Layer 9 of DNA: Healing layer, expanding flame, expanding your consciousness, healing yourself by creating a change in your DNA through akashic records

Layer 9 of DNA: Healing layer, expanding flame, expanding your consciousness, healing yourself by creating a change in your DNA through akashic records

12 layers of DNA pronunciation
When we ask for help and rescue, we can first check whether there is a rescue call in the dimension of DNA (Holographic Universe) ☎️:)

Group 1: ground plane, involving organisms
Layer 1: biological double helix structure, tree of life (90% internal dimension, dimension is the result of mathematical equation operation.)
Layer 2: life course, the sacred blueprint of the law( It talks to the first level, (1 + 2 = 3, 3 is the catalyst), it talks to the eighth level( 8 + 2 = 10, the numerology of 10 is the new Kairui)
Layer 3: ascension and activation, anchored in the pineal tissue, set, planned and controlled in advance. In the DNA of each individual cell, there is a planned intelligence.

Group 2: the group of human Divinity
Layer 4 and Layer 5: my angels, together form the expression, which is your inner dimension akashic record, or the record of your identity in the universe and the places you have been to. You and my angel have a color, an inner dimensional color, and a beautiful name of our singing and lighting energy
Layer 6: I am what I am, the higher level

Group 3: Lemuria group
Layer 7: Show holy
Layer 8: light rider, master’s record, and has the energy of “wisdom and responsibility”. This layer is the main akashic record of your life on earth. It makes more sense than any other layer.
Layer 9: healing, expanding flame, expanding your consciousness, including the invisible.
Not because it heals the body, but because it heals akashia“ What does that mean? “Heal yourself by creating a change in your DNA through akashic records. This means that you have the ability to go into your akashic record and sort it out. In your own way

Group 4: God Group, action group
Layer 10: calling for holiness
Layer 11: compassion, the wisdom of holy women
Layer 12: the level of God, the most sacred and true “the place of God”“ Don’t expect these layers to do anything, just as your home won’t do anything. It gives you peace, shelter, and a sense of home. Let the layer of God be the home of all

Layer 9 of DNA: Healing layer, expanding flame, expanding your consciousness, healing yourself by creating a change in your DNA through akashic records

The name of the ninth layer of DNA: shechinah ESH
Pronunciation link: images/DNA page/DNA9R.html

Kryon’s explanation: “the expanding flame”
Kryon pointed out that this layer is closely related to the energy of “violet flame” as St. Germain said. The explanation for this layer is given in the channeling of the truth of DNA.
Link here: chanelDNA04.html

The ninth layer is the healing layer, which is also Lemurian, but very human (non Pleiadian). This is the layer responsible for magical therapy, the antenna in the inner dimension of DNA, which “talks” with the first layer and then provides a four-dimensional response (therapy) to the human body. It is also the violet flame of Saint Germain. Some call it “smart human cell activation.”. According to Cleon, it “listens” to a harmonious voice to initiate therapy.

DNA Layer Nine

I will introduce you to Layer Nine and we’ve been waiting for this time, a DNA discussion, to talk about layer nine. Oh, it’s beautiful. We’ve waited a long time to give you this layer nine. You know, nine represents completion. It completes the story about layer one. We told you this would be confusing, and just a little bit interdimensional.

The ninth layer of DNA is called Shechinah-Esh. Shechinah-Esh. We will translate that in our way, as the Flame of Expansion. It’s layer nine. Now let me tell you what it is and what it does. Like the others, it’s an interdimensional layer, and this is esoteric information that can never be proven in your lifetime. But some of you will know this since it rings with truth. You see, layer nine is what’s missing in layer one! You might even say that layer nine is what makes the “junk” work! And when you put layer nine and layer one together, you get a completion of communication to the rest of the interdimensional layers.

Those instructions sets in the RNA, ninety seven percent deep, are instructions sets for all DNA, not just layer one. Layer nine, therefore, is the bridge. The Flame of Expansion. It’s the bridge to ascension…. to healing. It’s the bridge to mastery. It’s the bridge to self-worth. It’s what you are trying to reach for in what you are calling The Cosmic Lattice, for that is the energy of layer nine.

There’s more. Expansion. If somebody said, “My DNA is expanding,” some would say, “Well, get to the hospital!” [Laughter] And what is your bias here? You see, you don’t think DNA is supposed to expand. You want to stay the same now, don’t you? So an expanding DNA would look like a horrible problem! But this is actually what it’s meant to do.

