This is your last life on the third and fourth dimensional earth^_^

This is your last life on the third and fourth dimensional earth^_^

Don’t limit yourself

During the final earth transformation, as long as you “put down control and try not to do it”, it is for awakening, awakening, awakening to liberation, serving the expansion of consciousness, purification and consolidation of the essence of source unity

All decisions and plans will be an open question

This is yesterday’s “let go of control, try not to do” and the previous “self acceptance”, both from the following “Joshua: create your reality from the heart”

This is totally present, no longer in accordance with fear to control, choose to put down, such a little bit from fear to do things will be less and less, control will be less and less, give yourself freedom, give others freedom

It’s not to give up, to ignore, but to be conscious, to be governed, to observe, to take care of and to grow up by your higher self

That is, the practice, proficiency and mastery of the creator consciousness

At this time, the brain is only responsible for the basic needs of survival. Due to less control and fear, anxiety and burden, the brain gets enough rest to deal with and coordinate the creator’s intuition and creativity of the third eye. It also has more leisure and leisure, and has the opportunity to release, understand, put down and heal more pain and memory through the heart’s empathy and greater love

From the guardian consciousness below, the article also gives you a hint that both the microclimate and the environment are pushing you to the corner, or actively choose, or passively accept, because higher energy no longer supports power and cash supply, through constant interruptions

“The guardians are aware that these trends are currently developing, so the land and grid are now in a state of energy isolation to prevent them from exercising the next stage of the global power game, so the power energy and cash supply there is rapidly weakening, manifested in various economic crises and weather disasters and other events. The purpose is to help people wake up in this turbulent period, and those who support the regime begin to collapse, and eventually they won’t succeed. People need to realize that this anti human AI agenda is working to help people realize global awakening by exposing events. “

Grasp your Earth’s third and fourth dimensional experiences, let go of control and try not to do it, in the higher vibrations and higher self connections
There will be a windfall

Wrap your mind that you want to control and do with higher self connection, no time, nature and play. Those based on fear are the states of the fifth and higher no time wrapping the third and fourth dimensional earth
Move, put it down, don’t do it


Kryon: Trinity – pineal gland / heart / brain – Charlottesville, VA

Pineal gland (creator’s intuition), brain (survival), and heart (empathy and love).

What distinguishes human existence from the master is intuitive compassion. Compassion comes from the heart. It’s not a metaphor. It’s part of the heart brain interaction.

The brain is responsible for promoting / facilitating these three parts, but be aware that the other two are doing a lot of work. Intuition and compassion always seem to come directly from the brain, just as ancient magic came from the box. Honey, connect yourself to the bigger picture. The trinity of human consciousness is the beginning of mastery.

That’s what we want to tell you now. It’s something that you can integrate into your logic and spirit

Why does physical health suddenly change, heal itself, need other kinds of food, and possess biological intelligence? What causes spontaneous remission?

Dear friends, unless you are connected to the Internet, you will not have these. Think about it: none of this is from the brain. It is the brain that simply facilitates the connection from that little network cable – the source of creativity, white light.

Kryon Chinese Archives


Living from the heart doesn’t mean being passive or lazy^_^

It takes a lot of strength to follow the nature of things, not to label things right or wrong, and not to force things to go in a certain direction. This is the power of total presence – total presence is to face everything and then just look at it. You may feel empty, depressed or nervous, but you don’t try to drive them away, just surround them with consciousness.

You don’t understand the real power of consciousness. Consciousness is made up of light, and when you put something in your consciousness, it changes. If you don’t constrain your consciousness by thinking and your addiction to doing, it will be a healing force.

Your life is full of dictatorship of mind and will, which put thought and action first.

Note that both mind and will work with general principles. There are general rules of logical thinking, which are the rules of logic; There are general strategies for implementing ideas. Those are the rules of project management.

But these are universal principles. General guidelines and rules always have a mechanical component, they apply to all or most situations, but they are useless.

And intuition works very differently. Intuition is always applicable to someone at a certain time, which is highly individualistic and therefore not subject to rational analysis or general rules.

Therefore, according to intuition, life and action need a high degree of trust, because at this time your choice is purely based on your feelings, not the rules made by others.

To live from the heart, you not only have to let go of the habit of overusing your mind and willpower, but also have to really trust yourself. You need to take the time to learn to listen to your heart, trust its message, and act accordingly. However, the more you do this, the more you will understand that only by subjecting worry and doubt to the wisdom of the heart can you find inner peace.

As you follow this path and enter the third phase of transformation from ego to mind, you will find inner peace for the first time. You will learn that what makes you uneasy and anxious is the strong desire to control reality through thought and willpower. When you let go of control, you allow the magic of life to unfold. All you have to do is listen, pay attention to what’s going on in your life, how you feel about other people, your dreams and desires. When you are alert to what is happening within yourself, reality provides you with all the information you need to take appropriate action.
For example, you may realize that your heart yearns for a relationship that is full of love and real communication with each other. If you just pay attention to and accept this desire without trying to take action, you will be surprised how the universe responds to it. Without drawing any conclusions, just keep this desire in the light of your consciousness, and your request will be heard and answered.

This may take longer than you expect, because energy transfer must take place before a particular desire can be realized. But you are the master, the creator of your energy reality, and if you create based on fear, the reality will respond accordingly; If you create out of trust and submission, you will receive everything you desire, even more.

Joshua | the third stage of consciousness transformation: from the heart to create your reality

Joshua transmitted through Pamela

True creativity is not based on determination and strong willpower, but on an open mind. It’s very important to open up to the unknown and accept the new things to become the true creator.

Therefore, the key to real creativity is the ability to do nothing – “doing nothing” refers to refraining from doing, repairing, and focusing. The ability to put your mind in a pattern of total acceptance but alertness.

Only by not knowing, by being open, can you create space for new things to enter your reality.

This goes against the saying “create your own reality” in many new era works. You do create your reality all the time, and your consciousness is creative – whether you realize it or not. But when you want to consciously create your own reality (as many books and therapies teach), you have to understand that the most powerful form of creation is not based on will (Initiative), but on self-awareness (acceptance).

All changes in the physical world – such as in the field of work, relationships, or surroundings – reflect changes at the inner level.

Only when the inner transformation process is completed can the physical reality reflect your inner changes by changing the situation in your life. When you try to create out of will – for example, by always focusing on the goal or visualizing the goal – you ignore the real prerequisite for change: internal transformation. If you create in this artificial way, you are doomed to be disappointed; You didn’t create from the bottom of your soul.

The soul talks to you in silence. Only when you “no longer know” can you really hear its voice. When you give up and give up, it is often the time when the soul’s words are most clear. When you give up and despair, you open up to new things; You let go of all expectations and truly accept the “as is.”.

Despair is caused by your strong belief in what should happen in your life. When the reality does not meet these beliefs, you will feel disappointed, sometimes even desperate.

However, if you give up strong expectations and dare to be open to new things, you don’t have to reach the point of despair to touch your soul again. You can be quiet and open to what your soul tells you without having to be disappointed.

As long as you know exactly what you want, it often limits the possibility of your energy utilization. The new reality you’re looking for, whether it’s work, relationships or health, contains many elements you don’t know. You often think that what you want is something you know (a good job, a loved one) that you project into the future, but it’s not. When you create a new reality, what you really do is step outside your own psychological boundaries. And you don’t know what’s beyond those borders right now.

You can feel very clearly that there is something worth having, but you don’t have to limit it by focusing or visualizing, you can expect it simply with a sense of openness and curiosity.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translator: why do you stop me


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