To create the ideal reality for yourself, self acceptance is more important than concentration of thought or will^_^

To create the ideal reality for yourself, self acceptance is more important than concentration of thought or will^_^

You can’t create what you’re not. You can recite the mantra a thousand times and create a lot of positive images in your heart. But as long as they don’t reflect your real feelings (such as anger, depression and uneasiness), these mantras and images can’t create anything, they can only cause confusion and doubt (“I tried so hard, but nothing happened”).

Self acceptance is a form of love, and love is the biggest magnet for positive change in your life. If you love yourself as you are and accept it, it will lead to people and situations that reflect your self love. It’s that simple.

Please feel your energy, feel all your feelings. In all your struggles and sorrows, feel how beautiful and sincere you are at the moment. With all the imperfections and imperfections, you are beautiful. That’s the only important insight.

Embrace the real you, be tolerant of yourself, and perhaps look at your “many shortcomings” with a sense of humor. You know, perfection is not an option, it’s an illusion.

To create your reality from the heart is to recognize your light here and now. By recognizing and perceiving light, you are sowing a seed that is about to grow and take shape at the physical level.

When God makes you into a single soul, he does not impose will. He is just as he is, and at a certain moment, he feels there is something to explore. He didn’t know what it was, but it did make him feel like falling in love. He immediately imagined that he was worth experiencing this tempting new reality. He also fell in love with himself!

So you form a separate soul, and God begins to experience life through you. How did it all come about – the details of the creative process – God really didn’t bother. He just loved himself and was open to change. Those are the only elements you really need to create your perfect reality: self love, and the willingness to be bold in new things.


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