Layer Nine even has its own patron saint, St. Germaine. The Flame in the description is The Violet Flame of St. Germaine. It represents healing, power, change, and activation. It’s the only layer of DNA that’s is connected to a spiritual being this way. It’s The Flame of Expansion – Shechinah-Esh – and it’s the bridge to what you call Mastery. Indeed, all the masters who walked the earth had the same DNA you have, but they had layer nine activated and vibrating.

It’s important that you understand, as esoteric as this is, that it is true. Indeed, there is a layer of DNA responsible for tying the biological building block layers to the instruction sets of the Universe. Science now says that you have eleven dimensions. We say there are twelve (twelve that are obvious, and another 24 that are not). So even your own science now understands the implications of interdimensional physics. It’s time to apply it also to biology.

“How does this become practical information, Kryon?” I’ll tell you. As you visualize these things that I give you, it helps you to understand truly what is going on within you. You don’t have to understand the chemistry to truly see these two layers married. Layer nine and layer one create a ten in numerology. A ten is reduced to a one and one energetically represents new beginnings. When you start taking the numerology of DNA and putting it together, you get even greater meanings – information about what one layer does when combined with the other layers. Even applying basic numerology to what we have given you, the layers four and five must always work together because they are a nine. And that nine works with the nine I just gave you, which works with a one that I just told you about. Complex? Yes. And there are hidden messages about what it does and how it works, even within basic numerological terms.

A Visualization

Oh, I’m not finished. I want to take you to a place where there is DNA and I want to make you about the size of a nucleotide. I wish you to take a look at this vastness of this biological attribute. Come into this dark room with me, where we’re going to look at DNA.

In this visualization, envision for a moment that you’re there, seeing it in all of its wonder and glory. Its complex. As you are “watching it,” I’m going to give you two hints about DNA that we’ve only spoken of one other time. There’s more to DNA than you think. I want you to turn out the light… no light whatsoever. It’s dark as can be… the dark of dark. The DNA is still in there with you, and there you sit watching it. You can’t see a thing.

Now I want you to enhance your eyesight. I want you to make it 12,000 times more sensitive than it is. Now you’re going to see something, even though it’s totally dark. DNA creates light! You’re going to see it. The room is going to light up and the DNA begins to glow. DNA creates photons, and has its own energy source. DNA is active. Not only that, I now want you to increase your hearing into the megahertz range and the sensitivity way beyond what you have as a Human, or even of a dog. I want you to hear everything possible and be aware that not only is the DNA creating its own light, it’s singing! In the megahertz range, DNA creates sound, or at least, what you would call vibration. And it does it all by itself. One strand all by itself, which contains all 12 interdimensional strands, creates light and sings songs.

And you might say, “Well, that’s very lovely, Kryon. What do we make of this?” I’m telling you that in the laboratory you’re going to see it if you want to. You can actually see it create light and vibrate in a range beyond what you would expect. These facts are not understood, and have never been noted. DNA vibrates and creates, literally, sonic energy. It’s something you can see now, and it is practical. We invite you to try and find this.

A Past Experiment that was incomplete

Now, I wish to leave all this alone for a moment and take you some place you don’t expect. I do this to show you something important about presupposition. I want you to go to the past with me… to a laboratory in Utah. Some years ago, two research scientists–good ones–physicists and chemists–were huddled together in a basement. They’re excited, they’re very, very excited. Their last names are Ponds and Fleischman.

See? They’re looking at cold fusion, right in front of them! They are seeing chemistry that has a remainder left over from a reaction… something that shows itself to indicate cold fusion is present. That’s how anyone would know if true cold fusion is occurring and indeed it is occurring, and they’re seeing it and they’re excited. They have kept this quiet. They have not involved their research teams because they see themselves as the new Watson and Crick of the 21st Century. They will be the ones to bring cold fusion to the earth and they’re actually seeing it and they are excited.

And the only thing here in this history which is unfortunate is that they’re the only people who ever saw it! They announced it within their zeal, and perhaps were not very scientific, for they did not do the experiment numbers of times for validation. They saw it so clearly, they indicated that anyone could do this experiment and get the same results. The problem was that nobody got the same results! And so these two scientists were ridiculed and they lost their tenures, and their reputations. Science thought it was a hoax.

Today you don’t even know where they are, do you? And here’s some information I want to bring to you. These two qualified scientists saw cold fusion because it was really happening. In the room where they were, what they did not understand was that they had placed themselves into a consciousness scientific box of thought. They thought they knew how it worked, set it up and then saw it work as they expected. Therefore, they felt correct about their setup and their postulates of how to create it. It seemed totally understandable. But what they didn’t know was this: There was an element missing… but one which they were receiving “by accident.” Without it, they would have never seen cold fusion.

