Kryon: a lot of “should”

Kryon: a lot of “should” (recording)

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A lot of “should” — questions of optical workers at present

Kryon conducts electricity through Karol Lee

Live channeling was launched on the cruise ship on January 26, 2012

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Dear everyone, I’m Kryon from magnetic services. I’d like to greet you. Are you starting to feel it? Channeling is not what you think. It’s easier for you to follow me to this quantum place. Cruise ships separate you from the mainland just far enough to interrupt the reality of your daily life. But during your voyage here, you are tied to your family, with energy and joy. Some solutions are coming. There will be some epiphanies. There are three possibilities of cure. And peace for those who are worried. Further clarification of future plans. It’s all because you’re sitting here with me. Your willingness to do so creates a different mode of state, way of being, and permission. The more we do, the more you feel. I hope you enjoy the moment, relax, and know that there is a deep sense of security and Appropriateness.

Open your heart. You’ve done a lot of spiritual things these days. Now let’s do some spiritual exercises. This is not a long channeling. Let’s do some information conversion. I’ll call it “all kinds of ought” channeling. What you “should” or “shouldn’t” do depends on who is in charge“ In charge of what? ” You may ask. They’re in charge of “should.” you know who they are. Every “should” has different executives, because there are not too many, but the answer is simple, and people often ask about it. They cover many different topics. Let’s start with the question of spirituality.

Question one: God is the creator of the world. He is, and she is. Shouldn’t the creator be worshipped? Everyone has seen the ceremony since birth. In the new era of mystery, there is no worship. There is really no grand temple or building, no place to kneel down and thank God for everything. So they will fire at you with “should” and tell you that you didn’t do what you should do. What’s the answer? What do you want to say?

I’ve given this metaphor before“ Do you believe that you are a part of God? ” The masters who have walked on this planet said, you are! One of the most recent masters is Jesus, who claims to himself, “I am the son of God.” Then he looked up at you and said, “you too.” It’s a great “I am” that you can hardly see or understand in your body. Man is looking for grandeur. They look for the image of God in the sky, but they don’t look inside. So let’s redefine “I am” and let’s decide what the son of God is. It means that you are associated with the creator. This means that the creator is likely to be a member of his family. It means that there is peace of understanding within you. Peace means peace, no drama of life, and security when you decide everything else. If that’s what’s inside, it’s not necessarily the grandness of the creator, but the grandness of the creator’s family.

How do you treat your biological family? Who did you worship recently? mom? dad? Sister? Brother? And you said, “no, we don’t worship each other. We respect each other. We are looking forward to living with our family, brothers and sisters. There is no drama of life, only the expectation of joy, happiness and entertainment. We care for each other. We love each other

And that, honey, is the answer to that “should.”. It is the cognition of appreciation that replaces worship. There will be rituals and love. This is different. Why not imitate the words of the masters? If you are the son of God, don’t worship God and become a member of your family. Appreciate what’s in your body and feel the closeness of the creator when you’re sitting in a chair. Do not ascend what should not be ascended, but love what should be.

Here’s another question“ It would make more sense if the light workers were clustered, because it would produce more light. It would be more reasonable for light workers to gather in groups to become light mines, live together in groups, build a community in groups, and create the so-called mountain light. What’s the problem? “

And I’ll tell you, those who say “should” are still in an old linear pattern. They search for numbers to produce more light, but ignore the real role of Lightworkers. In so doing, you are learning to be a self-sufficient light maker. You go into that comfort and include everything. This is the core statement of “I am what I am.”. This declaration is not “as long as they are them, I am who I am.” Do you understand? You are a beacon of conceit. When was the last time you saw a lot of lighthouses standing on the same rock? They don’t need each other. When was the last time you saw a lighthouse meeting? You might say, “that’s boring.” Lighthouses are all rooted in rocks, and it’s impossible to meet each other. But they can definitely send light to each other, can’t they? Or they can entangle each other in a quantum way, and then the distance doesn’t matter. So you have to change the way you think about doing things on this planet. When you leave here, when your cruise ship landed for the last time, you scattered things around the world. Some people reluctant to part with tears in their eyes, you said: “I like to be together. I want to stay and do this. ” I’ll tell you, this is the old pattern of your grief. When you touch each other’s heart, it’s always the same, if you want to. If you want to, you are still in the state of connection. Your meeting here can create an optical network. When you return to the rock where you are rooted and are alone, you send light to the dark place where you are. Do you understand?

There is no “should” to live together. In doing so, you leave the rest of the planet dark. It’s incredible self-service. People who do this just want to feel better for each other, but it’s not good for the planet at all. This is the second “should.”.

