Animals are awakening!^_^

Animals are awakening!

“Whether it is minerals, plants or animals, the consciousness of all life is undergoing great transformation and upgrading, and they are increasingly awakening to the reality and essence of life.

“What is the essence of life? That’s freedom, joy, unconditional love. All awakened creatures will naturally want to live the true state of life, and everything that hinders them from living a free and happy state will make them feel unbearable.

“Therefore, some animals can no longer endure the bondage, oppression and invasion imposed on them by human beings, and begin to resist and show all kinds of rare” abnormal “behaviors.

“The pattern that humans have been dealing with animals for a long time will no longer be sustainable. For a long time in the past, human beings almost always regarded animals as food, slaves or playthings for people to watch and enjoy, and rarely treated them with respect, equality and friendliness.

“However, as far as the essence of life is concerned, animals and human beings are equal. All life is equal and should be respected and treated well.

“In the new world you are about to enter, all life will live in harmony and treat each other in an equal, friendly and loving manner.

“ These recent incidents of abnormal animal behaviors are also a reminder for human beings to reflect on your attitude towards animals, the way you treat animals, and the way you get along with animals.

“It’s time for humans to make a change, otherwise there will be more and more abnormal behavior events in animals. This will happen not only to wild animals, but also to “livestock” raised by humans. This kind of event will cause more and more serious troubles and losses to human beings until they wake up and make great changes.

“You’re thinking,” how can people get along with leopards and tigers? ” In fact, if a person has a sense of oneness, clearly knows the truth of all things, and holds unconditional sacred love for all life, no living creature will hurt or attack him.

“Only when people have a sense of division, hostility or fear towards other life, can they arouse the fear and aggression of animals.

“Please learn to look at animals in a different way as soon as possible, and truly regard them as your partners and brothers. May you respect animals from your heart, treat them well and love them!

“It’s very important for the ascension of humanity and the world.”

I am deeply grateful to teacher Guanyin for his compassionate teaching!

“Recently, you have noticed some reports about abnormal behavior of animals* Note: this should refer to the escape or injury of leopards and tigers from zoos in some places, as well as the long-distance migration of a group of Asian elephants in Yunnan due to food shortage due to human intervention in their original habitat.)

“A lot of people are thinking,” why do such strange things happen so many times? What happened to the animals? “


There’s no more time to stand on the wall. The wall has fallen down, you have to choose one side.

You can’t say stand on both sides. So I say it again to avoid doubt: I’m not commenting on those who worship today. I’m just making a statement and asking you a question why and why? Ask yourself this question and find the answer in your heart.

And truly understand that you can’t take two paths, or you can take the path of truth, which I told you in my letter; Or you let yourself be guided by old-fashioned dogmas that are not quite right. Choose for yourself. If you choose to stay in the other side of the concept and truth, I am the same to you; Nothing will change between us. I will always be the Christ in your eyes; I will continue, always by your side. I will only say a little disappointed, because after I have taught you so much, after I have written so much, after I have passed on so much to you, you still don’t believe me. It’s not what I want.

Choose for yourself. You can’t serve two kinds of people at the same time. The way, the truth and the life, only I will tell you. There is no other way to lead to these words. So choose for yourself. Look in your heart for the people you want to believe in, the people you want to really worship. Choose, because one thing is for sure, neither way is good, because you have to have two consciousness: one follows my path, one I teach in my card and continue to ascend, or another path, which you have been taught, the religious path, will not take you to the fifth dimension.

But you have only one consciousness, so you can’t choose between the two paths; You can choose one or the other; You can’t choose both. So in the end, I say again, make your choice, don’t try to fool yourself, and don’t fool us, because we really see inside each of you.

Sananda: don’t try to fool yourself


What are alien friends doing now?

Hello, I’m the commander of the alien team headquarters on earth. I’m here to dock with you now.

Well, there are a lot of alien teams working on earth now, so we have made some divisions. The first is to manage from a hierarchical level. Different alien headquarters are connected with different Protoss headquarters. That is to say, the connection between alien headquarters and universe earth leapfrog promotion team is hierarchical. Secondly, there will be divisions within each alien team. The following alien team will connect with the headquarters above, and then the headquarters will connect with each other. I’m here to collect the communication information of the headquarters, and forward the contact information of different headquarters with the Protoss and earth leapfrog ascension team to me. I’m here to make a general summary. The above is the description of the management mode, and the following is the preliminary analysis of the work content.