They were in the basement, and in this basement there were other things going on they did not know about. Now I’m going to tell you something that you’re going to see in the news soon. The potentials are, at this moment, that you’ll see it within two years… perhaps even sooner. Two things were going on in the room. One was a mild magnetic field, created by a transformer on the other side of the wall which has now been removed. But the other thing, the more profound thing, was that there were a number of oscillations in the megahertz range being created by a piece of equipment that had nothing to do with their experiment in the basement. Call it residual oscillation if you wish, but it was there, singing a song.

They saw cold fusion because, dear ones, cold fusion requires ultrasonics. When you add the ultrasonics to the chemistry that you expect, watch what happens. Here’s a hint for those who are scientific minded: you’ve got to have two ultrasonic generators for this to work. It was an anomaly in that basement to have these oscillating frequencies beating against each other, almost in unison but not quite, to give remainders of the nulling which added to the chemistry, and spoke to it in a way that created the results of cold fusion. Some of you will know what I am talking about now, and some of you will know it later when it comes out in your news. Watch for it. Ultrasonic cold fusion.

So we brought you this story to exemplify the information we just gave you regarding DNA. DNA creates its own light and also vibrations in the megahertz range. These elements, which have not been measured and therefore are not seen in science, play a very important part in communication of the instruction sets within the RNA… the ninety seven percent that science wishes to throw away.

A New DNA Effect

Hopefully this is now going to start to make sense and begin to come together in what some of you have been experiencing. In the experiments of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who we now call Yawee, something was discovered that was profound. He hasn’t named this effect yet, so we will. When you speak in a certain scientific fashion to the cells of the body, especially the DNA, and when the attributes are correct and the energy is delivered appropriately, you get a greater healing effect than the sum of the parts of the cure that you presented to it.

Let me give you an example… still another metaphor. Let us say that it’s your job to keep a baseball moving in a playing field. Keeping it moving sustains your life. So alone, you throw it from one end of the field to the other. Then you walk to the other end of the field and throw it back. Then you repeat this because the ball must stay in motion as often as possible to sustain life. Let us say for a moment, that this is the metaphor of health… keeping the ball in motion. Suddenly along comes a process that is interdimensional. The playing field itself has begun to shift.. a consciousness shift. And now something amazing is happening. Instead of having to throw that ball into the field and walk to the other end to return it… walking and throwing, you make one throw and something invisible catches it and throws it back! You try it again, and something else invisible catches it and throws it to something else invisible and there you stand, watching the ball whiz around by itself, creating life force and health way beyond anything you thought was possible. It’s a metaphor, but it might help you to see what we are teaching about the true nature of DNA. It is waiting for activation, and the result will be greater than the sum of the parts of the activation.

You throw one ball into the field and what you get is a miracle. It continues going and going and going because there’s an energy in the field that was never there before. Oh, perhaps it was there, but it never showed itself… until you threw the ball just a little differently. This metaphor is the core information of Yawee and what he is indeed working on that was present in the ancient Temples of Rejuvenation in Lemuria.

There are messages from within your own cellular structure, and also from outside sources that contain instruction sets that affect all the DNA. Yawee is throwing the ball in a way where he is literally awakening the instruction sets that have been dormant and waiting to see this kind of process… where you get more healing than the sum of the parts of the healing process. It’s almost like you give somebody a fish and a loaf… and suddenly there are many fishes and many loaves. You get the picture?

So, we’ll name this multiple effect. It’s an effect in biology that has only been seen here in Yawee’s work. So we officially call it the Yawee Effect. [Laughter] Oh, it won’t stay that way for long. Science will indeed give it some kind of name that no one can pronounce but scientists. But you can always call is the Yawee Effect if you wish.

Now let me tell you some more about the Yawee Effect. There’s more here than just healing. There’s more here than just an effect of biology and chemistry because of what I’m going to present in this next and last section. I must present still another metaphor about DNA. I hope you understand. I hope you get this. And we’ll endeavor to make it simple.

The Metaphor of the Piano

Pretend for a moment, that humanity has discovered a beautiful piano. This, then, is the metaphor of the Piano. The piano is called DNA. The piano is not only a beautiful instrument that is complex with many notes that play together, that intertwine in their harmonies, but also the craftsman called God has made the tuning sonically perfect.

