China agenda

China agenda

The guardian realized that these trends are now developing, so the Chinese mainland and the grid are currently in an energy isolating state, lest they exercise the next stage of global power game, so the power and cash supply there is rapidly weakening, showing various economic crises and weather disasters and other events. The purpose is to help people wake up in this turbulent period, and those who support the regime begin to collapse, and eventually they won’t succeed. People need to realize that this anti human AI agenda is working to help people realize global awakening by exposing events.

Owo mode in China
(One World Order)

The “Black Sun” control group of negative alien race infiltrated into the high-level positions of Communist Chinese government, developed these special advanced technologies, and established a totalitarian country to track, mark and conquer the population. Delivery systems such as body and face recognition are used for biological and social programming purposes. These systems are managed and monitored by artificial intelligence systems. Artificial intelligence can exist in digital form. It can access the digital brain computer network connected to the Internet or connect to the Internet of things devices. Because artificial intelligence system can process and analyze information far beyond human perception and processing ability, it can easily control human beings in a way that the public can not detect.
The Death Cult intends to introduce the same government structure into the United States, that is, the technology totalitarianism driven by artificial intelligence and the operation mode of its biometric identification and monitoring system have successfully controlled the citizens of Zhongguo. The energy characteristics of the entire technocracy infrastructure are driven by the digital platforms they use to control, which are inverted in name, ostensibly to cover their penetration mechanisms. This is the spread of Marxist or socialist ideology, which is designed in their ideological form of ideological control. This is the design of induction and transformation for the implementation of “one world order”. They also design synthetic organisms to be tested by various transmission systems such as UAVs, nanotechnology and robots, which are fully automated and controlled by artificial intelligence computer systems running 5g or on the Internet.

Some people have been infiltrated into the power and position of the United States. They are loyal to the lineage of the Death Cult and deliberately conspire to cooperate with China in order to support the automation of the artificial intelligence technology system and successfully implement their same world order. The military government and totalitarian governance of the Communist Party of China are designed and implemented by the negative alien race “Black Sun”. They have branches all over the world, and can obtain some of the most dangerous artificial intelligence weapons, which can be used to genetically engineer the consciousness of organic human beings into transgenic human beings, clone human beings and robots (Seberg). When the consciousness and body of organic human come into contact with the field generated by artificial intelligence, it can cause nerve damage in the body and light body, such as fascial crystal network and Nadi structure. This will cause damage to a person’s soul body. He may not be aware of this situation, but his character will change dramatically, more like an automaton.

The guardian realized that these trends are now developing, so China and the grid are currently in an energy isolating state, lest they exercise the next stage of global power games, so the power and cash supply there is rapidly weakening, showing various economic crises and weather disasters and other events. The purpose is to help people wake up in this turbulent period, and those who support the regime begin to collapse, and eventually they won’t succeed. People need to realize that this anti human AI agenda is working to help people realize global awakening by exposing events.

The Black Sun creatures who control the power elites in Zhongguo have no inner light source in their hearts. On the contrary, an anubia black heart connects them to the realm of illusion. Therefore, they are parasitic entities and need a living host body to embody their individual will on earth. Those who control the lineage of the Death Cult welcome these parasitic entities to reside in their bodies through satanic abuse rituals. They lost their true humanity because their religion told them that it was the highest honor and sacrament to be possessed by these ancient ghost creatures, or to worship Lucifer or Satan’s hierarchy as their God.

These black sun creatures desperately want to completely control other people’s every move by implementing these evil plans. They genetically modify human beings and produce gene hybrids for Satan’s possession. People have to face the truth that they unknowingly control our world. These groups belong to the secret lineage of the death cult. Their belief system of cold-blooded power is inherent in their religion. Their task is to achieve the goal of unscrupulous means at all costs. That is to hand over the earth and all human beings to these NAA consuls for their complete possession and absolute rule. The consuls are regarded as the highest gods worshipped by Lucifer or Satan’s death cult.


