June 10, 2021 (total solar eclipse)

TV series and novels are not interesting, only play
The most comfortable day after the total eclipse, download the energy in place and release

The head is misty and the third eye is active

Throat inflammation, runny nose, sneezing

Similar to the previous three rounds of cold symptoms

June 10, 2021 (total solar eclipse)
Continue yesterday’s symptoms, the sky and the earth add weight together

Explain “Dear rainbow tribesmen, 144 light up the new Gaia light grid
As we get closer and closer to the ring of fire eclipse, on the 10th of this Thursday, we are being raised more and more in frequency and vibration. This is the fourth day in a row when the fifth dimensional photon gamma wave enters the field of consciousness. All experience is perception and projection.

Today, as the Galactic activation portal on the Mayan calendar, everything is heating up, as fire burns from the inside, illuminating all our meridians and grids, both inside and outside!
With the flow of these huge high-dimensional waves, we have more white light explosions on the Schumann diagram with amplitude power of 44 Hz. This is the 44 divine energies from 5D that elevate all sentient beings of three-dimensional consciousness to the fifth dimensional frequency of heaven on earth.

As we wake up from the dream of the false 3D matrix of fear, separation and pain, our soul eye is opening into the 5D Divine Matrix of love, unity and prosperity, where all can thrive in the infinite source energy.

We have a huge storm happening here at the portal as I bring this message from my higher I White Golden Eagle.
My Magdalene, my holy black gold vulture, let me continue to carry out my mission, let my heart open and firmly anchored in the basic resonance. The rainbow agency protocol has been launched, and we have now.

Continue to follow this flow that brings us into the stream of consciousness, into the ocean of universal consciousness, which we call the Buddha nature (TAO) of God consciousness or Tao. I am the way, the truth and the light. The kingdom of God is in sight. There is no distance between me and that, only the appearance.

Continue to live with your heart, shine your light in the dark, light up everything on the road


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