This piano plays a tune all by itself, over and over. And that tune is called Human Health. The structure of the piano is called the layers of DNA. And there is a musician who is playing the tune and the musician is called Life Force of Consciousness, and it’s the Human Being. So there we have the DNA… perfect, creating health on its own, and doing it beautifully through and within the consciousness and biology of a Human Being.

For eons you have endeavored to study the workings of this piano. And just lately humanity can say, “We’re now able to see the parts! We’ve covered every inch of the piano, we know what makes it work. We know the sonics of it; we can pluck the strings of it; we know what they’re called; we know the names of the notes; we know how many strings there are; we’ve identified the tune; we know how it plays.” Now, this is a metaphor of having mapped the Human genome. The tune that plays? Well, that’s the genealogy and the protein-encoded parts of the DNA.

Now hold this vision. You’ve got the piano, you’ve got the tune, you’ve got the player. And now you can study it in this static form. But you’ve decided to put that scenario in a consciousness box, dear Human Being. Here’s what you decided: This beautiful piano, this DNA, can only play one tune… the one you think you can hear.


Ridiculous, isn’t it? Your decision about their only being one tune is based on the fact that you don’t see another, and think that this is all the piano ever does. And the player? Oh, it’s always the same player, too. It has to be, because that’s the essence of life, and it’s also static… unchangeable.

Let me tell you something. The repertoire of your DNA is unlimited! It can play tune after tune after tune after tune. And let me tell you about the player: The player has a very long piano bench. And the invitation is to add players! Why don’t you add the Higher-Self? It does a real good job on the complex melodious parts. Now you’ve got two sitting at the bench, so why not add a guide or two, or maybe even a patron saint with a violet flame!

Listen to that music, will you? “But, oh no,” you’ll say. “This is what DNA does. It doesn’t do anything else.” Dear Human Being, your science sees the bulk of it and calls it junk? The fact is that ninety-seven percent of it is waiting to take off! You own the most advanced jet plane on the earth and no one has ever seen it do anything but taxi up and down the runway. It’s time to start understanding what the other ninety seven percent is about. It responds not just to chemistry, not just to Yawee’s inventions. No. It responds to Human consciousness; it responds to you; it responds to prayer; it responds to light. Human DNA is prepared for mastery. Every child born on the earth has the seeds of mastery. That’s what’s going on. Does it shock you that science sees it as junk? That will change. and that’s the truth.

And with this, we close. “Kryon, what can we do right now before any of the discoveries are made, to take advantage of what you’re telling us?”

Dear one, I know you. Don’t you remember the last time you passed over and came back? You say, “I don’t remember.” It saddens my heart that you can’t remember. But that’s part of being a Human Being… having the cloak that prevents you from remembering. You know me, too. Remember? Trillions of entities come through the veil, supporting humanity. We sit with you and we hold your hand. You’re our brother and our sister; you’re forever, just like us. You don’t see us, and many you don’t even feel us. Some of you are doubtful that such a thing could ever even be. To many, we don’t exist. We’re out of your reality. But from our side, you are family.

There’s no greater love than this. We’ll say it again. The God that put the universe together… big enough to see multiverses coming and going, is yet small enough to live in your heart. You’re lovers of Gaia; you are lovers of the universe. Humanity is that way, yet here you sit, some wondering, “When will this lecture be over? I’ve got things to do.” There is no judgment in any of this except that some day you will know that what I speak is accurate and true.

What can you do? Why don’t you take the hand of the Higher-Self right now. Don’t join anything. Don’t read anything. Just sit and know that you are God. Then prepare yourself for expansion! Let it be something that is yours for the rest of your life. It isn’t something that gets better or gets worse… it just is. Once the expansion begins, it’s tough to turn it around. Step by step, you will see your magnificence. It sounds too easy doesn’t it… that you can take it any time you can truly “see’ it? But this is the way of it, and is our teaching for many years. It’s also within the teaching of even the most popular masters of the planet, that you can control nature without a manual, or call upon the elements of the planet without studying anything first. This is only possible because you are all connected to them in ways we are trying to speak of… miracles to you, and normalcy to us.

Let the anomalies be healed that you came here with. We know who you are! Let the things in your bodies which are inappropriate for you, remove themselves because of your new thoughts and your expanded DNA. You are in charge of it, so let it not control you any longer. Let this healing be accurate and true and permanent right now. Let this happen because there is mastery in this room, and in the eyes of the reader.

And so it is.



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