Plate movement, active crust is the current state of the earth

Plate movement, active crust is the current state of the earth, surging in my body unprecedented force of famine, I want to burst out, ha ha! ha-ha! Why am I compassionate? I’m nothing. I’m just the consciousness and existence that accompanied you through that long time.

No matter whether I’m merciful or not, I’m just the “heaven”. Some things are caused by the common karma of people’s heart and human behavior, and some things are caused by the thunderous means adopted by the universe to replace this heaven.

Yes, compassion is not only a mother’s care, it is not to put you in the cradle forever and not let you experience any events. Compassion is also the means of thunder, the performance of punishment, and the core of comprehensive promotion of energy.

For your future generations, for the transformation of the earth, and for more and more compassion, I must be thunderous and detached from things. I must quickly unload my heaviness and stagnation, so that I can become the one who is always happy and happy, and I can cooperate with more people to express happiness on the earth.


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