Let’s change the subject“ Kryon, what should I eat as a Lightworker? I’ve heard a lot of opinions. Some people eat rice, some don’t. Some people get rid of everything that’s been processed. Some people don’t eat anything, just breathe the air. What am I going to do to respect God? ” Some people will point out that this is what you “should” do. I will give you my answer as follows:

Oh, honey, what’s your purpose? Is it to be spiritual? Is it to honor God? Is that the goal? You say, “yes, in order to respect God, what should I do?” Well, here comes the logic: where do we build God? It’s in your body. So, in order to respect the things in your body, what to do is to keep balance as long as possible and hold light on the planet as long as possible. How can I give all of you such a unique and different “should”? Here’s the answer: inside each of you, there’s something called “innate.”. It’s human intelligence. Innate knowledge of the so-called Akash heritage. It’s your identity in your previous life, and your diet needs to be maintained for a longer time, based on knowing the cellular structure of your needs. Honey, it doesn’t matter where you are and who you are. If you come to this planet as an Indian in one lifetime, you may imagine eating like an Indian. If you’ve lived in Asia for several generations and you’re from Berkeley, you may want to eat and drink like an Asian. If you ask about your body, it will tell you. Based on who you were on earth, your cellular structure will cry out for foods that will make you healthy. Vegetarianism works for him or her because they touch his or her Akash. They’re eating food that makes their cell structure thrive. Please pay attention to your human intelligence, it will tell you many places you have been. There is no “should”, except one: to live and stay healthy. Listen to your cell structure and it will tell you what to eat. If this is not spiritual logic for you, then there are only two “ought” left.

“Dear Kryon, I heard that you should keep nature and not use planetary science for treatment. Seeing a doctor doesn’t respect God. After all, didn’t you say we could use willpower? So why should I go to the doctor. More than that, my doctor may not even be enlightened. ” You might say that“ What should I do? “

Ah, human, why do you put so many things in the box? You want to give a yes or no answer to a complex situation. Let’s assume that you are right. Let’s assume that, instead of seeing a doctor, you can cure everything with will. How many people in this room can do it? You are all old souls. Are you ready to do that? I’ll tell you the truth, whether you choose to understand or not. You’re not ready. The Lemurians could do that, and the Pleiadians gave it a way. It’s one of God’s promises: one day your DNA will work that way, you can avoid chemistry and science, because you have the power of the creator. And that is the ascending earth you are looking forward to. Let those who feel that they can treat themselves begin to learn the process. Many people will appreciate that you have some talent now. I will tell the gods what to do and what may happen in the next few years. We’re going to give new inventions to doctors on the planet. Some of the great discoveries and science about the human body have been given to you. Imagine the science that allows heart transplants, because your original one is no longer available. That’s from the creator. I want to tell you: if that’s what you need, from this source I say that’s what you should do. If you think it’s appropriate to change your heart and brain, that’s what you should do. Do you understand what I’m saying?

You can even, I say, change your medication. I challenge you to start using what I call homeopathy principles for major drugs. If someone is taking important drugs to change the chemistry in your life and make you live longer and healthier, you might say, “it keeps me going.” You might say, “I haven’t been able to do that with my mind.” There are other things in the new energy that you can try. Here’s the challenge: try to be logical and secure. Homeopathy is an invisible tincture that your instinct sees, and if you give instructions, your body will respond. It understands your ideas and works with them. It’s about the feeling that the body is healing itself because you can give instructions to homeopathic substances. Why not try that important medicine? Start reducing the dose and talking to your cells to see what happens. If not, stop. With a lot of surprises, you will succeed. You may reduce the dosage to a quarter of what it used to be. This is the principle of homeopathy. You still absorb it in your body and tell your body what to do. Signaling, physical cooperation, you reduce the possibility of chemical side effects.

You can’t put things in a yes or no frame. Instead, you can use the things and spiritual logic that God has given the planet. Have a life-saving operation and stand up and say, “thank God. I was born in this era and this operation can be done It’s a complicated subject, isn’t it? Each of you is so different. You know what to do, honey. Never be nervous about a decision. For your nature will tell you what is right for you if you intend to listen.

Let’s look at the last one. Someone said, “yesterday, today and forever, God is the same.” So they said, “you shouldn’t have a new age movement. Because God will never change as you think. God’s energy will always be the same. So your view of energy change and God change is ridiculous They will warn you to stay away and follow the ancient people and established myths. It’s a misunderstanding, honey.

Here’s a statement I want to make: God was the same yesterday, today and forever. This is the beauty you want to advocate. Because God and creator will never change. Change is human’s reaction to God, human’s satisfaction with it, human’s ability to ascend to God, and encounter with family members in the body. It’s the earth that’s changing, it’s the human that’s changing, it’s the environment around you that’s cooperating, in order to meet the God who was the same yesterday, today and forever. You may say that there is one thing that runs through all “ought” and that you should allow yourself to ascend spiritually to all things. Don’t space the energy around you. It’s linear thinking. Integrate these things into the soup of logic and make it fit your life. Don’t apply your principles to other people. Find out what works for you and celebrate when you get healthier. Then give advice to the people around you and let them decide for themselves whether to do the same thing or not.

This is today’s message. It’s a message from brothers and sisters who are beginning to see that the connection with you is being established and that special family members are growing up here. A family you will never forget. The network of light is being built. Some people are touching each other. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you speak. I think you can start to feel what’s going on. This is what happens to human beings. They are willing to expand their belief slightly in three dimensions, to yield in a few days, and to adjust their survival instinct in society. They allow themselves to do things they don’t normally do. This is a safe place, honey. This is a good time to meet the creator in the body. Did I mention your recent dream? You’re going to dream about water differently, have you noticed? Please pay attention. The dream of water separated from the land is that you really start to study your own Akash. Dreams emerge. You’re dealing with things in your body. They are not always pleasant, but it is always a good process. Once it’s done, they’re done. This is what happens when you leave the ground briefly. Dear, I’m Cleon of brothers and sisters. I know you. We used to be together a lot, whether you are young or old in this group. You’re all old souls. You’ve been together for a long time. Please remember that! In the first month of 2012, many new things began.

be it so.



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