Genetic modification of human DNA: China and the United States in the final circle of anti epidemic

Dorothy, June 10, 2021 Genetic modification of human DNA: China and the United States in the anti epidemic final circle/

Epidemic, vaccine, inoculation
Vaccination is a kind of medical treatment in the form of injection. Experts say it is to improve immunity and inject it into people who are healthy. Nowadays, many people are aware of the corruption and immorality of medical enterprises and pharmaceutical groups. They force healthy infants and children to be vaccinated with too many untested vaccines. Many vaccines contain different components, including laboratory modified active viruses or inactivated bacteria, chemicals, metals, proteins, antibiotics, neurotoxins, and DNA and RNA from humans, animals and insects. The individual response to vaccination is based on the weak genetic genes in the human body. Each person’s unique genetic composition will produce different physical symptoms to neurotoxin. These symptoms can be classified as a series of clinical diseases. However, the attack of vaccination on brain, nervous system, DNA and mitochondria is more and more obvious in many cases of vaccination. Pestilence, vaccine, inoculation and inoculation are often combined with a variety of trace metal elements, such as aluminum and mercury, which has multiplied its toxic effects, causing neuron damage and brain dysfunction. In society, the age of early-onset dementia is decreasing, while the number of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing rapidly. When the biological nervous system is damaged, it is more difficult for the person to embody their soul or spiritual body, because the body will reject their high self resonance frequency.

In addition, live virus vaccines are derived from a variety of cells collected from aborted fetal tissues, monkeys, cattle, chickens, dogs, mice and other animals. Many vaccines are produced by cross species virus contamination. When foreign DNA is injected into the body, the body’s immune response will attack foreign DNA. When foreign animal DNA attaches to human cells, the immune response also attacks its own cells. These trace amounts of multi species DNA are injected into human tissues and blood, which will lead to problems in DNA signal in vivo and conflict with the original DNA of human species. It’s confusing human DNA language, designed to confuse communication in cells. When DNA is mixed with multiple species, the human body cannot recognize the original DNA signal, so cells cannot recognize the frequency resonance of the real mother of DNA.

This is an upgrade of the negative alien agenda. They inject animal DNA into the blood, making human genes mutate and become more animalistic over time. This is a deliberate form of genetic modification and forced hybridization, which hybridizes human DNA with a variety of animal species to reduce the level of human DNA. Unfortunately, before the full disclosure of the event revealed the true face of the controller, the public was affected by scientific fraud, media cover up and large-scale conspiracy. The top echelons of CDC got the support of negative alien race, and they designed the schedule of children’s disease, vaccine, inoculation, based on the fact that more indigo and crystal children were born on earth in the late 1980s. These are souls from the stars who volunteered to help earth enter a higher dimensional consciousness in the cycle of ascension. Therefore, children’s inoculation, epidemic and vaccination are fighting to launch a joint attack on the infant bodies of these very ancient souls, which may have a devastating impact on their sensitive biological nervous system and spiritual consciousness. This is the original intention and cause and effect of the birth controllers to actively carry out epidemic, vaccine, inoculation and vaccination activities. When indigo children appeared on a large scale, they increased the dose plan. Obviously, it’s not for human health to inject trace amounts of animal DNA and known neurotoxins into children’s blood with genetically engineered bacteria and various viruses.

Genome editing

Chemical based genetic engineering uses natural or synthetic compounds to form particles to promote the direct transfer of genetic material or instruction set into cells. The enzyme catalyzing DNA bond reaction is a kind of genetic engineering technology, in which DNA can be copied, cut or spliced to customize a series of effects in the organism. Genetic engineering, which used to manipulate human DNA in the lab, is now being uploaded to quantum computers and artificial intelligence machines as complex mathematical programs for weaponizing particles. What happens? The next generation of programmable genetic engineering is uploading instructions to the cells of organisms through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence network, so as to achieve the goal of Totalitarianism to control the global population. If humans abide by this mandatory epidemic, vaccine, inoculation and vaccination agenda, they will be gradually modified with each injection. We can see how this agenda enables humans to be influenced by these biological weapons, and ultimately produce automation without primitive thought-form.

Through the use of chemicals, nano robots, viruses or other types of genetically modified organisms (such as viruses), the pathogenic substances of genetic engineering can be used as weapons to enter the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of robot automation, mind control, manipulation of religion or spiritual belief, and track the human biological recognition and energy output. This person is also exposed to the technology system, which aims at microwave or other electromagnetic technology with specific frequency to stimulate weaponized particles or genetically modified organisms, and obey the command of the equipment of artificial intelligence system. Recent grid projects have revealed that artificial energy fields organized by artificial intelligence networks transmit weaponized particles to certain regions of the planetary grid, and they seem to be experimenting with these effects to affect population during the recent global plague. The positive forces have been trying to eliminate these influences, and they are protecting the earth from the extinction code generated by artificial intelligence, so as to gradually bring human beings into the time line of global awakening.
Since the late 2000s, scientists have begun to develop a technology called genome editing. Genome editing is a process in which scientists make changes to specific target parts of the genome. Because of its efficiency and ease of use, one of the technologies that has aroused scientists’ interest is called CRISPR. CRISPR is the abbreviation of “clustered, regularly spaced, short, palindromic, repetitive sequence”. CRISPR technology is a system based on the evolution of bacteria to protect themselves from viruses. Scientists have now adopted the component parts of CRISPR system and molded it into a tool for editing genome, which makes it easy for researchers to change DNA sequence and modify gene function. Obviously, modifying gene function is directly related to modifying human behavior. The same technology has also been used in gene experiments in underground cloning centers, which carry out various levels of gene enhancement or reconfiguration of human DNA-RNA in order to obtain certain functions in specific tasks. The secret military plan (gene cloning) to create super soldiers is a case in point.