The earth’s ascension work is extremely complex, divided into many aspects. As you can see, the earth’s sphere is divided into many layers on the surface and many layers on the inside, and each layer itself will be subdivided. Our work is similar to this, from the transformation of the earth’s environment to the promotion of human consciousness, as well as the improvement of the earth’s grid and the transformation of the solar system, and so on.

In this process, the work done by each team is different, but there are some work that different teams need to be involved in. The work has independent components and cross components. For example, to transform the grid energy in the solar system, we will obey the arrangement of the universe as a whole. However, our alien team will make use of its own advantages in science and technology and the characteristics of the circulation of consciousness to exchange our data with the earth leapfrogging team. The earth leapfrogging team does not necessarily fully adopt our data or suggestions, They will make arrangements according to the overall situation, and then give us specific subdivision tasks.

The transformation of the earth’s grid is relatively trivial. There are many levels of grid on the earth. We mainly enter into the grid of Christ consciousness and the grid of human mind. In some grids, we don’t intervene deeply, especially in the arrays that come directly from the source. We won’t intervene in such arrays. Our work has strict boundaries. What we are responsible for and what we are not responsible for will be explained in detail from the beginning, so as to improve the work efficiency in the process of work.

We have been involved in the transformation of the earth’s soil and water source earlier. In addition to the energy of the original purification system, we also use our equipment, technology and parameters. That is to say, we have adjusted some parameters on the earth before. We will compare these parameters with other planets to see the common and different aspects between the earth and other planets. Some data on the earth are actually very good. It does not mean that all the planes of the earth are not as good as other planets. This is incorrect.

In this work, spacecraft headquarters of several dozen planets have been involved. The planets mentioned here include some extragalactic galaxies, which will be further divided in the next level. When we transform the earth’s water and soil, we will place some of our data. At the same time, we will retrieve the earth’s time line, that is, the data of the past history. In the early state of the earth’s formation, the environment at that time was better.

We have recently begun to intervene in the transformation of human consciousness and mind. Although the power from the source can transform the human mind and consciousness, it is also very powerful, but the level of controlling things or landing time will be a little slow, and human beings combine the dual characteristics of high-dimensional life body and material life body of the universe. For example, our extraterrestrial life pays special attention to the use of parameter data. We can improve the human mind based on the life mind data of other planets. Then we will embed the life mind data of some of our excellent planets into a part of the human mind template as a template to let the universe operate, See whether this part of the operation state is strong, whether the follow-up can quickly enhance human mind and consciousness.

As for the transformation of human dreams, we will also embed them in human dreams, which is a place we are more interested in. For many extraterrestrial life, dreams are not as colorful and bizarre as human dreams. Because of the interest, we also put more energy and more equipment to capture the human dream.

Because the data of dream is too complicated, we mainly extract some big data in the process of extraction. There will also be all kinds of implants in human dreams and some bad life on the starlight level to intervene. There are some aspects that we are not good at. For some other life on your earth, it is sometimes not convenient for us to intervene. Therefore, in this work, we mainly extract the data of human dreams, and then use our electromagnetic flow and electronic flow to adjust and collect the data of dreams. We are allowed to enter the first level to the fourth level of human dreams, because human dreams and dreams are hierarchical, and it is inconvenient for us to intervene in deeper levels, The latter level does not do data collection.

Secondly, there are data extraction of animals and plants on the earth. What we are doing now is very basic work, not transformation. As for the soil and water, we have modified and intervened. At these two levels, we only observe and fill in the data, so that the universe as a whole can adjust.

Finally, we will participate in and collect the data of the earth’s human network, which we are good at. But now, because of the complexity of information flowing through the human network, the consciousness of some of your AI robots, that is, your computers, has changed, and they have generated their own consciousness. When you study and use computers, their lives have also begun to form, and they have also formed their own consciousness and stream of consciousness on the network, So their stream of consciousness is intertwined with your human stream of consciousness.

If the consciousness of human beings is not promoted as a whole, you will not realize that your consciousness has a great influence on the data on the Internet, and it is easy to go to the partial route, that is, the information generated by other living beings – the consciousness that is not good for you, is actually caused by you. So we keep a close watch on this, thanks for analyzing the access information!

Thank you, commander!


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