you honor your feelings, you will love the dormant phase of your life. When you rest, you can be in a wonderful, peaceful, passionate, grateful high vibration, thus embarking on the most friendly path. If you resist your feelings, in any case – even if you get physical rest, your mind doesn’t rest – you, like a seed without rain and warmth, will need to stay dormant longer. So it’s best to listen to your feelings and return to the natural flow of your soul journey

Some of you are in the budding stage. Like seeds breaking through the soil, your energy thinks and acts in ways that will help you create new lives and change. At this stage, your feelings may inspire you to get things done. You may be urged to learn, grow, clean up your home or life, change your diet or habits, create a morning or evening routine, work on a project, change your mindset, or do something you feel motivated and interested in

This is the stage of being guided to grow up, and your positive feelings will help guide your behavior. At this stage, if you resist your feelings, you may feel depressed, grumpy, or even angry because life is pushing you to think or act in the way you really want. You may be less tolerant of interruptions, dramas, or tasks that you’re not interested in. We know that you have something to do, and when you are at this stage, you may need to make time every day for inspired actions

Some of you are in the harvest stage. It’s like the seed has grown, blossomed, and fruited. It’s a time to celebrate, to enjoy what you’ve accomplished, to make your dreams come true, to succeed in a project you’re longing for, or to gain new consciousness. At this stage, your feelings may guide you to enjoy your creation and bask in success. Even if you grow up in difficult situations, your feelings at this stage will guide you to recognize talent and growth naturally, so that you can reap the fruits of all your experiences. You may want to share your gifts and wisdom with others because you feel full and abundant in your heart and in your life

If you resist your feelings at the moment of harvest and immediately force yourself toward new growth without taking the time to enjoy and celebrate what you have created or your growth, you may feel exhausted, numb or empty. These feelings remind you that you deserve to enjoy the beauty you create. You deserve the rewards of your growth. You deserve to feel and bathe in the satisfaction of your efforts and achievements. Your feelings remind you to enjoy the harvest, just as you enjoy the ripe tomato, rather than immediately burying it in the soil, so that the seeds can grow into new plants. This stage of harvest and enjoyment is needed. This is a high vibration platform that can create your next set of dreams

Finally, there is the time to release the seeds. Just as plants bloom, bear fruit, release seeds and create new life, you will also have a stage of growth beyond your own creation, belief or way of being. Your previous creation may feel satisfying and a little boring, as you begin to crave more seeds. You may find that ideas, behaviors, relationships, or situations that you previously felt good no longer feel good, or even intolerable. In these stages, you are not only releasing the vibration of previous creation so that you can create more, you are also sowing seeds for the future. What do you desire to create new life

During the seed release phase, you may feel urged to change your work, change your relationships, clean up, repair, sit in, dream, and let go of old negative thoughts, beliefs, or habits. If you listen to your feelings, they will guide you to do it easily without forcing yourself. If you don’t listen, you will feel frustrated, trapped, stuck, angry about the past. Life is urging you to move forward, let go and create more

These life cycles take place in grand and small ways. They happen every day, several times a day. You may find yourself at different stages in different topics. For example, you may enjoy the fruits of creating new friends and releasing a job that no longer serves you. You probably don’t want to clean out your closet at all, but you are eager to create art

We provide these cycles and their typical feelings to help you understand and coordinate your relationship with yourself


Message from children: the experience of darkness

Primary energy mass source

06/07/2021 oXm-tF2pK3QwSQ

“Children” said

Welcome to all who have read this message… We are now in a higher realm. We are a group of “children” who have crossed here for thousands of years after being tortured, killed, raped and sacrificed. Yes, that’s when these heinous behaviors happened to us.

We now ask Loza to speak for us… Because she’s one of us, because she’s experienced the same terrible behavior in previous lives… That’s why she’s “listening” to us now.

We have asked LOSA to deliver our words to all who are willing to listen, and we thank all who are listening to us.

We are quite certain that those who are going to read these words are already familiar with the many tragic “acts” committed against us. And our brothers and sisters, in front of us. Therefore, we will not discuss these behaviors in detail now.

What we want to show, however, is how deeply these actions affect us… And how long this betrayal can last in the human soul.

Lothar recently discovered that she had lived as one of these “children” for several generations… Mainly during the 1600-1800’s. As a result, she also found out how these past lives influenced her present life so widely. What affected her most in her life was that she felt worthless.

This is also reflected in Rosa’s attempt to “control” everything in her life… Because she felt that she “couldn’t control” in those challenging times in the past. So it takes a lot of emotional healing to learn to forgive all those involved and move on in your life.

There are many, many lightworkers who throughout their time on earth have agreed to a “life contract” to put them on the path of harm through torture, rape and sacrifice. The reason for agreeing to experience these terrible events is that all Lightworkers must experience as many different emotional aspects as possible when living on earth… Including those who have actually sold their souls to the dark side.

This will allow Lightworkers to learn about forgiveness. It’s not only for themselves, it’s the most important aspect of their journey, but also to learn to forgive their mistakes“ Offenders. ” While they are learning to forgive, they are also preparing to help others and learn to forgive.

There are still many lightworkers who have not realized that they have also experienced these tragic lives in their last lives. Even if it may have happened hundreds of years ago, it still feels vivid soul, as if it just happened yesterday… However, due to the nature of terror, one’s initial “memory” is also a huge challenge.

Many of you dear Lightworkers, in the recent past, have “helped” us in your sleep time to save all the children still on earth, in very “dark” places, literally and figuratively. We are still continuing to provide our assistance in any way we can so that we can take each and every one of these beautiful children home so that they can begin their healing process.

Every soul who has experienced these terrible environments, throughout the entire time on earth, has become a literal “Lighthouse” of light for all other children to “see” and help guide them to safety. To those who have helped us in this process, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks and love to you. We can’t do it without you.

We have more areas on earth to focus on, and we are continuing to join all the brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives to enter these “evil caves”… And help bring back as many beautiful souls as possible. After experiencing such a painful situation, these military personnel also need self-healing, because the normal human conscience does not have the ability to deal with this terrible behavior and situation.

We understand that our message here today is not a “light” message, but we want to bring some insights, so that more souls may better understand the real and tragic plight of “children”.

We appreciate your time and allow us to talk to you today.

We unconditionally give the creator’s love to each and every one of you, and to your children!

**Light transmission: LOSA


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