(Thothian Leviathan)

The planning of the Atlantis catastrophe and the tearing up of the wormhole of the Giza gate system are only the first stage of the alliance between the Thoth group of the anunaki and the Galactic Federation. Through these planning events, they combined their efforts to implement a new world order and ensure their ruling agenda on earth. The toutlucifa group has specially trained the mixed blood of the Illuminati as their representatives and ground crew to perform realistic tasks, so as to gradually implement the blueprint of consciousness enslavement of the new world order, which is expected to be fully implemented at the peak of the ascension cycle. These anunaki human hybrids have been groomed and implanted into the main Lucifer lineage, ready to be assigned to the highest echelon of planetary leadership around the world, specifically known as the tutelawitan or Illuminati lineage.

The trutelwitan lineage cultivated by the Lucifer was sent to the North American continent to gain control of the Sarasota gruel gate and lay the foundation for the later United States of America. This densely populated area was designated to lay the Architectural Center of new Jerusalem, controlled by the levitans. The aim is to establish the main control pillars of society on the thunder line of North America, so as to support them to finally realize the enslavement blueprint of the new global world order. The U.S. mainland was selected as the command center by the Thoth group and Leviathan for the implementation of military industrial complex and black secret projects, which included human and non-human into a number of secret intelligence projects and secret space programs. Under their secret leadership, the United States became a major world military power in order to prepare for the final battle. They tried to gain complete control of the earth and mankind when the gate opened and the planet ascended.

This shows us the ongoing global agenda, because those who are loyal to the Treaty of Lucifer are continuing to fight for the surface of the earth. They are launching all means to implement the new world order and entering the abyss of communism under the guise of socialism. This is the blueprint of human slavery given to Marx by the black sun.

Lucifer Satan’s Death Cult lineage is related to more than 500 global power elite families. In these families, they are committed to maintaining the ruling agenda of the cult’s power through bloody rituals and practicing the mainstream of Satan’s ideology, while implementing the goal of the new world order to serve their NAA overlord. Cults have no sovereignty or national boundaries. They regard the entire population of the earth as their slaves. Each lineage family has opened up a part of the planet territory for their own rule. For example, some members of the Rockefeller family were chosen as kings and princes of their lineage to perform secret rituals to maintain their power and to connect directly with NAA forces. They secretly rule a certain industry or region in the world for their family lineage, but this kind of influence is hidden out of the public knowledge and vision.

In the late 1880s, John Rockefeller, the founder of the Rockefeller family, became the richest American ever. He soon realized that it was necessary to link his family name directly to charity, to grasp the news media and to carry out marketing activities. He hired people to do public relations articles to make the public media feel that the Rockefeller family invested their wealth back to ordinary people through many charitable organizations they founded, so as to gain public recognition and admiration. Rockefeller family has exerted great control over various magazines, newspapers and media, which still have a lingering influence in today’s era. They are the decision makers behind the scenes, who decide who gets publishing and media time, who gets favorable publicity, and who needs to be slandered. This kind of marketing strategy and monopoly of mainstream media is very effective for them. Today, these lineage families use this strategy to create clear background stories and false historical files for those designated as public faces, who are the main roles in representing and protecting the interests of certain areas of the cabal.
In this way, John Rockefeller, the son of “devil bill” William Avery, infiltrates his power control and influence into the social structure behind the veil of his many charitable organizations. He was the first rich man to evade compulsory income tax by setting up charitable trusts and charities. In a secret trust, he can avoid paying any taxes, while concealing his powerful influence in manipulating government and global affairs for his own benefit. His wealth is mainly through the creation of multi-level foundations to build targeted charities, which have had a significant impact on monopolizing global health policies, and further affected medicine, education and scientific research. As a result, the family of this cabal has greatly influenced the foreign policies of the world bank, religions, charities, mainstream news, university courses, global health and medical institutions, and the decision-making process is mainly managed by the Rockefeller family. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are the main examples of designated public image in Rockefeller agenda, in which the worshiping mainstream media are eager to fulfill their commitment to promote vaccines as world saviors on a global scale.


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